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City of Anacortes <br />904 6th Street <br />P,0.Box 547 <br />Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br />(360) 293-1901 <br />Job Address: 2601 17TH ST <br />�lils�ii7;�� �� � • :3►1r�iQi;K3��7 <br />APN: P57853 <br />Remarks: INTERIOR REMODEL IN KITCHEN AND BATH. <br />Invoice/Permit #: BLD-2020-0147 <br />Applied date <br />Issue date <br />Expire date <br />03/12/2020 <br />03/24/2020 <br />09/20/2021 <br />Permit Type: Single Family Alteration/Repair Permit <br />Project: <br />Owner: ANN AVARY Contractor: BIGFOOT BUILDERS LLC <br />Address: 2601 17TH ST Address: 5882 BOW ST <br />ANACORTES WA 98221-1329 BOW WA 98232 <br />Phone: (360) 301-912 Phone: (360) 298-1708 <br />License #: <br />General Information: Fees: <br />Use Zone R2A Building Permit Fee 624.05 <br />Building Valuation 48000 Plan Review Fee 405.63 <br />Lot Area 7500 State Building Code Fee Resi 6.50 <br />Stove, Appliance 1 Plumbing Permit Fee 83.00 <br /># of Tubs, bath 1 Total Calculated: 17119.18 <br /># of Dishwashers 1 # of Other Fixtures 1 Deposits/Receipts: 405.63 <br /># of Kitchen Sinks 1 Total Due: 713.55 <br /># of utility Sinks 1 <br /># of Hand Sinks 1 <br /># of Water Closets (Toilets) 1 <br /># of Water Piping 2 <br />THIS PERMIT BECOMES NULL AND VOID IF WORK OR CONSTRUCTION AUTHORIZED IS NOT COMMENCED WITHIN 180 DAYS, OR IF <br />CONSTRUCTION OR WORK IS SUSPENDED OR ABANDONED FOR A PERIOD OF 180 DAYS AT ANY TIME AFTER WORK IS COMMENCED. I <br />HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND EXAMINED THIS APPLICATION AND KNOW THE SAME TO BE TRUE AND CORRECT. ALL PROVISIONS <br />OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES GOVERNING THIS TYPE OF WORK WILL BE COMPLIED WITH WHETHER SPECIFIED HEREIN OR NOT, THE <br />GRANTING OF A PERMIT DOES NOT PRESUME TO GIVE AUTHORITY TO VIOLATE OR CANCEL THE.P VISIONS OF ANY OTHER STATE OR <br />LOCAL LAW REGULATING CONSTRUCTION OR THE PERFORMANCE OF CONSTRUCTION. / i <br />SIGNATURE OF OWNER OR AUTHORIZED AGENT <br />