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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wed nesday.luly 1.2020•A9 <br /> Legal <br /> .. <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LE/SAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR 9n9 Se.anth Slrael dune 17,2020 lour months after the dale 20•19/2020 BIENNIUM" this Notre.If lha claim is <br /> COUNT OF THE .Anacortes,WA 98221 of brat publication of the not presented widen This <br /> STATE OF Tnleohnne:380-003-3600 Personal Representative: notice,If the claim is not A of oy of the dpotofole foal time frame.the cleim is for- <br /> WASHINGTON Sylvia Rubio presented rith.this time of ew.,,,,sine,,,,s Posted eed.•t:Mtasrah- <br /> Published frame thelaffix.o far.. the Anaeonee Gw:,an. 5011xe„fixes i <br /> FOR June 17,24& Attorneys for Ins Personal barred.except as otherwise qm,,edex rreet anal guild- ,i?0;15t and i t p0.Im0. <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY July 1 2020 Hepr semaeve: Nan H. provided m ROW 11.40,051 ing,6th Street and O As. This o is effective as to <br /> AA 2079256 Souders,WSBA a26192 and 60,This bar is anus.upon request to the claims a against both the <br /> Estate of: effective as to deims City Clerk's Office (350- decedent's probate and <br /> SUPERIOR COURT Address for Mailing or Soo against both the decedents' 20-1900) copies will be non-probate assets. <br /> PETER S.WITHEFORD OF THE STATE OF vita: Souders Law Group, probate and non-probate malted, <br /> WASHINGTON, 913 Seventh Street, assets. Dote of First Publication: <br /> NO.20-4-00209-29 Anemones,WA.98221 Stevan D.Hoglund July 1,2020 <br /> PROBATE NOTICE SKAGIT COUNTY Date of First Publication: City Gerk <br /> TO CREDITORS Court of Probate Proceed- June 24,2020 Personal Representative: <br /> In the(tatter of the Estate ings and Cause number: Published Phillip Boyd <br /> PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Skagit County Superior Personal Representative: <br /> of Court Cones Number 20-4• Jennifer Louise King July 1,2020 Attorneys for the Personal <br /> The individual named below Gocurro W,mer H.,,,..„ 00130.29 AA-2022106 Representative: Alan R. <br /> has been appointed as Per- Published Address for Mailing or Ser. Souders. WSBA a26182. <br /> anal Representative of this Deceased. J 17&24 209 Swinor,ish Dr.. Michelle N.Mance,WOOS <br /> eJune:ate.My parson having a and July 1,2020 vice: <br /> La Conner,WA 98257 SUPERIOR COURT a49631 <br /> claim against the Decedent NO.20-4-00130-29 AA_ZO,y B]']g OF THE STATE OF <br /> use,before the time theAttorney for Personal Rep- WASHINGTON, ]address for Mailing or Ser- <br /> clam would be barred y resenlatrve: vice:Souders Lax Group. <br /> any otherwise applicable <br /> PROBATE NOTICE IN THE SUPERIOR Aaron M.Rasmussen, SKAGIT COUNTY 93&germ Street, <br /> statute of limitations. <br /> TO CREDITORS COURT OF THE WSBA a29496,Barron Anacortes,WA,98221 <br /> present the claim in the STATE OF Smith Daugen,PLLC, In the Matter of the Estate <br /> in RCW RCW 11.40.030 300 N.Commercial Street, Court of Probate Proceed- <br /> s providedWASHINGTON FOR <br /> 11.40.070 by serving on or The Personal P.n resents- SKAGIT COUNTY Bellingham,WA 98225; of 'ngs and Cause number: <br /> mailing the claim to the Ad- P Phone: 360-733-0212 Skagit County Superior <br /> mstrator or the Adminir- five named below has been Kathryn Ann Boyd, Court Cause Number <br /> l otor's aIt they at the ad- appointed as Personal Rep- In the Matter of the Estate Published 20-4-00161-29, <br /> dress stated below,and fG- rasantative I this estate, of Roger David King and June 24 and Deceased. <br /> ing the original of the claim Any person having a claim Eileen Rae King,husband Published <br /> With the Court identified agranst the decedent must, and wife, July 1&8,2020 NO.20-4-00161-29 <br /> herein.The claim must be poor to the time the claim Deceased, AA-2020695 July 1,8&15,2020 <br /> presented 'thin the later would be bared by any PROBATE NOTICE AA-2022547 <br /> of:(1j thirty days aver se, otherwise applicable Cause No.20-4-00226-29 ' - TO CREDITORS <br /> statute df iimBin Si '1 <br /> vide or mailing this Notice 1 0 <br /> as provided in RCM present the clam in the PROBATE NOTICE V 1fy RC4V 11.40.030 <br /> 11.40.020)3): or (2) four manner provided m ROW TO CREDITORS , <br /> c1 publication <br /> after the date of 11.40.070 by serving on or (ROW 11.40.030) • .eats The Personal Repas boo- City of Anacortes <br /> list publication of this no- ailing the claim to the '',7 r;pay.