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<br />NOTICE OF APPLICATION <br />With OPTIONAL DNS <br />File Number: PLN-2020-0017 <br />Project Location: 2109 34th St. (Assessor Parcel # P32217) <br />Project Name: Samish 34th Street Housing <br />Applicant: Leslie Eastwood, General Manager, Samish Indian Nation, P.O. Box 217, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Contact Person: Ryan Walters, Director of Planning and Community Development, Samish Indian Nation, 360- <br />293-6404; <br />Date of Application: August 10, 2020 <br />Date of Complete Application: August 28, 2020 <br />Date of Notice of Application: September 2, 2020 <br />Application Type / Description: The applicant requests Type 2 Site Plan Review and approval for a cottage <br />housing development consisting of 14 cottages, a community building with a 2nd floor apartment for an on-site <br />manager, new multi-modal shared access drive and alleys, site utilities, stormwater management facilities, open <br />space, and landscaping. Buffer width averaging is proposed for a Category IV wetland located near the south end <br />of the property. The project also includes improvements to 34th Street. <br />Other Required Project Permits/Approvals: The following may be required in addition to the above: <br />Construction stormwater general permit from WADOE, construction plan approval, right-of-way permit, building <br />permits. <br />SEPA Review: The City of Anacortes has determined that this proposal is not likely to result in any significant <br />adverse environmental impact, and that issuance of a Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) is likely following the <br />comment period for this notice. The optional DNS process of WAC 197-11-355 is being used for this proposal and <br />includes the following: <br /> This may be your only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of the proposal. <br /> The proposal may include mitigation measures under applicable codes, and the project review process may <br />incorporate or require mitigation measures regardless of whether an EIS is prepared. <br />A copy of the subsequent threshold determination for this proposal, once issued, may be obtained upon request. <br />Existing Environmental Documents: The following environmental documents evaluate the proposed project: <br />SEPA checklist, Critical Areas Assessment, Wetland Buffer Width Averaging analysis, Traffic Impact Analysis. <br />Application documents may be reviewed at <br />Development by clicking “Notices of Application” and then opening the appropriate project file number folder. <br />Public Comment Period: Written comments regarding the proposal must be submitted to the City project <br />contact below by 5:00 PM on September 16, 2020. Any person may comment on the application, receive notice of <br />and participate in any hearings, and request a copy of the decision, once made. <br />Public Hearing: A public hearing is not required for this proposal. <br />Preliminary Determination of Consistency: At a minimum, this project will be subject to the following plans and <br />regulations: Anacortes Municipal Code Title 18 Environmental Protection, Title 19 Unified Development Code <br />Municipal Code, and the Anacortes Engineering Design Standards. <br />A decision on this application will be made within 120 days from the date of complete application. <br />Appeals: Please refer to AMC 19.20.030 and AMC 19.20.210 for appeal procedures. <br />Project Contact: Libby Grage, Planning Manager; Phone: (360) 299-1986;; City of <br />Anacortes, P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221