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DocuSign Envelope ID:2BB14F8D-291E-4498-B6EC-1E22320DEE3A <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 3001 <br /> A RESOLUTION UPDATING THE UNIFIED FEE SCHEDULE TO UPDATE FIBER <br /> RATES <br /> WHEREAS, the City would like to allow low-income and indigent fiber residential customers <br /> access to a reduction in monthly charges as detailed in AMC 13.44.020. <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Anacortes, <br /> Washington, that: <br /> Section 1. <br /> 1. The Unified Fee Schedule currently in effect will be updated to include a reference to AMC <br /> 13.44.020 on the General Information section. <br /> Service Charge Reduction for Low-Income Residential Customers <br /> Available for Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, Storm, and Fiber service charges. <br /> See AMC 13.44.020 for more details. <br /> PASSED and APPROVED on this 21 st day of September, 2020. <br /> AYES 7 NAYS 0 ABSENT 0 <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES: <br /> BY: (,a triG (t,V't, <br /> LAURIE M. GERE, MAYOR <br /> ATTEST: APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> Sitvu,IA, V. (kelluo,J, 404.,,E �S.1.4x.ft.....„ <br /> Steven D. Hoglund Darcy J. Swetnam, WSBA#40530 <br /> City Clerk Treasurer City Attorney <br />