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State of Washington, King County <br /> Department of Transportation, <br /> City of Anacortes Subtitle A,Office of the Secretary, <br /> Part 21, Nondiscrimination in <br /> R Avenue Long- Federally-Assisted Programs of <br /> the Department of Transportation <br /> Term Improvement <br /> issued pursuant to such Act,here- <br /> Submittal Date:September 3 by notifies all bidders that it will <br /> of affirmatively ensure that in any <br /> City <br /> Anacortes contract entered into pursuant to <br /> REQUESTFOR this advertisement,disadvantaged <br /> QUALIFICATIONS(RFQ): business enterprises as defined at <br /> Consultant for R Avenue Long- 49 CFR Part 26 will be afforded <br /> Term Improvement Project full opportunity to submit bids <br /> The City of Anacortes(City)is in response to this invitation and <br /> accepting submittals of qualifica- will not be discriminated against <br /> tions by 3:00pm PST on September on the grounds of race, color, <br /> 3,2020 at the office of the Clerk- national origin,or sex in consid- <br /> Treasurer, Municipal Building, eration for an award. <br /> P.O. Box 547, 904 6th Street, Dates of publication in <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221, from con- the Seattle Daily Journal of <br /> suiting firms with expertise in Commerce, August 12 and 19, <br /> Civil and Structural Engineering 2020. <br /> Design to provide services related 8/19(387186) <br /> to the following project:R Avenue <br /> Long-Term Improvement Project <br /> #20-127-TRN. Submittals will <br /> not be accepted after that time <br /> and date. The complete Request <br /> for Qualifications, including all <br /> submittal requirements can be <br /> viewed at <br /> Bids.aspx. Contact: Steve Lange <br /> 360-299-1983. Project includes <br /> engineering design for improve- <br /> ments to R Ave at 30th and 34th <br /> street intersection, and Q Ave <br /> from 30th and 32nd streets,with <br /> an estimated two year agree- <br /> ment term.Project is funded by a <br /> HIPUS-STPUS-6239(002)grant, <br /> will use federal funds, and has <br /> a 4% UDBE goal. Project will <br /> be held to Federal EEO require- <br /> ments.The City reserves the right <br /> to retain the services of the suc- <br /> cessful firm(s)for any subsequent <br /> phases associated with this proj- <br /> ect. <br /> Evaluation Criteria. Qualif- <br /> ication of proposed project man- <br /> ager; Qualifications/expertise of <br /> firm; Ability to meet schedule; <br /> Approach to project; Familiarity <br /> with WSDOT/FHWA standards; <br /> Past Performance/References; <br /> Approach to meet the UDBE goal <br /> (UDBE Participation Plan). <br /> The City in accordance with <br /> Section 504 of the Rehabilitation <br /> Act (Section 504) and the <br /> Americans with Disabilities Act <br /> (ADA), commits to nondiscrimi- <br /> nation on the basis of disability, <br /> in all of its programs and activi- <br /> ties. This material can be made <br /> available in an alternate format <br /> by calling 360-661-3468. <br /> The City in accordance with <br /> Title VI of the Civil Rights Act <br /> of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 USC <br /> 2000d to 2000d-4 and Title 49, <br /> Code of Federal Regulations, <br />