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Anacor ties American/legal Notices Wednesday,August 12,2020.Al <br /> L: - . aI Not <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> -alai LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR ever based, 1 t as oth- rii� <br /> COURT OF THE erwise provided in RCW For Project Inf t : <br /> STATE OF 11.40.051 and 11.40.660. Libby Grape, Planning - <br /> WASHINGTON IN This bar is effective as to Manager, (360) 664-3504 - <br /> AND FOR clams against both probate I bbXb®cityolanacortes.or9: <br /> sets and non-probate as- City of Anacone.s Depart- <br /> THE COUNTY OF ,eta of the decedent. mem of Planning,Comm- <br /> KING.JUVENILE Wiry,&Economic Develop- _ <br /> DEPARTMENT DATE OF FIRST meet,P.O,Box 547,Ana- " <br /> PUBLICATION. Anon t 5, tortes,WA98221 <br /> IN RE THE DEPENDENCY OF: 1020 Published <br /> JAYDEN FRANK RIVERS SARAH A.SAMPSON, August 12,2020Ir'` <br /> DOB:6,18/2014 ADMINISTRATOR AA-2030235 • <br /> ATTORNEY OF RECORD: <br /> NO:20-7.00414.4 ANT 2ENSEN S. MAURER-I, <br /> WSBA d45546 <br /> NOTICE OF HEARING NIA.USETH LEGAL,PLLC <br /> 22618 BOTHELL-EVERETT <br /> TO: Shelby BabblmAnn HW'Y,SUITE D - <br /> Rivers a/klo Shelby Bob- BOTHELL. WASHINGTON • <br /> • <br /> bid W very,Mother 48021 ' <br /> and Tylon or Leroy Moss,Fa- ATTORNEY FOR <br /> their,and/a anyone claim- PETITIONER <br /> Mg parontalpaternal rights p:(425)242.5111/F:(425) e <br /> r interest in the child URA 242-5114 City of Anacortes - <br /> to All Whom It May Con- JMAUSETHSMAUSETH REQUEST FOR <br /> tern. I FOAL COM QUALIFICATIONS <br /> On February 14.2020, a Published (RFQ):Consultant for <br /> portion for Termination was August 5,12,& R Avenue Long-Term <br /> titled In Ilia above entitled 19 2920 Improvement Project <br /> Court, pursuant to RCW <br /> 13.34.080 nncVor RCW AA-2°287" The City of Anacortes(City) <br /> 26.33.310 regarding the is accepting submittals of <br /> abovenamed child. qualificationsnSet by 3,2020 Don't <br /> [FOR FURTHER. PST September 3,20rn <br /> INFORMATION, at the office of the Gerl<- Wait. <br /> CALL 253.372-5736, Treasurer,Municipal Build- <br /> 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) ing,P.O.Box 547,904 6th <br /> Said Petition will be heard Street, Anacorros, WA <br /> `n Aunust 2-I 2020-at the 98221, tram suiting <br /> hour of 8:15 Re- firms with expertise in Civil <br /> and Structural Engineering <br /> gicnn Justice Center services'�, .c Design to provide <br /> Courthouse,veNorth,Rm i I. WA {J '� related tit iha icllLong- <br /> 00 2vepe cerl this - project: R Avenue Long- <br /> 032 Appearance t this ' Tenn Improvement Project <br /> hearing is required and may 'Jo Vj. 420:127 TRN Submittals <br /> by n person m by talc `�+ uT,` ill not he accepted after Communicate■ <br /> phone.Parties i +} R will <br /> time The <br /> by telephone by calling C`�R' complete Request for Qual- <br /> 200-263-8114 and - ilicali ns.including all sub- <br /> the fallowing PIN number to millet requirements can be <br /> laic the call:for Kant oases NOTICE OF viewed at na- <br /> 30269394.before a judge APPLICATION <br /> i of the above etc ilea court, Contact:Steve Lange 380- <br /> at which Eme you are d- Notice is hereby given 2991983,Project includes <br /> mctad m appear and ar- that an application was engineering design for rm- t <br /> ewer the as d petition or the made for the following provements to R Ave at - <br /> pelitonwin be granted and proa I: 30th and 34th street inter- i.,' <br /> action will be taken by the section,and 0.Ave from <br /> coist such as shall appear File Number: HMO-2020- 30th and 32nd streets,'width <br /> to be for the welfare of the 0002 an estimated two - i <br /> said child. agreement term Project yis <br /> ear <br /> Dated Juiy 17,2020. Applicant:Robert K,Grant. funded by HIPUS-STI- <br /> LMT,RCTMB PUSfedera002) grant, II <br /> BARBARA MINER <br /> sa federal hinds,end has <br /> KING COUNTY Date f Application:July a 4%UDBE goal.Project <br /> SUPERIOR COURT CLERK 2e,2020 will •via held to Federal EEO -,2�t,. <br /> reequirements.The Cry re- <br /> BY APAD,Deputy Clerk Data of Completeness. es the right h to retain the s - ~�- <br /> August 7,z020 services <br /> (s)for any subsequent .-.