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Al2.Wednesday,October la,2020 Anacortes American/Legal Notices <br /> A,., <br /> n,... <br /> .,x,,.. <br /> r allotices <br /> _______ _ <br /> . _ <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIEU©SKAGITAOS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> L 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR Alin. Wafer Duality Pro- proposal: duplex undo,3 townhomo inzia1L5Gl1li ss2g rapik ing permit. <br /> COURT OF THE giant, Construction buildings, and one three- daaae rem.�een <br /> STATE OF `Sicm:water File Number: HMO-2020- story 19•untl building onsita mr SEPA Review:The City of <br /> WASHINGTON P.O.Etas 47696.Olympia, 0003 with eueraoe packing for 42 Meeting Date & Time: Armload.,Me lead SEPA <br /> FOR WA 96504-7696 vehicles, and site inn.. Tuesday. October 27th agency, has determined <br /> Applicant: truoture improvements,in- 2020 a16'00 PM that this proposal is not <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY Published Stephen Shi ader eluding utilities and likely to result in any signiti- <br /> October 14,2020 stormweler fatuities, Meeting Location:In order cant adverse environmental <br /> E_;a•_e of: Dete of Application: to comply with orders from impact, u <br /> pact,and that issuance <br /> AA.2035962 <br /> September 21,2020 Date of Final Decision: the Governor to not hold in- of a Detem'inalion ofNon- <br /> nORIENNE hi JOHNSON - - October 6,2020 parson meetings. this sigmhcance(DNS)is likely <br /> iddhltAY Data of Complolanoss: necghbo:hood meeting will following the comment pa. <br /> October 8,2020 Dale Notice of Decision be held virtually using nod for this notice.The Op- <br /> NO 20-4-003i3-29 Issued:October 14,2020 Zoom. tonal DNS processof WAa <br /> PROBATE NOTICE 4,,' 0 Data of Notice: 197-11-35_is bag used <br /> 10 CREDITORS c �-\.e. October 14.2020 Decision: Approved with How to Join the Zoom /o, Ih,s proposal and in- <br /> 1 endcticnx Meeting: eludes the following: <br /> PLEASE IAKE NOIICL '11..- --+r Project Location c 1, Go to or <br /> 'J' 1r!.Q 12131,Siti St,Uciil B. 99PA TMNtNd b.lNm1• call m 253 215 6782 • This may be your only <br /> The earsonol rcproso„Iaiu,e I' "! Anacortes, Washnglon nation:The Cly of Ana- 2. Enter meeting ID.633 opportunity to comment <br /> tad below hash n ap. a i'rit'�' 98221 IF1336961 codes issued a Determine- 1833 4491 n the env':aninenlal <br /> minted cs personal been <br /> non of Nons:gnificance 3. Clot:Join.When asked impacts of the propos- <br /> screefine of lye estate.Any Request Home Occupa- MAP,on October R.2020 if v i to open el. <br /> pa-son having a in, lion Penny to conduct a oiling the optional DOS pro- omit ,click Allow, • The proposal may Ire <br /> ipst the decedent usl, private a saga therapy less of WAC 197-11-355. 4. Ifermoabed:for a pass- elude mitigation rout- <br /> , o-e t,n,a the c,n tit NO1'IC:r:OF DECISION practice within an ex:sting There is no addlionat corn- word.Wm_629208 sures under applisaistA <br /> cola be horned by any residence.The home bust- ment pecod for the DNS. codes,and the project <br /> onerw:se applicable File Number: rots <br /> cs.will be a so,y to OR connect wlh this link: view process may in- <br /> ,nil Awns, CUP-2020-0001 the re <br /> sidential sidential Appeals: Appeals of the corporate require <br /> present w the claim at :he use of rho building. decision or SEPA threshold Join Zoom Meeting n ilgalWn measures re. <br /> manner <br /> p,ovided in ACV,. Project Name: 1015 18th determination for this pro- grainless Gr.whether an11,03.070 by setv,ng on or Street Parking Lot CUP Other permits required: pose!must be filed by 5:00 "lfieb 1OCIN + 'fp1n04Ncd. <br /> marling to the persona!rep- None known.The develop- PM October 23, 2020. 