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Master Land Use Permit Application Page 3 of 4 <br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS & SIGNATURE <br />Read and initial each of the following statements prior to signing this application: <br /> I understand that land use and/or planning permits do not authorize earth disturbing activities, the <br />removal of vegetation, or the construction of buildings. I understand that additional permits will be <br />required after my land use and/or planning permitting process is completed. I understand that no earth <br />disturbing activities (including the removal of vegetation) may take place until after my land use and/or <br />planning process is complete, and only after I have received additional permits such as Fill & Grade, <br />Building Permit, or Right-of-Way permit(s). <br /> I understand that if critical areas (wetlands, streams, steep slopes, etc.) are found on or near my property <br />I am not authorized to impact these areas in any way and will be required to leave an undisturbed buffer <br />area around the critical area, as determined according the City’s critical areas regulations. <br /> I understand that depending on the size and scope of my project, I may be required to provide <br />maintenance and/or performance bonds for items such as landscaping, critical areas, public roads and/or <br />public utilities that I construct or install. <br /> I understand that I am solely responsible for providing complete and accurate information to the City. I <br />understand that if my application is missing information or if inaccurate materials are submitted, my <br />permits will be delayed. I understand that depending on how inaccurate and how incomplete my <br />application is or becomes, the Department may require an entirely new application be submitted. I <br />understand that when and if conditions change from that which my application originally represented, I <br />am responsible for letting the City staff person assigned to my project know. <br /> I understand that I am applying for permits from the City of Anacortes only; and that additional permits <br />from other Federal, State, and Local agencies could be required. I understand that the City of Anacortes <br />cannot advise me of permits that are required from other agencies, and that I must contact these <br />agencies to make sure I comply with their requirements. These agencies include (but are not limited to): <br />Corps of Engineers, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Fish & Wildlife, Department of <br />Ecology, and Northwest Clean Air Agency. <br /> I understand that I will be responsible for paying consultants that the City may deem necessary to review <br />certain aspects of my application. I understand that these consultant reviews could include special <br />inspections, traffic concurrency, critical areas, landscaping, stormwater, etc. <br /> <br /> <br />Signature required on next page.