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Al2 Werner day,October 14,2020 Anacorles American/Legal Notices <br /> I Notices <br /> . .. <br /> EMAIL: CLASSITIEO@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR Alln: Water Quality Pro- proposal: duplex lints,3 townhome O1pantnl11ntavMSel- ing permit. <br /> COURT OrTHE 'Thin,. CoyEAolion buildings, and one three- a3Ell1Llnctte.02I0 <br /> STATE OF `la ant•N er File Number: HMO-2920- story 15-unit building onsite SEPA Review:The City of <br /> WASPIV:Ir1'IYSH F.O.Du..7096.Owopia, 0003 with surface parking!or•12 Meeting Date & Tim: Anacorles,the lead SEPA <br /> WA 914914696 vehicles, and site inhas- Tuesday, October 27th agency, has determined <br /> FOR Applicant: InirLue improvements,in- 2020 al 6:00 PM that this proposal is not <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY Published Stephen Shedar eluding utilities and likely to result in any signili- <br /> Oclober 14,2020 stormwater facilities, Meeting Location:In order ant adverse environmental <br /> -_Ir Ee r,1 AA-2035462 Dale of Application: to comply with orders from impact,and that r issuance <br /> September 21,2020 Dote of Final Decision: the Governor to not hold in- of a Determination olNon- <br /> ALIRIENNE 54 JOHNSON October 8,2020 person meetings, this s'gnihcance(DNS)is likely <br /> NII:RRAY Data of Completeness: neighborhood meeting will following the comment pe- <br /> Oclober 8,2020 Date Notice of Decision be held virtually using nod for this notice.The op- <br /> NC,20-4-00373-29 Issued:October 14,2020 Zoom- bona'DNS process of WAG <br /> PROBATE NOTICE A- - O Date of Notice: 197-11-355 is being used <br /> TO GEED'(ORS fJ \Mlh' October 14.2020 Decision: Approved with Flow to Join the Zoom for this proposal and in- <br /> / conditions Meeting: eludes the following: <br /> PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Project.Location: 1. Go to Ioin,z0ornAls or <br /> The:rersonsl«r I,-n,e u'Fr 1213 15th St.Unil B, SEPA Threshold Deeermi- cell in 253 2158782 • This may be your only <br /> piescn 1 4 Anecortes, Washington nation:The City of Ana- 2. Enter in eating ID:633 opportunity to comment <br /> na mad below has been no- 40�0'. 96221(P133696) cortas issued a Determine- 1833 4491on theenvironmental <br /> pooled s peisnnnl repro- hen of Nonsignificance 3, Click Join.when asked impacts of th propos- <br /> enlaole of this e.tato,Any Request: Hence Occupa- (DNS)on October A.2020 if you want to open al, <br /> parson having a claim lion Permit to conduct a using the optional DNS pro- orn.ue,click Allow. • The proposal may in- <br /> bPzns)the daceelth ntusl, private mess_ therapy ce of WAC 197-11-355_ 4. zll prompted fora pass- elude mrbgalion n n <br /> v a the time the claim NOTICE OF DECISION practice i'within a xisting There is no additional win- word,enter:629208 under applicable <br /> would be barred by anyresidence-The home bust- menl period for the DNS. cods,and the protect <br /> ul..erv.;se applicable Pile Number: nasn a <br /> will be a spry to OR connect with this link new process may in- <br /> . of limitations, CUP-2020-0001 the continued residential Appeals: Appeals of the corporate or require <br /> pry <br /> :en1 the clean in the use of the building, decision or SEPA threshold Join Zoom Meeting mitigation measures re- <br /> ina provided in RCt'J Project Nance. 1015 181h deierrnation for this pro- gardless of whether an <br /> 11,70,070 by serving on on Strec,.PS,krny Lot CUP Other permits required: posal must be filed by 5:00 b+te•: ACA,Oalli EIS is prepared. <br /> nailing to the personal rep. None known.The develop- PM October 23, 2020. �Zad , A copy of the subs.