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AB-Wednesday,August 19,2020 Anacortes American/Legal Notices <br /> Legal <br /> • . . . <br /> EMAIL:CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS,COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 IMAM.NOTICLB 0001 LEOAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> THE SUPERIOR Urban Development(HUD). utility systems,per8dnd ce- • Dial in to the meeting by made,may be appealable <br /> COURT OF Evaluation Criteria,Oual:- The consolidated planning ment concrete sidewalks phone:Dial in the US: pursuant to the procedures <br /> WASHINGTON FOR I:.ation of proposed project process rues as the and re0000k,installation of .1 2 Meets.8782,enter outlined AMC 19.20.030 <br /> KING COUNTY manager:Qualifications/ex-Ability <br /> tramete drkialogue <br /> a ommtmi- appuoher wos, egetalion, the Meeting ID 859 and AMC 19.20.210. <br /> entice of firm:Ability to ty-wide dialogue to identify and other work.Engineer's 18981878 <br /> ESTATE OF nat e schedule; Approach housing and community Estimate Is$39,450.00.A Staff Report:The staff re- <br /> ESTATE TIMOTHY to project;Familiarity with development priaitiea that bid deposit equal 10 5%of 2.Written comments re- port will be available no lat- <br /> WSDOT/FHWA standards; align and focus funding the bid amount Is required. ceived before 3:00 p.m.on er than 5:00 p.m, on <br /> SAMPSON, Past Approach <br /> from the CDBG,The Con- Bid specifications are avail- the day of the Public Hear September 3,2020 and can <br /> Deceased. arises;Approach to meet every led Plan is drafted able free of charge t 'g will be distributed to the be viewed at <br /> the UDBE goal(UDBE Par- every 5 years and includes Wachs. corteswa,gov/Bid- planning Commission in coos/(www ones taswa- <br /> No.20.4-04162-1 SEA tieipation Plan), a yearly Action Plan to pro- s.a.e. advance of the public hear- n v/1610Plannn00eloo- - <br /> vide how CDBG funds will ing.Comments can be sub- Wily-Economic-Develou- <br /> PROBAI'E NOTICE TO The City In accordance with be used to help the City Published milled by: meat by clicking"Other No- <br /> CREDITORS Section 504 of the Rehabili- meet the community Bevel- August 19,2020 • Emailing IibbvbQciN- ficea"and then opening the <br /> tenon Act(Section 504/and opment needs of low-in- AA-2030704 ofanecones,org(nclude appropriate project file <br /> the Americans with Disabil'. me residents as outlined in the subject line Public number(alder(SDP-2020- <br /> ROW 11,10.020;030 ties Act(ADA),commits to in the Consolidated Plan. Comment for Planning 0001), You may also re- <br /> nondiscrimination on the Commission Meeting quest a copy by contacting <br /> SARAH A.SAMPSON,the he.of disability,in all of Due to the urgent needs n(dot P or the project contact listed <br /> ADMINISTRATOR named its returns and activities. arising out of the Cwill sf 9 • Visit Watch Meetings on below, <br /> below has been appointed This material can be made pandemic,the City will alto- the City of Anemones <br /> and has qualified as per- available in an alternate for- c to program income and bshe and lick the Attending and Providing <br /> coral representative of the met by caning 360-861- additional funding to pro- .S Y' Comment link beside Comment at the Public <br /> above estate.parsons hewn 3Jd8. vide emergency relief to alit 'G1 city-- the agenda item for the Beefing <br /> i Mg claims against the de- 'n the prevention of home- <br />, must,prior to the TheCity- accordance with lessnese. pubic hearing you wash <br /> t h lams would he to comment on. i,To participate in the <br /> TitlebeVI of the Civil Rights Public Hearing <br />' barred by any otherwise Act f 1964,78 Stat,252, The City will allocate �,�L - TA or <br /> applicabletslute of l'alto 42 USC 2000d to 2000d 4 $57 890 in CORD funding --Y av -"/," 3.To vlewwil a hvo ertiel- G'ck tits I'nk <br /> lens,present the claim inservices et, paingO lhoet pa Meet- <br /> oy/paste this URL <br /> the manner asprovided in and Title Regulations, <br /> Code of pad- public se a to p -.