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AS-Wednesday,September 2,2020 Anacotes American I Legal Notices <br /> . . <br /> Legal <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> 98221 participate in any hearings, (c).This determination was 8782,enter the Maaling appropriate project'file <br /> S' Y O and request a copy of the based on review of an Eno- ID 892 5564 6791 number folder(CUP-2020- <br /> G vA Contact Person: Ryan decision,once made. ronmentat Checklist and 0001). You may also re- <br /> Welters. Director of Plan- other environmental for- Appeals:There is no local quest a copy by contacting <br /> ping and Community Devil- Public Hearing:A pubic mation available at the URL appeal available for Type 4 the project Contact listed <br /> eletettarS2 apmennt,Samish Indian Na- hewing is not required for below.The SEPA Threshold City Council decisions. below. <br /> le �i /0, von, 360-293-6404;mural- this proposal. Determination of Nonsignit- <br /> ma a(DNS)for this pro- Project Contact Libby Public Hearing Informe- <br /> 9001t - Preliminary Determination peed was <br /> issued an Grape, Planning Manager; lion <br /> Date f Application:Au- of Consistency:At a mini- September 2.2020 under Phone:(360)861-3505;11k. <br /> gust 10,2020 mum,this project will be WAC 197-11.340(2)and the bubecitvofanecortes ore: To view the live <br /> NOTICE OF DECISION subject to the following SEPA comment/appeal pe- City of Anacortes,P.O.Box Meetings/Hearings with- <br /> Date of Complete Appli- plans end regulations:Ana- rind will end on September 547.Anacortes,WA 98221 out participating: Visit <br /> File Number. PLN-2020. cation:August 28.2020 cotes Municipal Code Title 18,2020 at 5:00 PM Sub- Watch Meeting on the City <br /> 0013 18 Environmental Protec- mil comments to the Members of the public who of Anaosdee website <br /> Date of Notice of Applica- Lion,Title 19 Unified Devil)- project contact below. require special assistance 8sttos;/lwww.enecortnswe: <br /> 12375 ant: Alex Re Reservation ci Radon. lion:September 2,2020 Code. end the Anamant Code cortes Staff Report:The staff re- the to participate <br /> blicphearing may con- gov/700ANatchiMeetinos) <br /> Anacodes,WA 98221 Application Type / De- Engineering Design Stan- port will be available no let- tact the City Clerk 24 hours or <br /> scription:The applicant re- darda. er than 5:00 p.m. on before the meeting to make Planning Commiaeion <br /> Authorized Agent: Mork quests Type 2 Site Plan Re- September 17. 2020 and special arrangements.Dial Public Hearing <br /> Lawrence,12375 Reserve- New and approval for a A decision on this epplica- can be viewed at 360-299-1960. <br /> lion Rd., Anacortes, WA cottage housing develop- lien will be made within 120 h0n5//www.nacorteswa: Wednesday,September 23, <br /> 98221 ment consisting of 14 cot- days from the date of tom- nov/161/Planning-Commu- Published 2020 et 6:00 PM <br /> loges,a community build- plate application. niln-Economic-Develop- September 2,2020 <br /> Project Location: 9028 ing with a 2nd floor apart- merit by clicking"Other No- AA-2032209 Attending and Providing <br /> Molly Lane(Assessor Par- rnent for an an-site menag- Appeals: Please refer to lives"and then opening the Comment at the Planning <br /> cal a P130234) er,new multi-modal shared AMC 19.20.030 and AMC appropriate project file Commission Public Hear- <br /> access and d alleys, 19.20.210 for appeal prose- number folder(CUP-2020- leg: <br /> Project Name: Lopez Is- site utilities, stormwater dures. 0001), You may also re- <br /> land <br /> Creamery management facilities, Project Contact: Ubby quest a copy by contacting c... -Y O, 1.To participate in the <br /> open specs,and Indscap- Grape, Planning Manager, the project contact feted Public He <br /> Application Type / De- ing.Buffer width averaging Phone(360)299-1988:lib- below. ' • On the date/lme shown <br /> option: Site plan ap- is proposed for a Category bvbdcMofnacortes.orq; above,click this Ink or <br /> prove)to develop a new In wetland located near the City of Anacortes,P.O.Box Public Hearing Intones- copy/paste this URL <br /> 15,000 sq.S.manufsctur- south end of the property. 