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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesday,September 23,2020-A9 <br /> Legal <br /> _ _____ <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> extending Ordinance Meeting: <br /> t'T 1 0 3054,an interim ORDINANCE NO.3073 1.Go to or <br /> • G h` ordinanceaergency declaring call 6211 25 r0005n215 62 ON�� <br /> ' - an ether ens and AN ORDINANCE REPEAL- 2. Enter long ID:843 <br /> g a 29737 ORDINANCE NO, 3.Cl ckJ0. <br /> oi <br /> D.W.r� adoptingm a NIAL BUDGET A , 3.pick Join.When asked if <br /> moratorium on the NIAL BUDGET PROCESS, you want to open, <br /> -' nv 1. acceptance Of certain AUTHORIZING NEVER- click Allow. <br /> COS- land use applicationsY CI <br /> SIGN TO THE PROML 4.Ir prompted for apass- <br /> in the R4 Lone SIGNS OF AN ANNUAL d,enter:,prompted <br /> for <br /> BUDGET CONSISTENT OR connect with this link: • <br /> NOTICE OF DECISION ,OR <br /> Zoom Meeting <br /> WITH ROWWITH <br /> CHAPTER <br /> Notice is hereby given that 35A.33 WITH RESPECT https://us02w b.zoom.usj/ <br /> File Number. SPL-2020- the City Council will hold a TO THE PREPARATION 843621170204pwd=TjBgoU <br /> 0003 virtual public heanng for the OF A BUDGET FOR PIS- JWNWN3V2J,YVO3cUk5aH <br /> purpose of tatting Public CAL YEAR 2021,AND FIX- k22z09 CAN <br /> Applicant:Landed Gentry 3076.comments on Ordinance ING A TIME WHEN THE PUBLISHSED <br /> Development Inc i Corner 3076, SAME SHALL BECOME SEPTEMBER 23,2020 <br /> 9 Properties LLC EFFECTIVE AA 2034132 <br /> App.Contact Anna Nelson Virtual Public Hearing <br /> Date:Monday,October 12, A copy of the complete text PREVENT <br /> Project Location:South of 2020 at 8:00 PM of each ordinance is posted <br /> the intersection of Cherry t the Anacortes City Hall, <br /> Lana and Orchard Ave.(As- yocatiom Complete In- Anecortes Municipal Build- <br /> Projec Parcel it P32077): affections a how to pare City 6th Street end An- <br /> the virtual City Upon request to the <br /> Project Name: Cherry Council Meetings can be City Clerk's Office 1380- � TY <br /> Court Short Plat&CUP found at the following 293-1900) copies will be -GS fit. <br /> link: OVES•//w.mme- <br /> Application Type / De- catesw Gev/Document- mat <br /> eoriPtion•In*applicant re- CantecNiew/18578/Vrtual- Steven D.Hoglund <br /> quests prdrmiary short Council-Meetings-PDF City Clerk '9 Tan <br /> subdivision approval, a "is .Pr m#T <br /> conditicoal use permit,and Background:On April 20, -•'9 ,: <br /> SEPA review subdivide 2020, the Anaeortes City Published .. ..• <br /> - <br /> approximately 3.12 acres in Council adopted Ordinance September 23,2020 <br /> the R1 zone into 6 residen- 3069 to extend Ordinance AA-2033687 The following is a summary <br /> tial lots end 1 detention 3054,adopted October 21, NOTICE OF APPLICATION of an Ordinance passed by <br /> pond tract.A portion of the 2019,by the Macon.City OPTIONAL SEPA the Anacortes Cky Council <br /> site is bisected by the Ace Council which placed a on September 14,2020. <br /> of Hearts Greek,a desig- moratorium on the accep- DNS: <br /> noted FWHCA.No changes rant¢of any land use per- Apr arpp6cation e ighber- ORDINANCE NO.3075 Learn more at <br /> to the area near the creak mit or building permit appk- hood Pang a Zoom <br /> r proposed.The project cation within the R4 zone 'den teleconference has /� <br /> ncludes a new public road west of the Commercial been heduled to intro- AN ORDINANCE RELAT- \MOKEYBEAR•COM <br /> and frontage improvements ±one that proposes to ue- duce the potential project ING TO THE COMBINED V <br /> on Orchard Avenue, hoe the bens height provi- described below. The than- UTILITY SYSTEM OF FOR <br /> of AMC 19.42.050. pose of the meeting le be CITY; PROVIDING FOR <br /> s Date of Final Decision: The bonus freight provi- inform neighbors and inter- THE ISSUANCE OF NOT <br /> September 9,2020 ens of AMC 19.42.050,al- estad parties about the they TO EXCEED SAAMO NT (S <br /> low en additional 10 feet of stage <br /> project to an early PRINCIPAL AMOUNT i"ISi <br /> Date Notice of Decision height over the standard stage and to foster comma- UTILITY SYSTEM IM- <br /> issued: September 14, height limit of 40 feet. <br /> acatian between the appli- FUNDINGPROVEMENT AND RE. <br /> Issued: cant and the public regard- REVENUE <br /> Pursuant to RCW ing potential project issues BONDS, IN ONE OR <br /> Decision: Approved, write 36.70A.390,the Coy Coun- and MORE