- <br /> -erlanve a the personal Applicant: Madrona Real ent regulations colts/Fled Please refer to AMC f quent threshold deler- <br /> 1 ra attorney at Cobbae Investments S LLC 1 AUG 19,41.04D, Horne 19,20,030 and AMC di onZZ0e nation far this pra- <br /> ire „dreanva's m red bolas,d Occupations will he used 19,20,180 for appeal prose- posal,once issued,may <br /> copy o1 the cts,i and Berne Project Location: !or project miligatiCn and lures, Plated Contact Published be obtained upon re- <br /> the r:iginal of the noon 1015 10th Shoal (Parcel consistency- Tess Cooper, Associate Octobrt 14 2020 quest, <br /> with the tour(in which me 9P55166) Planner;Phone(36�0p)5y00�- AA-2035682 <br /> pr obsto proceedings were Environmental docu• -PM. <br /> oH Existing Environmental <br /> commaooad, The claim Application Type/ incite:Hone, i (MY Documents:The following <br /> 7us1 be presented v Description:The applicant cartes,P.O.Boxoo 540fhlee 7,.Ana- rental documents <br /> Pie ta!ei Cl (1)thirty days Proposes le c-:nshuct a Public Hearin None re tortes.WA 98221 evaluate <br /> ate <br /> ` /nailing this pi wale pinking lot oil ahome Project the proposed <br /> Pa 1 Par- purred.A occupation project <br /> No.,0.2s /5,1.odr In RIOW set Vial has 4 A different ri on pelmet is a sioType 2 Adminis_ Notice' <br /> 10 may <br /> property <br /> ino,l n20(1 erI.or do tom of hparking <br /> designations.i portion Votive Decision. may request Wetland and Sate*cote reale- <br /> finical <br /> rnl,s after the del,: al 07 the rocking lot will be hanga in valuation from nical Mamas,Gao[eehnical <br /> tics.publication a1 the tin- wkhm Iho R4 zone,and the Public comment Period: the county assessor tor NOTICE OF Report SEPA checklist, <br /> lice-k the de in,is net pies Sing portion of the Written comments must be Property lexsseproposes APPLICATION Guttural Resources Assess- <br /> , need within this time e dig tot will be in the sun,nrted to the contact notwithstanding any pro- WITH OPTIONAL DNS eel Report,Application <br /> Areas <br /> fraud the demo is lere:er h ommeicipo rrna,A quired pe,sar,listed below by e•qq gram of revelualion, Report.Application docu- <br /> .ard,except ps°Ihsrvnsa hood use permit,s required (FES aa0alobal9PC�Q, File Number. PLN-2020- ments may be <br /> provided in RCW 11.40,051 lot the portion of the park- Published 0019 Allan eab.- <br /> arid 11.40.060.this b mg tot wdhm the Any person may,e meet October 14,2020 Prolacl Nama:Cascade <br /> ehe.755e for claims cga 5sL The parking lot will provide n the a,,,ii,,,on,eceiye AA-20355r10 Natural Gas Cory• March laNM11a• rl- <br /> both the decdent's g - additional off-street pm king notice of and participate to Pmnl Replacement Phase 2 rnt. <br /> bale and nomprohale as- spaces supporting an exist- any hearings,and request a <br /> sal, ng coinmerool develop- copy of the decision,once Applicant: John Battey, Public Comment Period: <br /> eat lei sled In the north of made- Cascade Natural Gas Con Written comments regard- <br /> , <br /> Date or Fos, Publication' The site,air ss 1811,Street, potation. 6113 W. ing this proposal must be <br /> October 7,?Ur] The protect Includes demo. Document Availability: Grandndge Bled., Ken- submitted to lie contact <br /> 1,trcn ol an existing de- Application documents may newmk.WA 99336 below by 5:00 PM on Onto- <br /> Wayne E, lashed accessory Hroolore, be wed al Contact;Katheryn Socket, her 28,2020.Any person <br /> Per5mtal Represenlati•:c paving cl approximately hsYC ypyyYpii� ,h,ya, Y Paramehix,719 2nd Ave., may:continent on Mc applr- <br /> 4,824 square feet,sniping Vr ♦ Ste, 200, Seattle, WA cation, receive notice of <br /> At,piney for fa'18 Parking stalls and Ve� v 93104 and palcipale in any hear- <br /> Personal Representative drive aisles,installation f „lit V by clicking ld then <br /> ings,and request a copy of <br /> Dewey W.Weddle, ocuyiveler Iael4res,tan,- of