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NOTICE OF DECISION <br /> <br />File Number: CUP-2020-0001 <br />Project Name: 1015 18th Street Parking Lot CUP <br />Applicant: Madrona Real Estate Investments X LLC <br />Project Location: 1015 18th Street (Parcel #P55166) <br /> <br />Application Type / Description: The applicant proposes to construct a private parking lot on a parcel that has 2 <br />different zoning designations. A portion of the parking lot will be within the R4 zone, and the remaining portion of <br />the parking lot will be in the Commercial zone. A conditional use permit is required for the portion of the parking <br />lot within the R4 zone. The parking lot will provide additional off-street parking spaces supporting an existing <br />commercial development located to the north of the site, across 18th Street. The project includes demolition of an <br />existing detached accessory structure, paving of approximately 4,824 square feet, striping for 18 parking stalls and <br />drive aisles, installation of stormwater facilities, landscaping, sidewalk, and paving of the alleys to the east and south <br />of the project site. <br />Date of Final Decision: October 5, 2020 <br />Date Notice of Decision Issued: October 8, 2020 <br />Decision: Approved, with conditions <br />SEPA Threshold Determination: Determined to be categorically exempt from SEPA review. <br />Appeals: Per AMC and 19.20.240.A, there is no further administrative appeal available for this <br />decision. Appeals of the decision may be made to Superior Court pursuant to Chapter 36.70C RCW. <br /> <br />Project Contact: Libby Grage, Planning Manager; Phone: (360) 299-1986;; City of <br />Anacortes, P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> <br />Notice: Affected property owners may request a change in valuation from the county assessor for property tax <br />purposes notwithstanding any program of revaluation. <br />