�('r� ''^ paling:the Witco Meet into year browser: <br /> t rei Ref Trans Depart. prepare for and respond19/2to - ngs on the City of boa- hops://us/85913 <br /> RCW onl1m0 t by personalserving Went of Tffice of the ion Action <br /> The 201 HIt b0 des feowa- 591 69 6167 8 <br /> their claim e the t- Subtitle ,A Office of the amendeAnnual d <br /> include <br /> will be NOTICE OF PLANNING ihttos://www h-MeetinoG or <br /> - <br /> rey of rector ortheotter- ecinatiio inned,Nondis- dmended to iheluro the COMMISSION or tune in to Channeli10. plane:Diala in theg by <br /> nay of record of thee ode mina Pro in a I tit-De- income <br /> of the program or tuna in to Channel 10. phone: in enter <br /> dress stated below and file ,isied ProOmms o1 lha Da- ca no and 'll be avail- VIRTUAL/TELEPHONIC <br /> a executed copy of the pertinent of Fr:mspoiet:on able immediately after the 5 PUBLIC HEARING 1 253e tang IS2, 59 <br /> claimerith the Clerk of this issued pursuant to such day public review period, who4.Membas of the public the Meeting ID 859 <br /> COUR.The claim must be Act,herebythins all skid- HUD Is now allowinge 5 require tpticip special oasis- 18981878 <br /> presented within the later notifies hearing ingalill be held y the acefenc to eapublic e m or Omni e <br /> f:(1)ThiM days after the enss That it will nynnativel t day mnri d I public o Anor will to ringheld by the access the public hearing oeiondten comments re- <br /> of. seised ensure that in pay oentmin m t period n light ao the mneconea Planning er , y contact the City Clerk da before Pubic on <br /> Hear- <br /> er mailed the notice to the entered into pursuant to Wage emergency break. ionon September by er s in hours beforeethe moot- the dill be the Public creditor provided ondor this ged business edinter- <br /> by the CAVID-19 outbreak. mission <br /> et :gg PM by means ing to make al 000- e- tIhe willni distributed to <br /> a4.020r prises as <br /> business 01 a tFr- a the Zoom video confer- r ngemante,Dial 380-299- the Planning the public he I- <br /> wCW oom months °r the(2 Part 2 as defined afforded deCFR The 8 doe comment pain coning web ollocatlgn p- 1960. ing.Coe ofmnt can hear- <br /> doenfour first publi after oprt opport wiy tbeo smitids od for the1 A 020dment in consider the following aN- ing.Comments can be sub- <br /> date o ce. publication claim of in <br /> response <br /> to submit bids August Sn,2020(5 bush plication: Project Contact: agey • E by: <br /> thiso notice.e thew claim is response not this nude- nese d yet 2020 A bush Phone, Planning 0)661 Manager; • Emailing lessc®dN- <br /> I presented rtmi this tint d will be disc:the ss will b,The Amend- Project S Name: Cherry Phone:(city 86eosrlo. then a bject ee Public <br /> Ilene frame,the Opt is for- Mated against on the ant will be available for Court Short Plat R CUP <br /> ever barred,except as oily grounds of race,color,nil- v and imminent dui- Coyyof Ana0ortes,P.O. x in the subject line Public <br /> e provided In ROW Bonet origin,or sex in con- ing <br /> r of Ansrt s, .O.21 Comment for Planning <br /> 11.40.051 and 11.40.060, t this time,It you would File Number: SPL-2020- 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 Commission Meeting <br /> This'car is effective as to srderation fur an award. coo r to provide watt d- 0003 i t W or <br /> claims against both probate Anacones American August n° nil a on the amend- Published 2020 Visit Watch fAc Meetings on <br /> and non-probate as. Sus ant,please send written DevAppelopment <br /> Landed ComGenter August 19,2020 the i of click the <br /> se i2 and Auflus119,2020 comment. to Joann 9 Properties <br /> Inc./Comer 9 website and click the <br /> sets of the decedent AA-2030853 <br /> Stewart et ing be®city- 9 