Application" and then Dale of Application: the decision,once made, <br /> l'J£HA g29157 soaping, sidewalk, and opening the appropdale 'r' e� Seplembei 3,2020 <br /> puvm0 of the.alleys to the project file number folder, ' J' " k Dale of Complete Appli- Public Hearing: A public <br /> Add,ass!or Glal,n5 or east and south of the 00B't- cation:October 2,2020 hearurg is not required for <br /> Salome of Claims: project site. Appeals: Any pads with Date of Notice of Applies- this application <br /> LAW OFFICE OF standing may appeal the lion:October 14,2020 <br /> DEWEY W.1`/EDDLE,PLLC Date of Final Decision' decision,once made,within NOTICE OF Preliminary Determination <br /> 909 Seventh Street October 5,2020 14 calendar drys alter wit- NEIGHBORHOOD Protect Location: The of Consistency:Ala m ini- <br /> Anacerles,WA 98221 ten notice of the decision is MEETING protect is located within the mum,this project will be <br /> Telephone 360.293-3600 Dote Notice of Decision mailed,per the provisions Cily of Anacorles and urn- subject to the following <br /> limited:October 8,2020 iin AMC 19.20.180,Appeals. A pro-application neighbor- commuted Skagit County plans end regulations:Ana' <br /> Published hood meeting via Lenin starting from approximately tortes Municipal Code,Sk- <br /> OCtober 7,14, Decision:Approved,with Fee Project Information: video teleconference has 400 feel north of the inter- agit County Code. <br /> • and 21,2020 conditions Libby Grnge, Planning been scheduled to intro- section of Hwy 20 and <br /> AA-2034,940 SEPA Threshold Dolormi- Manager; (360) 661-3505. dune the potential project March's Point Road, ex- Appeals: Please refer to <br /> CITY OF nation:Determined to bedescribed below,The pub- tending to the south to the AMC 19,20,030 and AMC <br /> City of Anacorles Doped- pose of the meeting is to intersection al Christianson 19.20.2101or appeal prone- <br /> ANACORTES oatesoncally enompl Iron' eel of Planning,Comu- inform neighbors and inter- Road and Summit Park lures, <br /> PUBLIC NOTICE SEPA review+• m m <br /> may.&Economic Develop- esled padres about the pa- Road,then to the east and Project Contact: Libby <br /> sent,P.O.Box 547,Ara- tenlml protect at an eady south to approximately 200 Graga, Planning Manager, <br /> City cl Anacorles Forks moo Appeals: Per AMC codes,WA 98221 stage and to foster cominu- feat south of the tersec- Phone:(360)290-1986;[Cr <br /> Recraalion De parlmonl, 19,20,030,1 and nication between the eppli- lion o1 Sumind Park Road <br /> Nicole Johnston, PC Boo 1920.240A,there is no tun Published cool and the public regard- and Satterlee Road. Also City of Arlacortos,P,O.Box <br /> 547 Anoconns,WA 98221- ther administrative appeal October'14,2020 ing potential project issues including 12518 Christian- 547,Anacorles,WA 98221 <br /> 0547,'s�eehmy cosaraye available for this decision, AA-2035550 and opportunities Icr solu- n Road (APN Ns <br /> l uncle-Ina wasrangron seals Appetite of the decision liens, P117222,P19984), Published <br /> DesarLlienl of Ecology's 'y he mad.le Supelior <br /> Con,Tn,chon stormw er Court parsnent to Chapter Project Description: The A October 14,20206 <br /> 36,r0C RCW, 1 i Application C Type r De- AA-2035670 <br /> lhi:ES and State Waste proposed work is the con- sedation:CNGC 1s 0ropea- <br /> fJis.harge General Permii-. Project Control: Libby s h bulkhead pi a crtheete ing to in ewl 0-inn lineal <br /> I r. seef riot asd pan the tact of new 8-inch g s line. <br /> the propose) or51,i, Pmge, M Planning I006' r' same toe <br /> prod lithe con- h.20 pressure(d gnewn e, <br /> m oo n \„es, 411 Flar„a Phone(360)299-19G6" m:le e r removed, <br /> which nnc00 linear reel of new 2- <br /> Driv ei at 411 Hlinst Lbhr11f Alto ooeordrlRA.9rG; Y • <br /> will ct removed,The new inch (PED Dipmeline, nres- <br /> Drive in Ana,ores in Skagit CIIy of Anacorles, L� Q the <br /> al the base I e (DP) tone nto and a .