SERIES,TO PRO- <br /> conditions oil must hold a public hear- opportunities for solutions. VIDE THE FUNDS(I)TO <br /> ing(virtual)within 60 days Project Description:The PAY OR REIMBURSE A <br /> SEPA Threshold Det Ana- of adoption.Related or re- <br /> proposed work is the con- PORTION CARRYINGOF THE COSTS ���� <br /> nation: The City of Ana- manta are available for re- obit hen of concrete OF TION OUT CER• • <br /> tortes issued a Determine- ew at: httos:/iwww.ans- bulkhead placed in the TAIN IMPROVEMENTS TO + <br /> ton of IJcnsionificence cort0swa.00v/161/Plan- ame footprint as the coo- THE WATER SYSTEM <br /> (DNS')on August 19,2020 nip-Coinmuntty-Fconom- crate toe protection,which AND SEWER SYSTEM ... <br /> using the optional DNS pro- re-Development: click or will be removed. The new ("PLAN OF ADDITIONS"); <br /> s of WAC 197-11-355. "R4 Zone Building Height pretecticn at the base f II TO CARRY OUT A RE- <br /> cats were no appeals. Discussion". Ina existing rlprap sea wall FUNDING OF ALL OR A <br /> will prevent father degra- PORTION OF THE CITV'S <br /> Appeals: Appeals of the To comment: Anyone dation of the wall by winter OUTSTANDING UTILITY ,• <br /> demon for this proposal wishing to comment on the storm de. action. The SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT a.-. <br /> bust be fled by S00 PM Ordinance may do eo CO Proposed cork will encom- REVENUE BONDS, SE- <br /> September 28, 2020. provided in the above in Pass two homes located RIES 2010(BUILD AMER'. <br /> Please rarer to AN1C stmetions. Written c immediately adjacent to the CA BONDS DIRECT PAY- <br /> 19,20.030 and AMC Thank are encouraged and see well. MEAT),AND Illg TO PAY <br /> 19.20.180 for appeal prose- should be addressed to the The purpose of this work THE COSTS OF LS- <br /> dures.Project Contact Lib- cantata below. is to prevent the homes to- SUANCE OF THE BONDS <br /> by Grage.Planning Maneg- sated shoreward of the ex- AND THE ADMINISTRA- <br /> r Phone:(360)299-1986; CantacC 'sting bulkhead from col- TIVE COSTS OF CARRY- <br /> ING to the ea,The <br /> Itbbvbf5citvofanacertes.ora; Don Measamer,Director ewstin bulkhead(built in ING OUT THE REFUND- <br /> City of Aneconee,P.O.Box Planning,Community,and 200)has suffered consider- ING; APPOINTING THE <br /> 547,Anacortes.WA 98221 Economic Development CITY'S DESIGNATED <br /> Department able damage from wave i e REPRESENTATIVE TO <br /> pi lion during winter high tide <br /> Notice: Affected P.O.Sox 547,Aeleconeor APPROVE THE BOND <br /> o may request a WA g8221 360-299-1942 or storms. The xisling wall SALE TERMS AND ES- <br /> cha change in valuation from CIOMGeitvofanacorlee.or4- t of butt deep enough TABLISHING PARAME- <br /> the county assessor for into the existing soils and is TERS FOR CERTAIN OF <br /> property tax ssepurposes Date of Nouee: now severely undercut and THOSE BOND SALE <br /> graSe tember 14.2020 cracked in places,and <br /> notwithstanding any pro- p danger of collapse. TERMS; AUTHORIZING <br /> gram of revaluation. THE SALE IN A MANNER <br /> Publication Date: Project Location: 5003 TO BE SELECTED BY THE <br /> September 23.2020 d 5005 Croatian Way in <br /> PublishedAnaconas,WA 98221 CITY'S DESIGNATED <br /> September 23,2020 Project Applicant/Rep- REPRESENTATIVE; AND <br /> AA-2033536 Published PROVIDING FOR OTHER <br /> September 23,2020 Maine Surveys&Assess- RELATED MATTERS <br /> syAA-2033608 ments(Meg Amos) <br /> 0 380 Jefferson Street Port A copy of the complete text <br /> Townsend,WA 98269 of each ordinance is posted <br /> at the City Hall, <br /> .f- (wnngtlm rin00 at the lea Municipal Rutid- <br /> 4 0 g®mar nesurveysandass <br /> 91 bJ V - 'fi a ing,6th Street and O Av. <br /> '� � Meeting Date &Time: anus.SP.?request Ie the <br /> 008. Wedndeaday,October 7th Cty Clerk's Office (360- <br /> 7' f9' 2020 at 6:00 PM 293-1900) copies will be <br /> 9 'sv1 a 4 Meeting Location:In or- mailed. <br /> 'led. <br /> _ der to comply with orders Steven D.Hoglund <br /> NOTICE OF VIRTUAL -, from the Governor to not City Clerk <br /> PUBLIC HEARING hold in-person meetings, <br /> _ <br /> The following is a summary this neighborhood meeting -:: r-" '" "' <br /> � <br /> on of an Ordinance passed by will be held virtually using Published SM..QKEY <br /> Ordinance 3076, the Anacortes City Council Zoom. September 23,2020 <br /> an interim ordinance on September 14,2020. How to Join the Zoom AA-2033691 <br /> I <br /> 41.Thi�tNetivspapee <br />