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Notice of Public Hearing and <br />Determination of Non -Significance <br />(DNS) <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Anacortes Planning Commission will hold a Pre -Decision Open - <br />Record Public Hearing on Wednesday. March 11, 2020, at 6:00 PM to make a recommendation on the <br />application to City Council. The Planning Commission will conduct a 3:00 PM site visit onsite prior to <br />this hearing. The hearing will be held in Council Chambers located at 904 6th St. <br />Project Description: The applicant is proposing an addition/expansion to an existing and permitted <br />cemetery (Grandview Cemetery). The expansion includes adding a 4.8 Acres (209,088 square foot) <br />addition to the west side of the existing cemetery facility, to include additional grave sites, access <br />roads improvements, and restroom. The property is located in the Public Zone. <br />Project File: CUP-2019-0002 Parcel(s) Numbers Involved: P33177 & P33178 <br />Applicant: City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation, P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br />Location of Proposal: The site is addressed as 411 Hillcrest Drive, Anacortes, WA and is located within <br />a portion of Section 30; Township 35 North; Range 02 East; Willamette Meridian. <br />Threshold Determination: The lead agency has determined that this proposal does not have a <br />probable significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is <br />not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review of a completed <br />environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency. This DNS is issued under <br />WAC 197-11-340(2). This information is available to the public on request. A Determination of Non - <br />Significance (DNS) was issued using the optional DNS process as specified in WAC 197-11-355. There is <br />no additional comment period. <br />Appeals: Appeals of this environmental determination may be made per the procedures outlined in <br />AMC Ch. 18.04 and Ch. 19.20. Additional information regarding the appeal process may be obtained <br />from the City of Anacortes PCED Department, 360-299-1984. <br />Closed -Record Decision Hearing: A closed -record decision hearing to make a decision on the <br />application will be held by the City Council on Monday, March 23, 2020 6:00 PM in City Council <br />chambers located at 904 6th Street, Anacortes, WA. <br />Contact Person: For project information contact: Tess Cooper, Associate Planner; Planning, <br />Community, & Economic Development Department; P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221; 360-588- <br />8234; tessc@ citvofanacortes.or2. <br />SEPA Responsible Official: Don Measamer, Director, Planning, Community & Economic Development <br />Department <br />Date of Issuance: February 12, 2020 <br />Publish: February 12, 2020 <br />1 of 1 <br />