547,Anacortes,WA 96221 lion �^ 'w into your browser: <br /> ing and warehouse facility The protect elan includes 'COW'. tgs2/us02web: <br /> with tasting room,parking i nprovements to 34th Published To view the live - Zoom,uoN85918981678 <br /> and landscaping. Street. September 2,2020 Meetings/Hearings with- ffi <br /> AA-2032087 out participating: Visit NOTICE OF • Dal into the meeting by <br /> Date of Final Derision: Other Required Project Watch Meetings on the City VIRTUAL/ phone:Dial in the US' <br /> August 27,2020 Pnrmits/Approvala: The of Anacortes website TELEPHONIC o1 253-215-8782,enter <br /> following may be required s Y ri jhttos2/www.anacod :eewa the Meeting ID 859 <br /> Date Notice of Decision in addition to the above: -(•1 g. gov/700/Watch-Me005eel PLANNING 1898 1678 <br /> Issued:August 27,2020 Construction tormwater or tune in to Channel 10. COMMISSION <br /> general permit from WA- PUBLIC HEARING 2.Written comments re- <br /> Decision: Approved, with DOE,construction plan ap- (9J� fp Planning Commission &CITY COUNCIL oeived before 3:00 p.m.on <br /> conditions proud.tight-of-way permit. •4 s-i w,,: Public Hearing CLOSED RECORD the day of the Public Hear- <br /> building permits. 9 _ g will be distributed to <br /> SEPA Threshold Determi• A08.• Wednesday,September 2a, DECISION HEARING the Planning public <br /> sin in <br /> nation:The City of Ana- SEPA Review:The City of - 2020 at 8:00 PM advance of the publi hedr- <br /> cortes issued a Determine- Anacortes has determined Project Name:1015 18th ing.Comments can be sub- <br /> bon of Nonsignificance that this proposal is not NOTICE OF SEPA Attending and Providing Street Parking Lot mined by: <br /> IONS)on August 27,2020 likely to result in any signih- DNS;VIRTUAL/ Comment •al the Planning • Emailing IlbbybeciN- <br /> usingthe optional DNS pro- cant adverse environmental Commission Public Hear- File Number: CUP-2020- ofenacortes.o <br /> a of WAC 197-11-355. pact,and that issuance TELEPHONIC 0001 rq(ncud- <br /> There is no additional tom- of a Determination of Non- PLANNING ice' 'n the subject line Pub <br /> meet period for the DNS significance(DNS)is likely COMMISSION Applicant: Madrona Reel <br /> t. To participate in the tic Comment for Plan- <br /> ring Cpmmissin Meet- <br /> following the comment pe- PUBLIC HEARING Public Hearing: Estate Investments X LLC ing on Pate))or <br /> Appeals: Appeals of the nod tar this notice.The op- &CITY COUNCIL • On the date/time shown • Visit Watch Meetings on <br /> decision or SEPA threshold tonal DNS process of WAC above,click Applicant Contact:James <br /> CLOSED RECORD this link or the City of Anacortes <br /> determination for this pro- 197-11-355 is being used copy/paste this URL Sullivan,1320 E.Pike St., website and click the <br /> Forst must be filed by 5:00 far this proposal and in DECISION HEARING .mo Seattle, WA 98122, Ph: <br /> PM September 10,2020. Nu des the following: /usu2Webrowser: eommment Ink beside <br /> 206-623-7662; lamass8- <br /> Please refer to AMC -This may be your only op- Project Name:The Cross- htoe r /2 b- the agenda item far the <br /> Wont to co merit on trigs Corsages loom us/ii85918981878 public hearing you wish <br /> 19.20.030 and .AMC pn tt' or to comment on. <br /> 19.20.180 for appeal prove- the environmental impacts • Dial into the meeting by P jest Location: 1015 <br /> of the proposal. File Number: LPS-2020- 18th Street (Parcel <br /> dares, phone:Dial in the US: City Council Closed <br /> 0001 #P55168) <br /> Project Contact: LibbyThe proposal may include 1 253eeting 78D2,enter Record Decision Hearing <br /> 1 the Meeting ID 859 <br /> Phone,360)PLanning Meager; applicable <br /> measures under the PO Box <br /> Anacopper LLC, 18901678 Appleoeptteni Type / be. Monday,October 5,2020 <br /> Phone. pppect re codes.process <br /> mayPP.O. <br /> WA 98221 2. Written comments re- Proposes to construct a a <br /> Coy of Anacortes, .O.Box inorpomte or require mitt- ceived before 3:00 p.m. Privets parking lot on a par- An the City Council <br /> 547,Anaeones,WA 98221 gencn measures regardless Applam Contact:Debbie on the day of the Public eel that has 2 different zoo- Meeting: <br /> of whether an EIS is pre- Headrick, PO Box 319, ing designations A portion <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221;Ph: Hewing will be die- of the parking lot will be • Visit Watch Meetings on <br /> Notice: Affected property Pared• tributed to the Planing Pa g the City of Anacortes <br /> owners may mquest a 360-293-7431; debbie0s- Commission in advance within the R4 Zone,and the bsite <br /> change in valuation from A copy of the subsequent f the public hearing. fining portion of the Ihttos//www.ana <br /> the county assessor for threshold detemnination for Comments can be sub- panting Ile will be'e he <br /> pMpeny tsx purposes this proposal,once issued, Project Location: 1905 netted b Commercial zone.A condi- MMesee•eee 700ANatc <br /> notwithstanding any pro- may be obtained upon re- Anacopper Mine Road(Par- Emailin y bbv60ciN- tipnal use permit is required b-Meetinc,$)or tune in <br /> Channel 10. <br /> gram of revaluation. quest, eel#P31752) ofnecortes.orq(include for the portion of the park- pn the Web:Click