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Y..Q ' A 1�T n D T L DRG Pre-Application Routing <br /> AN AC i� 1 1�S <br /> Routes Pre-Application materials to entire DRG for comments, <br /> WASHING TON <br /> then files Comment Letter and emails it to applicant. <br /> ?C'p <br /> Application Information <br /> Routing Date <br /> 9/22/2020 <br /> Managing Planner Planner Email <br /> LIBBY GRAGE <br /> Application Number Application Date <br /> PRE-2020-0030 9/17/2020 <br /> Applicant Name Applicant Email <br /> Jeremy McNett <br /> Applicant Address <br /> 1005 4th St. <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Project Name <br /> Anacortes Family Center Affordable Housing Project Address <br /> Complex 1019 26th St. <br /> Parcel(s) <br /> Parcel No. <br /> P57344 <br /> Project Description <br /> Multi-family low-income housing building with an integrated early learning center on the <br /> ground floor <br /> Meeting Type <br /> C General Informational Meeting Meeting Location <br /> ( Pre-Application Conference Online Meeting <br /> Meeting Date Meeting Time <br /> 10/13/2020 1:30:00 PM <br /> DRG Review <br /> Click here to view the submitted application materials. <br /> Reviewer Comment Documents <br /> Please enter review comments in the Comments box and/or upload additional comment documents here. <br /> Reviewer Comments <br /> There is a 320'section of 6"AC pipe on 26th St that may need to be replaced to accommodate fire flow <br /> Planning Comment Letter <br />