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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesdey.luly I,2020-A9 <br /> Legal <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 'LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 --LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> IN THESUPERIOR -909-Seventh Sheet - -- --June 17.2020 four months after the date 2019/2O20BIENNIUM" this Notice.II the claim w <br /> COURT OF rHE Aeacortes.WA 96221 of first publication of hie not presented within rive <br /> ... .. ...... - STATE OF Telephone:360,293-3600 Personal Representative; notice,If-the clam is not A copy of the complete tout time frame,the olaire is tor- <br /> WASHINGTON Sylvia Rabic xesented 1,IAhic thi1ertnt sac «,,inane is pee, red,except.. ,-,::, <br />• Published frame a at fha Anacorax.:Sty Hall, ens•sea faowded Imo-RCW <br /> OR June 17,24& Attptoeya for the Personal hewed except as otherwise Anacortes rest epal-Suild- t1..anher and II en,(o,to <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY July 1 2020 Represereative: Alan R, provided in ROW 11 40.051 ing,6th Street end O As. Tr bar s efledive as to <br /> AA 2019256 Souders,WSSA a26192 d 11.40.060.This bar ie ewe,Upon request to the teams against both the <br /> Estate of: effective as to claims City Clerk's Office (360. decedent's probate and <br /> SUPERIOR COURT Address for Mailing or See against both the decedents' 293.1900) copies will be nomprobate assets. <br /> PETER S.WRHEFORD OF THE STATE OF vita: Souders Law Group, probate and non•probate mailed.oiled. <br /> WASHINGTON, 913 Seventh Sheet, assets. Date of First Publication: <br /> NO.20-4-00209-2 Anacortes,WA.98221 Steven D.Hoglund July 1.2020 <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY °g vs <br /> PROBATE NOTICEO Date of First Publication: City Clerk <br /> TO CREDITORS Court dcruseProbate mbar:Proceed- June 2a,2020 Personal Representative: <br /> In the Matter of the Estate gs and Cause number: Published Phillip Boyd <br /> PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Skagit County Superior Personal Representative: <br /> of Court Cause Number 20.4- Jennifer Louise King July 1,2020 Attorneys for the Pomo.' <br /> The individual named below fiocorm Wirner Haynes, 00130-29 AA-2022108 Representative: Alan R. <br /> has been appointed as Per- Published Address for Mailing or Ser. Souders. WSBA 426192. <br /> oral Representative M this June 17&24 'sloe' 209 Swinomish Dr.. Michelle N.Mance.WSBA <br /> :ale.Any person having a Deceased. La Conner,WA 98257 SUPERIOR COURT e49631 <br /> ° and July 1,2020 <br /> claim against the Decedent OF THE STATE OF <br /> NO.2 0-4-0 01 30-29 AA-2019778 WASWINGTON, <br /> Set- <br /> must,before the time tie Attorney for Personal Rep- Address for Mailing o�Ser- <br /> clam would be barred by resentative: vice:Souders Law Group. <br /> otherwise applicable PROBATE NOTICE IN THE SUPERIOR Aaron M.aasmnssen. SKAGIT COUNTY 9,3 seventh Street, <br /> statute of limitations, 10 CHEUI IONS COURT OF THE WSBA X29496,Barron Anacortes.WA,98221 <br /> STATE OF Smith Daugen,PLLC, In the Matter of the Estate <br /> RCW 1 t,40.030 WASHINGTON FOR 300 N.Comma:niel Street, Cou.^,of Probate Procee <br /> irecher provided RCN d- <br /> -. t1,J V Y 9, r The Personal Represents- SKAGIT COUNTY I I,gln•"^F ti tiM ..'1? -r Sid _ unwr <br /> n h An n<_ ve named below nos been Kathryn Ann Boyd, C t Cause Number,pern • <br /> • Leto,.,sScIn y at,he ad- apPC ntep ea Personal Rao- III the Matte, f the Esiew Published 20-4 00161-29, <br /> rys stated 0etow.and rv- resenrat n of+hie ext... of Roger David King and Deceased. <br /> a ilia Any person having a claim Eileen Rae King.husband June 24 and <br /> g original of the claim against the decedent must, and nude, JUIy 1&8,2020 NO,20-4-001 81-29 Published <br /> With the Court 'dtue"— .to the time the claim Deceased, AA_2020695 July 1,8&15,2020 <br /> herein.The claim a be would be barred by any PROBATE NOTICE AA-2022547 <br /> preserved thin the later otherwise applicable Cause No.20-4-00228-29 TO CREDITORS <br /> 1. 