the <br /> in the subject line Public g lot within the R4 zone. • <br /> A copy of the subsequent Application Type / De- <br /> Comment The parking lot will provide link provided on the <br /> Published threshold determination for ecnption:Cottage housing Comment for Pinning additional off-street parking City website or enter <br /> September 2,2020 his proposal,once issued, site plan and unit lot subdi- Commission Meeting spaces supporting an exist- this URL into your <br /> AA-203193E may be obtained upon re- vision/preliminary long sub- o [date]) r ing commerciN develop- browser: <br /> • Visit Watch Meetings on <br /> quest. division application to di- ant located to the north of httos//us02web.roam.uev <br /> vide 5.2 acres into 21 lots, the City of Anacortes the sea,across 18th Street, 89255646791 <br /> S1 Y 0 Existing Environmental with 18 cottage units and 3 website and click the The protect includes demo- • Via Telephone:Dial in <br /> G Documents:The follorwng standard single family Comment link beside Rion of an existing de- the US: +1 2Meetin- <br /> mental documents homes in the R2 zone-The the agenda item for the tached accessory structure. 8782,enter the Meeting <br /> i' eon roe public hearing you wish 10 892 5564 6791 <br /> valuate the proposed project includes installation paving of approximately <br /> to comment en. square feet,striping <br /> project: nus checklist, f private access road and for 1 <br /> ''� ,s Critical Areas Assessment, driveways, pedestrian for 18 parking stalls and Appeals:There is no local <br /> ."�()v �' Welland Buffer Width Aver- paths,parking,open space, City Council Cored drive aisles.installation f appeal available for Type 4 <br /> aging n analysis,Traffic Ion landscaping,sextension in- Record Decision Hearing2, 02 stormwater facilities,and- Gay Council decisions. <br /> pact Analysis. y eation frastiee.and <br /> extension of a o tee a October 12,2020 soaping, sidewalk,s, and <br /> NOTICE OF documents m y be re- utilities.and construction.of t 6:00 PM paving of the alleys to the Project Contact: Libby <br /> wed at hops:// a Fortin of w public east and south of the Grape. Planning Manager; <br /> APPLICATION coarteswz.ggv/161/Plan- street between Oregon Av- Attending the City Council project site. Phone.(360)661-3505: <br /> WITH OPTIONAL DNS -Community-Econom- enued Meadows Lane, Harting: libbvbf Anacortes, <br /> m pevelopmant by clicking Wetlands and buffers am • Visit Watch Meetings on Environmental Review: City of Aondes, ,P.O.Box <br /> "Notices of Application• present on the site;buffer the City of Anacortes The City of Anacortes de- 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> File Number: PW-2020- and then opening the ap- width averaging and en- website termined the subject pro- <br /> 0017 bar folder. <br /> to project file num- One existing <br /> is proposed. antansyortoe/www•ana- panel Is categorically a Members pf the public who <br /> Der folder. One existing home will be 4oneswa.00v/700NVatc empt from SEPA review,x require special assistance <br /> Project Location: 2109 removed from the site. )1-Meetings)or tune in to participate in or access <br /> 34th St.(Assessor Parcel# Public Comment Period: to Chanel 10. Scuff Report:Tha staff se- the public hearing may con- <br /> P32217) Written comments regard- Environmental Review: • On the Web:Click the port will be available no let- tact the ON Clegt24 hours <br /> ing the proposal must be The City of Anacortes de- Ink provided on the er than 5:00 p.m. on before the meeting to make <br /> Project Name: Samish submitted to the City termined that this proposal City websits or enter September 17, 2020 and special arrangements.Dial <br /> 34th Street Housing project contact below by will not have a probable this URL into your can be viewed at 360-299-1960. <br /> 5:00 PM on September 18 significant adverse impact browser: antes://www.ansconeswa- <br /> wood.ant: Leslie East- 2020, Any person may on the environment.An en- httom.os/i02web- gov/161/Planning-Commu- Published <br /> pod, General Manager, comment on the epplica- on oral impact state- o uN✓89255848791 mty-Econgmic-Develop- September 2.2020 <br /> Samish Indian Nation,P.O. non,receive notice of and ment(EIS) s not 0,030)d • Via Telephone:Dial in merit by clickingr No- AA-2032263 <br /> Box 217, Anacortes, WA under ROW 43.21C.030(2) the US: el 253-215- tines"and then opening the <br /> DID YOU KNOW PARKING OVER TALL, - <br /> • <br /> DRY GRASS CAN SPARK A WILDFIRE? <br /> SPARK A CHANGE, NOT A WILDFIRE. w . <br /> .x <br /> ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT WILDGIBE5 <br /> CrOr n ' .`1S 1 <br /> SMOKEYBEAR.COM pp1WOr.Mor f •r,.ruarr <br />