Propartles LLD, e e agenda <br /> to for the <br /> DATE OF FIRST Published between the agenda item for the <br /> PUBLICATION: August 5 August 12&19,2020 August 19 and August 26, Applicant Contact: Anna public hearing you wish <br /> 2i24 AA-2030258 2020, Nelson, 604 E. Fairhaven to comment on. <br /> Ave., Burlington, WA <br /> SARAH A.SAMPSON, - Copies of the draft plan and 98233; Ph: 360-755-9021 3.To view the live Public <br /> ADMINISTRATOR amendments will be avail- Ext.28 Hearing without partict- <br /> able for viewing no later ennattlandedgentry,core rr'Y 6 paling:Met Watch Meet- <br /> V than August 19, 2020. 1 <br /> A rI OHNEI'GF RECORD: 1T p w �/- 1t1 nfls on the City of Ana- <br /> JENSEN S. MAUSETH, Ol v-a'' awed al hops'//www.ena- Protect Lecet'om South of f Has webs.WSBA a4u54a the'mersecnon of Cherry (tilde./Wwwanacorteswe. <br /> MAUSETH LEGAL,PLLC ,a,,. Plans-Reports. Lane and Orchard Ave.(As- m pav/700/Wetof-Mast Was) <br /> 22618 BOTHELI:EVERETT W Lo 1 seseor Parcel a P32077) or tune m to Channel 10. <br /> HWY,SUITED .4,i The city consnrs the v1+ 0%. ��- <br /> BOTHELL, WASHINGTON 'site s'.-T Pews es all citizens,lbpublic Application Type / De- °�__Qo'�.'S' 4.Members of the public <br /> 98021 �.d•(Y - agencies,and other inter- scription:The applicant re- who require special as - <br /> ATTORNEY FOR led groups in preparing quests preliminary short lance to participate in or <br /> PETITIONER The _ the neat Action Plan and subdivision approval, NOTICE OF PLANNING access the public hearing <br /> e Mllovnng is a summary amendments. A summary conditional use permit,and <br /> P:(4251 242-5111/F,(4251 COMMISSION nay contact the City m et- <br /> c(an Ordinance passed by of the co ents/sugges- SEPA review to subdee a 24 hours before the maet- <br /> e42.5114 the Anecortea City Council bens received and'aspens- approximately 3.12 acres in VIRTUAL/TELEPHONIC ing to make special a <br /> JNIAUSETH53MAUSETH on August 10,2020, as ill be listed as an ap- the R1 zone into 6 reejden- PUBLIC HEARING 1 Dial 360-293- <br /> LEGAL,COM pandit,in the final Plats. cal lots and 1 detention r 9 oemen s. <br /> Published ORDINANCE NO,3078 pond tract.A portion of the A o4rtuaVtelephonlc public <br /> /s/:Steven D.Hedlund site Is bisected by the Ace hearing will be held by the Project Contact: Tess <br /> August 5,12,& AN ORDINANCE Steven D.Hoglund, of Hearts Creek,a design Anecortea Planning Com- Cooper.Associate Planner; <br /> 19,2020 ACCEPTING THE City Clerk noted FWHCA.No changes mission on September 9, Phone: (360) 588-8234; <br /> AA-2028707 DONATION OF THE to the area near the creek 2020 at 6:00 PM by means jess0Ncio,ofanacortss.o0: <br /> §-13--20 proposed.The project of the Zoom video confer- City of Anecortes,P.O.Box <br /> MURALS FROM THE Date includes a now public road lancing web Ans./ 547,Anrtes,INA 90221 <br /> City of Anacortes BILL MITCHELL and frontage Improvements onsider the following ep- <br /> REQUEST FOR ESTATE FOR THE Posted on Websile: on Orchard Avenue, plaeeoo: Published <br /> QUALIFICATIONS ANACORTES MURAL August 14,2020 August 19,2020 <br /> RFQ:Consultant for Environmental Review:A Protect Name: Jackson <br /> ( ) PROJECT PUBLISH:August 19,2020 SEPA threshold Determine- Dock AA-2030854 <br /> R Avenue Long-Terns lion of Nonsignifieence <br /> Improvement Project A copy of the complete text Published (DNS)was issued for this File Number: SDP-2020- _ <br /> ilicy <br /> of each ordinance is posted August 19,2020 project on August 19,2020, 0001 <br /> The acceptingis f 0.nacmies't i al the Anecortea City Hall, u der WAC 197-11-340(2), 111104 <br /> ° t �) Anecortea Munici Build- AA-2030694 her u' the O t I Applicant:Tom and W d- ?1. <br /> submittal- f pa sing P tone yn <br /> qualifications by 3:00pre ing.lion Street end O Ay- DNS process In WAC 197- ham Jackson <br /> PST:tat Sep:erebel 3,2020rue.Upon lequesl to the 11-355.There is no further <br /> al Ina office of the j Cloyerk- Chy Clerk's Office (380- comment period on the Applicant Contact: Tom1110, <br /> Treasurer,Municpal Build- 293-1900) .copies well be DNS. Jackson, 416 2nd Street, <br /> ing,P.O.Box 547,904 6th mailed. An0cones,WA 98221,360- <br /> Pnarortas, WA Appeals:The decision on 298-6683; <br /> Stea en D.Hoglund - tmis mpnplicalion, <br /> 53221, ham consulting Y- once join®iaoksonano,com <br /> firms with expertise in Civil C'E Clerk -1.1 p de, 1'be appealable <br /> d Stmotural Engineering '� •5' pursuant to the procedures Protect Location:416 2nd Catch a <br /> Design to provide s Published i outlined in AMC 19.20.030 Street Armories WA <br /> related to the following August 19,2020 and AMC 19.20.2t 0. 98221 (Assessor Patel A bargain <br /> project R Avenue Lang- AA-2030432 'sg'l f9' P32865 and P68457) Cs <br /> Tenn Improvement Project _•t avr mI" Staff Report:The staff re- everyday <br /> s20-127-TRN. Submittals :9 .- port will be available no let- Application Type / De- <br /> will not be a.opted after creel,if .,...: <br /> r than 5:00 pan. on scnptlon:The applicant re- <br /> that time and date. The - September 3,2020 and can quests approval to a in the <br /> °mplete Request far Cual 090 Y O CITY OF ANACORTES be Peered at slruct a floating dock That s <br /> 'cations ncluding all sob G y;k linos/rtvor anacu4eeWa,- enured with four 12-inch classifieds! <br /> com- <br /> mittal requirements can ilia INVITATION TO BID: noW18LPlann no-Cammu- steel pipe piles and <br /> s viewed at wvrw,ana �� Depot Plaza hits-Econom c Develoe- need to the shore ma an <br /> corteswagovBidcaspx. ,P 4r CI,. Re8tY0Onn meat by cl ck ng'Olhnr No- articulated ramp and con- <br /> Cortacl Store Lange 3eo aces'and then opening the crate footing. Dimensions <br /> 299-1903.Project includes `�„� 's°r'', ' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN nPPropriete project file f the dock are 8 feet wide <br /> engineering design for ion- '- -'; that sealed bids will be re- number folder(SPL-2020- by 30 feat,The grated ramp <br /> Sigh end <br /> to R Ave al - ived at the office of the 0003). You may also re- is 3 feet wide by 53 feet <br /> 30th and 34th street inter'- Clerk-Treasurer, Municipal quest a copy by contacting long. <br /> section,and O Ave from Building,P.O.Box 547,904 the project contact fisted O <br /> 30th and 32n streets,with NOTICE OF 6th Street Anecortea,WA below. Environmental Review:A g <br /> an estimatedd two yea AMENDMENT 98221, until 2:30pm local SEPA threshold Determine- <br /> agreement term,Project is OF 2019/2020 time on September 3,2020, Attending and Providing tion of Nonsegnificanco 0 <br /> funded by a HruUS-ST- CDBG at which lime bids will be Comment of the Pub. (DNS)was issued for this <br /> PUS-6mleral 2) grantwill opened end publicly read Hearing project July 15,2020, eD <br /> use federal funds,and as ACTION PLAN for the Depot Plaza Re- under WAC 197.11-340(2), <br /> a 4%UDBE goal.Project stroorn Project 1120-069- 1,To participate In the Pub- offer using the Optional <br /> WIR be held to Federal EEO The Consolidated Plan is P consider <br /> The City will not tic Hearing: DNS process in WAC 197- <br /> requirements.The City re- the planning and police- onsideeer bide received after • Click this link or 11-355.There is no furtherIV <br /> servos the right to retain the on for the Cuy s Comma- that time and date. The copy/paste this URL comment period on the <br /> of the successfule <br /> Oily Development Block project provides for site into your browser: DNS. <br /> Minn) u <br /> for any subsequent Grant(CDBG),a program preparation for installation Mips://us02web: <br /> phases associated with this administered by the 11.5. of a prefabricated comfort tua/1/85918981678 Appeals:The decision on <br /> ' <br /> project. Department of Housing and station, including grading, or this application, once .. _ <br />