-- <br /> Published Project Location:1104 4th Phases associated with this " <br /> July29.and SP.Anacortes,Washington project <br /> August 5 8,12,2020 98221(P55352) <br /> AA-2027791 Evaluation Criteria.Qua. <br /> Regnant Home Occc pa f cation of proposed project <br /> ton Permit to conduct a manager:Ouafr t /x- 4,,,� -s.,.:, <br /> private passage therapy per/roe of firm:Ability to ,ti.7 <br /> prectce within existing meet schedule Appaech I <br /> single-family residence.The to Prole.Famlarty with <br /> home business will be so- WSDOT/FHWA standards; <br /> pry to the continued Past Performance/Refer ��t* t . If/ <br /> esideni al use of the build- nces;Approach to meet s, • <br /> THE SUPERIOR ing.The property is located the UDBE goal(UDBE Par- . <br /> COURT OF n the Central Business Ds t etPat on Plan). J <br /> WASHINGTON FOR tort(C0D1 Zone. The Cit <br /> y in accordance with <br /> KING COUNTY Other permits required: Section 504 of the Rehabili- <br /> None known.The develop- lotion Act(Section 504)and <br /> ESTATE OF irmg regulations contained the Americans with Disabili- <br /> MARCUS TIMOTHY el AMC 19,47A40, Home ties Act(ADA),commas to rff, <br /> SAMPSON, Occupations will be used nondiscrimination on <br /> the <br /> or project mitigation end basis of disability,in all of <br /> Deceased. consistency. its programs and activities. <br /> This material can be made <br /> No.20-t-0418T-1 SEA Environmental docu- available in an alternate tor- <br /> ments:None. mat by calling 360-661- <br /> PROBATE NOTICE TO 3468. <br /> CREDITORS Public Hearing:None re- <br /> quired. City A home occupationn The accordance with <br /> Rights <br /> RCW 11..10,020;0130 permit s t is a Type 2 Adminis- Act of loft,78 Slat.the Civil ei ghts <br /> trative Decision. 42 USC 2000d to 2000d-4 <br /> 52, <br /> SARAH A SAMPSON.ORa the and Title 49,Code of Fed- <br /> belowb roe boon named Pablo Commntt Period: <br /> and. has been appointed Written comments must be oral Regulations, Depart- <br /> and r piece tad as pare personas tothe contact U t of Tffice the <br /> s Mal representation of the person listed below by Subtitle A, Office of the Make <br /> emergency <br /> p <br /> above estate.Persons lido- PM a 1 Aooyoet 28 202U Secretary,Parted•Nondis- Make your emergency <br /> Ina claims against She de- cnmi Pion in Federally-De- <br /> satl must,prior to the .Any person may comment sistedaPrograms of the De- <br /> dpp such claims would be on the application,retain issued t of Transportation plan today. <br /> barred by any off limit <br /> e notice of and participate in issued pursuant to such <br /> lie.. be statute claim 1 m l I cop of the deci ion,on a del hhat it not f es all bid <br /> Hens. n a the d in copy of the decision,once ensure <br /> a that in affirmatively <br /> contraac` <br /> the manner1.40 as provided in redo. enteed into pursuant <br /> any contract <br /> to Visit <br /> RCW 11re. by eerving purl,d r <br /> reps claim en the personal Document u Availability:may this advgad business <br /> denter- <br /> nay oantatior or the allw- Application reviewed <br /> documents may vantaprises as a Wed at entFR <br /> my o ed b at the ad- be reviewed at P0,2 2 as defined la de CFR <br /> dross stated bcy and the siov/1 W.8nro.Commu- Part 2rt will beto submit <br /> idll <br /> act 1 copy of the cyvii Oi7Plann nq-C mmu- in response <br /> to subm¢vile- <br /> c executed <br /> with the Clerk of this 11iov-)ns;.yUi li c-Develop_ ^r e to this invite- <br /> clamCoutThe clam ust be nest by clicking Notices lion a-moand illnot hedscnm- <br /> presented wthn the later of Application" and then Mated against on the <br /> ci•0)Thirty days after the opening the appropriate grounds of race,color, <br /> ADMINISTRATOR d project file number folder. tonal origin,orsex n eon- <br /> Pr moiled the t to the sideration for an award <br /> creditor as provided under Appeals Any party wnh iiyf""`� <br /> ROW 11AU 020(3) (2) standing may appeal the Anacortes American August A • 4I <br /> within four months after the decision on- made,within 12 a rid August 19,2020 } Ready s'i <br /> date of first publication of 14 calendar days after writ- Cuuta t'lrMA <br /> this notice.If the claim is ten notice of the decision is Published <br /> not presented within this nailed,per the provisions August 12&19,2020 <br /> time frame,the clean is for- in AMC 19.20.180,ANpeafs. AA-2030258 <br />