5f1901dgy1Y NS' • A Lop/Al the rrAeG. <br /> ,emotive no the personal Applicant Madrona Real en1 regulations contained Please refer to AMC Y`a/Woe' 01V PrD- rpysl Ihreslield dew. <br /> :a'isoresenrative.s attorney el Estate Investments 0 LLC in AMC 19,47040, Horne 19.20.030 and AMC dIOL I ar nawan Mr Ws pro, <br /> the admess staled below., Occupations wiii be used 19.20.180 for appeal prose- posal,once isnrad,may <br /> copy of the cie,n,and I,I,nn Projent Location: for p1ojecl m,lgalion and duras. Project Contact. Published be obtained rrppn ra- <br /> tha cnginal of the cicim, 1015 18th Street (Parcel consistency. Tess Cooper, Associate OCtobrt 14,2020 quest. <br /> with the court n which Iha lP55106) Planner.Phone.(360)536. M-2035652 <br /> probate proceedings wore Environmental doss. fin4: 01rbe'iv33g u, Existing Environmental <br /> commenced. The clam s Application Type/ ',tenter None. want 011 0 Ayt- Documents:The following <br /> must he presented wiN:n Descrlpbon:The apphcont codes,P.O.Box 547,.Ana- environmental documents <br /> Inc later of ill lliely days cmpases to construct a Public Hearing:None re- cortes,WA 96221 valuate the proposed <br /> ater_e•ylce or,nailing chic pivot@ pa,kelp lot on ape- qucred,A home occupation project: <br /> Novice as prev,ded In RCVv ccl that has 2 different zoo- polo:[is a Type 2 Adminis- Notice: Affected property <br /> 11;0 0200 Its),n, (2)foul ing designations.A portion [relive Decision, owners may request Wetland and Stream Tech- <br /> ,:ftis after the date cl of the parking lot will be change in valuation ham nice!Mamas,CTeetwnIcd <br /> 1:31 - l Public Comment Period: county assessorNOTICE OF <br /> ptin'ncatipn ni the tip cot tin the R4 zone,and the the co t for Report. WA ah(ri.4a1, <br /> pea.11 the clam lz poi pia- nine p'aiton of the Wnnan comments must be properly taxpupas. <br /> ipa APPLICATION Cultural gwl,Chat Awera- <br /> sennd within this time o eking lot will he In Ike submrnod to the contact notwithstanding any pro- WITH OPTIONAL DNS ens Report,Critical Aeas <br /> frame.the claim is 10,e'ta Commercial zone,A condi- p listed below by IN gram of revaluation. Report.Application daa <br /> ha otherwise <br /> rod,except as otherse banal use permit is required pawd <br /> 01.1.12141'�1- File Number. PLN-2020- Cols may be renewed al <br /> alovided In ROW 11,40.051 fel the portion of the pare- Published 0019 Pines theme are erleswa, <br /> one 11.-10.200,lids her is ing lot within the R4 zone. Any person may comment October 14,2020 Project Neme:Cas00de GA Onsn�.o.SOs low <br /> e.uve for claims rooms: The parking lot will prov,da n the applIcal'on,receive M-2035506 Natural Gas Co',March <br /> both the decedent's pre- additional eff-straet parking notice of and participate In Point Replacement Phase 2 nest <br /> bate and rioreprohace es spans supporting an exist- any hearings,and request a <br /> =sots, ing commercial develop- copy of the decision,once John Bailey, Public Cerynane 1AW.Ied: <br /> nenl booted to the north of made, Caaeede Natural Gas Cor- Written cSRVMria rpArd- <br /> Oai=, of First Publication the site,across 10th Street- polelion, G113 W. ing this proposal must be <br /> October 7,2020 The prciecl incluclae demo- Document Availability: G:andrldge Blvd-, Ken- aitir filed to the contact <br /> bticn of so existing de. Application documents may nawmk.WA 99336 bile*by 5:00 PM on Oc10- <br /> Vyayne E Mruray, ached accessary slmcture, he wed at 5lr0lAcl:Kolhenyn Seckel, bee 25.'M I..Any person <br /> Personal Represeul-e'itve Paving of pproximalety - rav,e0 eswa, r' Sr Paramelrix.719 2nd Ave„ nay Ctearren1 on the apple <br /> 4,624 square,feel,striping 'n S O. Ste. 200, Seattle, WA cation, receive notice of <br /> Ananey Poi foi 18 poking stalls and G1'A -by'ci:0 pG. 98104 and participate m any hear- <br /> Persona!Representative dove aisles,installation