� 4tO live named below has been CALL FOR BIDS: <br /> the Balm in not pre- Personal Representative or The personal representative s;, 4,.' appointed as Personal Rep- TREATMENT PLANT <br /> then Personal R sane- named below has been a resentetivn of this estate. <br /> . - __. fmHe N. .in line in n erne Apra. d- tads P ''I 'tr .o i CHEMICALS <br /> aL'r,.Trey Iha a Puin s parsanre,e Any fl .. Any era caving a cla' <br /> barred.a _s dhener"' dress stated below,and fit- sanative of this estate.Arty against the decedent must, <br /> " I I I i 11. tiffie <br /> l aO oeO TM lea I a J. _C r d IJ l either tl - The following Iss-a 9Ufn- would b ad hLy y NO'iL`E MJ 4EHhBv 0lvtN <br /> '' 105 for,..Sin s a 1 h.eai. Ina clam must..a dents matt before f-a time Mary 0f an Ordinance dulale se I p'.abla mot dT nr bids will ha To- <br /> - 9a"'s presented thin Inclater the obey would be barredstatute of GineMions, carved at she the <br /> Loin the Decedent's pro- Presan a passed by the Ma- Clerk-Treasurer, Municipal <br /> f;(1)thirty days after the by any otherwise applicable Conies C' Council on Present the claim in the <br />• <br /> Cate and"on-probate as- of; <br /> Representative statute of limitations; manner provided in RCW Building,P.O.Box 547,90e <br /> • June 22,2020, 601 Street.Anacortes,WA <br /> .. `s's' served or mailed the notice present the delm is the 11.40.070 by serving on or <br /> Date of Firm Publication: to the creditor as provided manner provided In mailing the clean to the '0ieed until 3'DO P.M., <br /> June / be <br /> ,202U under ROW 1 after;or RCW 11.40.070 by senang ORDINANCE N0.3072 personal Representative or chide time <br /> July ids14, <br /> (2)four months the or mailing to the person- AN ORDINANCE the Personal Represents- open lima bids will ed <br /> to of first publication of al representative or the pen AMENDING rives enomey et the ed- opened end publicly reed <br /> Faith McKean, this hlo9ce.If the claim is sonal tel at- dress slated below,and fa- for water d waetewalei <br /> - - Peroon 1 a time representative's ORDINANCE N0.3032 <br /> enmsnnre not presented 'thin this tomey at the address stet- ADOPTED ON DE- ing the anginal of the claim treatment chemicak as lisl- <br /> Attorna for time frame,the claim is for- ed below copy of the with the Court identified d in the all for &ds: <br /> y aver bared,except as oily claim and filing the original CEMBER 3,2018, herein.The claim must be Treatment Plant Chemicals <br /> Personal W. <br /> Weddle, <br /> erwise provided in ROW of the claim with the court. ENTITLED"AN presented within the later 2020-2021 document.Rid <br /> Dewey W.Weddle,WSBA Presen specifications are available <br /> a29157 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. The claim must be present- ORDINANCE of:(11 thirty days after the free of charge et ww_ena- <br /> This bar is effective as to ed within the later ol:D) ADOPTING THE Personal Representative cod of th.vferds Sag,. <br /> Address for Mailing or claims against bclh the thirty days elan the parson- BUDGET FOR ALL served or mailed the notice <br /> decedent's probate and al representative served or to the creditor as provided Published <br /> Service of Claims: MUNICIPAL <br />' LAW OFFICE OF non-probate assets, mailed the notice to the u der RCW 11.40.020;or <br /> Oar:Fv V.'.•isr0i i F p:rC _ editor as provided under PURPOSES AND four months after Iha July 1,2020 <br /> _. .s_-_. .rublicsece: ROW/ n da:10.020i3): cr :2) USES FOR THE date c....=psblicaticn of AA-r w23130 <br /> irr <br /> fly <br /> • T <br /> _. cent; ... ._.. , <br /> . 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