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DocuSign Envelope ID:A5B01 DC9-937B-4669-9DFF-DFC8ECF757C9 <br /> Ordinance No. 3070 <br /> An Ordinance of the City of Anacortes Accepting the donation of the murals from <br /> the Bill Mitchell Estate for the Anacortes Mural Project. <br /> WHEREAS,the City of Anacortes ("City") may accept donations pursuant to Section <br /> 35.21.100 of the Revised Code of Washington and Section 3.10.010 of the Anacortes <br /> Municipal Code; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City wishes to honor the legacy of Bill Mitchell and the Anacortes Mural <br /> Project and the lasting and authentic impact it has had on the Anacortes community and <br /> visitors; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City has been offered ownership of approximately 140 murals painted by <br /> the late Bill Mitchell, an Anacortes public artist and public historian, offered by the Estate of <br /> Bill Mitchell,whose executors are Mark Mitchell and Diele Harrold; and <br /> WHEREAS,because of the large number of murals, significant duration of Mr. Mitchell's <br /> career painting and placing murals around the City, and variety of mural locations, the <br /> ownership status of some of the murals has yet to be determined,but the Estate of Bill <br /> Mitchell desires to transfer whatever ownership interest it holds in the murals,with the <br /> intention that the City will investigate and resolve questions as to title of each mural in the <br /> collection; and <br /> WHEREAS,the Anacortes Museum and the Anacortes Museum Foundation have been <br /> raising funds for maintenance, restoration, interpretation, education, and promotion of the <br /> Anacortes Mural Project, with the intention to work collaboratively to support the <br /> Museum's management of the collection; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City will enter into Mural Placement Agreements with owners of structures <br /> to which murals are currently attached in order to establish ownership of the murals; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City will use reasonable care to maintain the murals in their current <br /> locations, or new locations when necessary, safely displaying and storing them on Fidalgo <br /> or Guemes islands; and <br /> WHEREAS, upon execution of each individual mural's placement agreement,the mural will <br /> be accessioned into the Anacortes Museum Collection. <br /> Now, therefore, the City Council of the City of Anacortes does ordain as follows: <br /> Section 1. Donation Accepted. The City hereby accepts the donation by Mark Mitchell and <br /> Diele Harrold, as Executors of the Estate of Bill Mitchell, and assumes full <br /> ownership of all murals currently owned by the Estate and nonexclusive <br /> Ordinance 3070 1 <br />