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SKAGITPUBLISHING <br /> 1215 Anderson Road • Mount Vernon •WA• 98274 •t: 360.424.3251 • f: 360.424.5300 <br /> Heather Hernandez, Publisher <br /> Affidavit of Publication in the matter of AA-2023130 <br /> In the Superior Court of the State of <br /> Washington In and For Skagit County <br /> STATE OF WASHINGTON <br /> County of Skagit ss <br /> The undersigned, being first duly sworn on oath deposes that he/she is principal clerk of the <br /> Anacories American;a weekly newspaper_That said newspaper has been approved as a legal <br /> newspaper by the Superior Court of Skagit County and is now and has been for more than six <br /> months prior to the publication hereinafter referred to, published in the English language <br /> continually as a weekly newspaper in Skagit County, Washington, and it is now and during all of <br /> said time was printed at an office maintained at the aforesaid place of publication of said <br /> newspaper. <br /> That the annexed is a true copy of an advertisement, with publication dates, as it was published <br /> in regular issues (and not in supplemental form) of said newspaper commencing with the issue <br /> of July 1, 2020 and ending with the issue of July 1, 2020. <br /> That uch_newspaper.yeas-regularly distributed_to its subscribers during__a!l of_sa id period and be_- ---- <br /> to r 3f the fee'charged=for the foregoing is the sum of$33.12. :-b . J =`' <br /> a- i.-- L <br /> Clerk Subscribed and sworn to before me this <br /> 1st day of July, 2020 <br /> Notary Public and for the State of Washington <br /> Date: July 1, 2020 Clerk's filing stamp <br /> APp,NN /4 <br /> `ro�"\SSION F,i o�9O9< <br /> Q <br /> NOTARY N <br /> N PUBLIC <br /> 'y 08-01-2020 p) <br /> \o WASN\� <br />