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DocuSign Envelope ID:7CF1185C-7BDB-451E-A475-A25CF7CE735B <br /> —11.- WASHINGTON STATE <br /> 11, Recreation and <br /> Conservation Office <br /> Applicant Resolution/Authorization <br /> Organization Name(sponsor) City of Anacortes <br /> Resolution No.or Document Name 2095 <br /> Project(s) Number(s),and Name(s) Thompson Trail Trestle Planning Grant <br /> This resolution/authorization authorizes the person(s) identified below(in Section 2)to act as the authorized <br /> representative/agent on behalf of our organization and to legally bind our organization with respect to the <br /> above Project(s)for which we seek grant funding assistance managed through the Recreation and Conservation <br /> Office(Office). <br /> WHEREAS,grant assistance is requested by our organization to aid in financing the cost of the Project(s) <br /> referenced above; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that: <br /> 1. Our organization has applied for or intends to apply for funding assistance managed by the Office for <br /> the above"Project(s)." <br /> 2. Our organization authorizes the following persons or persons holding specified titles/positions(and <br /> subsequent holders of those titles/positions)to execute the following documents binding our <br /> organization on the above projects: <br /> Grant Document Name of Signatory or Title of Person Authorized to Sign <br /> Grant application (submission thereof) Laurie Gere,Mayor,City of Anacortes <br /> Project contact(day-to-day Jonn Lunsford,Director,Anacortes Parks and Recreation <br /> administering of the grant and <br /> communicating with the RCO) <br /> RCO Grant Agreement(Agreement) 20-1605(application number) <br /> Agreement amendments <br /> Authorizing property and real estate Project includes multiple parcels with various titling documents evidencing <br /> documents(Notice of Grant, Deed of City ownership. <br /> Right or Assignment of Rights if <br /> applicable).These are items that are <br /> typical recorded on the property with <br /> the county. <br /> The above persons are considered an"authorized representative(s)/agent(s)"for purposes of the documents <br /> indicated.Our organization shall comply with a request from the RCO to provide documentation of persons <br /> who may be authorized to execute documents related to the grant. <br />