of of by clicking"Notions 'rigs,and request a copy of <br /> Dewey W,Waddle, slaplca. r fecsidewalk, <br /> land- of Application' and than • �. "alley - Dale of Application: the decision,once made. <br /> WSBA 42915% soaping. sic alk, and opening the zppropnnle ,r,W^"'^� Eptendfer11.20 0 <br /> pov,ng nl the alleys to the ',meet the number folder- ""i r OeM et CeRyi2,•2 Appll- Public Hawing; A public <br /> Ad/bass for Mall nu er east and south of Ills .1 claa 0 Oplabeit 7,2020 hearing is rot?Waked for <br /> Service Pf Claris' orojr_zt site.sAppeals: Ally party with 'a �s Date of Notice of Applies- this application <br /> LA,Vi OFFICE OF standing may appeal the Lion:October 14,2020 <br /> DEWEY VV.116512LE,PLLC Data of Final Docivion: decision,once roads,within NOTICE OF Preliminary Determination <br /> 902 Seventh Sliest October 5,2020 14 calendar days alter wed- NEIGHBORHOOD Ptejeel Leeatienr the el Cosn.ateney:Al a nrini- <br /> Aacnrtes,WA 98221 Ian malice of the dee,elon is MEETING 0,41151 Is Waled ailha'Ihp morn,the <br /> Telephone-.350.293-3600 Date Notice of Decision trailed,per the provisions City Al Masotoa and Leila- eutt/p:l ie. tgr ldleme <br /> losued:October 8,2020 n AMC 19,20,130,Appeals, A pre-epplicattor,neighbor- caporal,' +r wstlf plow•I coo:rr77u6A�or Re <br /> Published hood meeting ye Zoom etiPfm y p horn ap3raaitnota code•AilenkWrl Code.. <br /> I October 7,14, Decision:APpioved,with Fnr Project Inlornration: video teleconference has 40f1 twi math el the nYr• .ail CnaAy CedE, <br /> and 21,2020 conditions Libby °rage, Planning been scheduled to intro- aee0ep or 'hey 20 m4 <br /> M-2034045 SEPA Threshold oelermi- Manager, (360) 061-3505. duce the potential project Alain'. Pei:.Rod, ez- aleF: P a We, to <br /> CITY co nation; Determined to Ga tit I Ana,inie mega- described below,The pur- }i3NNng to the Writ 09 U+ 192A,030 and WAG <br /> ANACDH7 ES nation: De x n l trim y o pa pose of the meeting's to MANw live"We nladannan it:7.210for appeal pr0C*• <br /> Y e e,P ens of Planning,Commit- inform neighbors and infer- Road and Summit Park duras. <br /> PUBLIC NOTICE SEPA review. pity,&Economic Develop- sated ponies about the po- Road,then to the east and Project Contact: Libby <br /> ant P.O.Box 547,Ana- tan0al protect at an early south to approximately 200 Graze, Planning Mnager, <br /> I City of Anacortes Parks and Appeals: Per AMC odes,WA 98221 stage and to fester comma- feet south al the inlersec- ITwsa:(380)299-1N%,I <br /> R0.real,oc, Departrncnl, <br /> 0 20,o40 A,there,s no Fur noelion between the appli- lion of Suomi[Park Road GY AokGfYLafal.•sIeo <br /> Nicole Jchnsten, PO Sc. Published cant and the public regard- and Sallerlee Road. Also City of Anacortes,P.O.Box <br /> 107 Anncones,WA-16221- the,admhnislia lwe tip Peal October 14,2020 ing potential project issues including 12516 Cllrislen- 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> DSJ 7,is=Caning covsrr-ge available for lhis decision. AA-2035559 and oPporluntlies for solo- son Road (APN Is <br /> undo,the N.lashmgtnn Slate AAPeals of the deciscor, }cons, P117222,P19084), Published <br /> • Deperl,nenl of Ecologye n,ey he made to Supdor October 14,2020 <br /> Construction Stonnwaler Court pursuant to Chapter Project Description: The Application Type / Da- AA-2035670 <br /> 11?DES and Stale Waste 36 700 RCW, proposed work is the co crtptlon:CNGC is propos- <br /> Discharge General Permit, struclton of a crate ing to Install 3,100 linear <br /> ProjectContact: Libby y bulkhead placed coin the feel of new 8-inch steal <br /> I "Ina p,opesed p:ojecl Cage, Planning Manager seine footprint as the con- high pressure(HP)gas line, <br /> iy and Vew Cemetery. 