\ <br /> r.°„Sy BecomeO..Boy 547, �r ' the existing riurap sae gran ing nfrastru to replace <br /> Anacoitas,WA 98221 will prevent further degra- existing <br /> infrastructure.The <br /> T'n s protect Involves 4,6 dalion of the watt by winter existing pipeline has <br /> acre.of salt dr<tmbanca Far Noticr.„eft soled property 'y • ar storm wave action. Thu reaches!the and of its ser- <br /> Other(Public)construction o oars dimy requesl a . ' proposed work wilt encom- v ee We and is bong re- <br /> actisiher chanye in valuation horn , 8 pass Iwo homes located placed to continua safe op- <br /> the carroty assessor for d e celLely adjacent to the eralton and to meet the cur- <br /> Pop' persons desiring to Pt°party la., PorPoeisa sea wall_ rent and future demand of <br /> presetrt their views to the netv+ithstandtoa any Pro- Irarr4f !temrrf,llr may <br /> Washington state Depart- Joan,el re iakwbonr lour trice..m Oat work et pritlr al'ha weetr>iatme Find your bargain <br /> .Ecology rooard NOTICE a ttse Irma,1Paal Tell of E j t- OF DECISION wl a/v.: wN* wall a�'1idrpl� today! <br /> rr s nApplication, interest- Published dal a axl,..d r Ise 1130, name**NNh�yy��IF. <br /> Ecology's:Islip,nit OctoberAA 2020 bill ova blotl Icr cau0,1• b I,aeDI.narlf.r(*el..d Smart shop bargains <br /> Ecology Eca oyApplication, ,rr later AA-zo3 557 Poe-2 20.00 4.9 kg Idlethe a Tha semi- de I8O tot see sap. about the bargains <br /> than 30 it 1,0 01 n° la PLN-2o2o-ogo6 ?Is h.d14.4 Nat J1 inky See of the to rain! d ten. <br /> dale oO in <br /> of the last - dar damage <br /> from <br /> wave <br /> acWln bpiwd.e.eS419 rutl,d. hidden withinthe <br /> law of publication s1 wslo, AD Hill <br /> waig action brae.PI irs.Yp hmm�ew Classified pages.In <br /> mm n is a win- D 9,,11 Group La,WA,90 Box durstorm winter high tide and. .vg1 u Try new <br /> notice. <br /> comments and ago- Y 13s,nnaeodaa, 9s2z1 storms, The existing wan varFy ae:arinw4 a Ilia the Classifieds,you <br /> whether machetes, , tT 0 es nal built deep enough wlgand vvd m a all can track down deals <br /> Items this protect would -' ' Authorized Agent: into the existing soils and is meg,Tb#S&l I.Vesne srnw <br /> measurable Jeraldine Hallberg, n severely undercut and rtaoom+draw»d m pleas on everything from <br /> rating a mrng what 1"' '' 0335 Stale Route 9, crackd in daces,and i1 elor men sections of tickets to trailers, <br /> quality,iridferrsso,whether "Y���f Tq Sodro-Woolley,WA 9828,1 danger of collapse„ pipeline are broughtinto <br /> me pro,ect is necessary '�4. operation. It's easy to place an <br /> r1 rile overriding public RC. a project Location: Protect Location: 5003 ad or find the items <br /> _rest according to Tis:II Off. 3516"Q"Avenue and 5005 Croatian Way in Other Required Project <br /> elf-degradation require- (Assessor Parcel a P57813) Anacorles,WA 90221 Permits/Approvals: The you want,and it's <br /> nme„tn under was 173- !Wowing,nay be required used b hundreds <br /> 201A-5520, Project Name: Project Applicant/Repre- addition to the above y <br /> NOTICE Skagit Co-housing senteliee: Skagit County Special Use of area shoppers <br /> C.orments con be submit- OF APPLICATION Maine Surveys&Assess- Permit, WDFW Hydraulic <br /> lad to: Application Type/ mans(Meg Amos) Project Approval. every day. <br /> ecyrewgrano0lltecy, Notice is hereby given Description:Site plan ap- 380 Jefferson Street,Port WSDOT/Coy of Call424.4567 to <br /> OF Lhal ar oppl,calion was prove!to develop a 30-unit Townsend,WA 98269 Anucorles/Skagit County lace an ad. <br /> Department of Ecology' made for the lollowiilg cohousing facility with two (360)-385-4073 right-of-way perils,build- P <br />