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<br />Planning, Community & Economic Development Department <br />904 6th Street; P.O. Box 547 Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />360-299-1984 - <br /> <br />October 6, 2020 <br /> <br />Craig Bergfalk <br />4303 Marine Heights Way <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Sent via email: <br /> <br />RE: PRE-2020-0029: Preapplication meeting – October 6, 2020 – 1:30 PM <br /> 1113 17th Street multifamily project <br /> 12 studio apartments above with parking below <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Bergfalk: <br /> <br />Thank you for your submitting preapplication meeting request to the City of Anacortes. The <br />comments below are provided after review by city staff of the materials provided in your submittal. <br />City staff strive to provide a comprehensive review based on the information you provided and the <br />codes and standards in place at the time of the review. Please note that these comments are <br />preliminary in nature and are subject to change based on changed circumstances, changes in the <br />proposal, changes in City policies and development regulations, and/or new information. <br /> <br />City Department Comments (received as of October 6, 2020): <br />Department Comments <br />Public Works – <br />Engineering <br />Steven Lange, Engineering <br />Tech IV <br />See attached comments – dated 9/28/20. <br /> <br />Fire <br />Jack Kennedy, Fire Marshall <br />1. Materials submitted for review do not contain required elements <br />for a complete review. <br />2. Automatic Sprinkler system per NFPA 13 or NFPA 13R required. <br />3. Monitored Fire Alarm system per NFPA 72 required. <br />4. Smoke and Carbon monoxide detection/notification per <br />NFPA/WAC required. <br />5. Portable Fire Extinguishers per NFPA 10 required. <br />6. Water supply per IFC Appendix B and C required based upon total <br />flow required. <br />7. Fire apparatus access must meet City Standard. <br />8. These comments are preliminary in nature and may change as <br />additional information becomes available. <br />Water <br />Terry Nemeth <br />Premise isolation DCVA required, Domestic and fire will come off an 8" DI <br />on 17th St. Nearest hydrant is on the S/E corner of intersection.