'a Phone:(360)299-1986: crate tea protection,which 2,200 sneer fee[of new 2- <br /> Iur.aed 11 4ll Hill most IMnt•00, r will be removed.The new etch PE Distribution Pres- <br /> ve In Anacortes in SL:ugti Cilv of Anacortes, Y(� protection at the bass I e(DP)pipeline,and a <br /> courey PO,Box 5 1], CV ',� the existing rtprap sea wall valve station[e replace + <br /> J Anacortes,WA 98'21y� will prevent further dogma- existing nlraslrUcture.The <br /> �/., <br /> This project involves 4.6 ' 61e-o dation of the wall by winter xisting pipeline has <br /> of sotl disluibance foi Nohow .Atfooled property Y ID storm wave action. The reached the end of its ser- <br /> Othe-(Public)construction d•ass nay 'squeal a le proposed work 1v,t1 enoom- vice life and is bong rei 4 <br /> - <br /> a_,w,Ices chenye in valuation horn ''d pass two homes located placed to continue safe op- <br /> the county assessor for C'n� immediately adjacent to the elation and 1c meet the cu'- <br /> Any persons desiring to property tea purposes sea well lent and future demand of <br /> p:ese"1 their crabs to Iha rotvmhste0dcny soy pro- nearby customers.The ma- <br /> INoehmgton State Depa,1- Oren n1 rev01.0,.n. The purpose of lhs work is jorily of the construction ' r your bargain <br /> nl Ecology rcgard,no NOTICE to prevent the homes local- will be located in existing (I,4 sinterest-alion,or interest- Published OF DECISION old shoreward of the exist. roadway corm approximate- [Oday. <br /> inin Ecology's echo,on October 14,2020 rig bulkhead horn callaps- ly 1,000linear feat installed Smart shoppers know <br /> ,Application may notify M-2035557 File Number: ing into the sea.The exist- by horizontal directional about the bargains <br /> Ecology in noting later PLN-2020-0006 ing bulkhead(built in 200) drill(HDD)to avoid dcsrup- g <br /> than 30 days of no <br /> last has suffered considerable lion of the Highway and im- hidden within the <br /> dale of puhhabon of Ins Applicant: damage from wave action pacts on existing wetlands- Classified pages.In <br /> pubicEcology -ewews D Hitt Group LLC„PO Box during winter high tide and streams. The <br /> comments and con- Y 169,Anacortes.WA 98221 storms. The existing wall pipeline will connect tonne the Classifieds,you <br /> whether Mseherge: tiT 4 es not hull deep enough original Pipeline at each can track down deals <br /> from rs tits project would 'r7 �`fi Ardhortxed Agent: No the existing soils and is end.The old pipeline will be <br /> cause <br /> a measurable Jerold'ne Hallberg, severely undercut and deaom'n'ss'oned in place on everything from <br /> change,o a r ely:Ing .Velar 6335 Stale Route 9, tasked in places,and in after the new <br /> sections of <br /> quality,and,if so,whether ".Y • - LG. Sedro-Walley,WA 98284 danger of collapse, plpeNre are brought into tickets to trailers, <br /> e prn,ect is necessary 47. opooeden. It's easy to place an <br /> m the peerndmg punk: 4 eV, Project Location; Project Location: 6003 ad or find the items <br /> asl according to Tel 11 Ole 3515"D"Avenue and 5005 Croatian Way to Other Required project <br /> tIedegradatien require- Assessor Parcel a P57813) Ana:orles,WA 98221 Permits/Approvals: The you want,and it's <br /> reels under WAG 173- following may be required <br /> 201A-320, Project Name: Project Applicen0Repre- addition to the above: used by hundreds <br /> NOTICE Skagit Co-housing inel : Skagit County Special use of area shoppers <br /> mi Comments can be Sun ; OF APPLICATION Memo Surveys&Assess- Permit, WDFW Hydraulic <br /> I00 to. Application Type/ memo(Meg Amos) Protect Approval, ever day. <br /> ecy'swgr,nmelec,.wa.yo,., Notice is hereby given Description:site plan ap- 300 Jefferson Street,Pat WSDOT/City of Call 424.4567 to <br /> that an application was Provo!Is develop a 30-um[ Townsend,WA 98269 Anacortes/Skagit County *et ell ad <br /> Deo.trienl of Escloyy made for N0 following cohousing facility welt two (360)-385-4073 right-col-way - <br />