1)thirty days alter Ser- statute of dawn <br /> as. I Y <br /> vicer mailing this Notice <br /> proviaad m RCW present pthero ^lam in the PROBATE NOTICE V eA ROW 1 t 40.030 <br /> 1+.40.M0(3); or I I scar manner provided in RCW TO CREDITORS <br /> monthse1po after the data of mailin070 by serving on or (ROW 11.40-0301 The Personal Represents- City of BIOS: <br /> Les <br /> rst publication of this,c- o;sling me claim to the y y: hoe named below hos been CALL FOR BIDS: <br /> t s.if the clam is�1 pica. a1 Re1.rasentativa or The personal representative '-L ,,bp, ...eV.' Gone;^lad as Personal Rap- TREATMENT PLANT <br /> to within this tiro,, the Personal P.epresenta- named below has been eP- .A 4_ resen[ativa of mis<a[ale. <br /> 'eefrei et the oil" 'the forever <br /> , attorney at the ed- pointed as personal 00ea An• CHEMICALS <br /> ��' r pin verso ,core- 5 person haying a claim <br /> barred,except as otharv:;sa a stated below.and fit- sanative of this estate.Any against the decedent must, <br /> provided in RCW 11.40.061. mg Me original of the claim person, having lain poor to the time the claim NOT.ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN <br /> a c <br /> and 11A0,060.This bar u her the Court identified against either of the data- ing IS a sum- would be barredeppl cable flies sealed bids will be to- <br /> e,,,,,ve br claims a t herein.The wain met be dents must,before the time maryof an Ordinance otherwise <br /> Loth the Decedent's y;c• re- <br /> presented'rnlNn the later the claim would be barred passedby statute of limitatons, sued at the office of the <br /> pores the Ana- Clefk-Treasurer, Municipal <br /> .. and ._,a f;(1)thirty days after the by any otherwise applicable COrteB(:' Council on present the claim in the <br /> Pa <br /> cn.p" Personal Representative statute of imitations, manna provided in RCW 6th StrII•eet, <br /> P.O.Box 547,904 <br /> se a' • served or mailed the notice t the claim in the June 22,2020, 1t,a0.070 by6th Street,Anacortes,WA <br /> present serving on or 98221. until 3:00 P.M.. <br /> Dote of First Publication: t°the creditor as provided , provided b, ORDINANCE NO. ^+"Ling the 1aim to the mesday.J h Ia.2020,a <br /> June+. 2020 uncles RCW 11.40.020.or RCN!1.42.070 by serving Personal Representative or which lima bids will be <br /> '(2)tour months after the o,or mailing to the person- AN ORDINANCE the Personal Represents. <br /> Faan McKean. date of first publication of al representative or the per- AMENDING tine's attorney Cl the d- opened and publicly read <br /> this the Beim is some representative's at- ORDINANCE NO.3032 dress stated below,and fit- for water and wastavreta� <br /> Personal Represeweeee not presented within this Jamey at the address stt- ing the aiginal of fha claim treatment chemicals as lisl- <br /> eADOPTED ON DE- ed in the Call for Bids: <br /> Attorney for time name,the claim Is for- ed below copy of the with the Cairt identified <br /> y ever barred.except as olh- claim and filing the original CEMBER 3 2018, herein.The claim must be Treatment ant Chemicalsid <br /> Personal Representative areas provided , RCW of the claim with the court. ENTITLED"AN presented within the later 2020-2021 a are <br /> eoe blo <br /> Dewey N.'.Weddle.WS6Aapectficationa are available <br /> a2915] 11.4o.en and Live 00sto The claim must be present- ORDINANCE c p)thirty days otter the free a1 nheoge st woo eon- <br /> This bar is effective as to ed within the later of:(t) ADOPTING THE Personal Representative coneswa.pov/Bidsaspx. <br /> Address for Mailing or lans against both the thirty days after the parson- BUDGET FOR ALL served or mailed the notice <br /> decedent's probate and al representative served or to the creditor as provided <br /> Service of Claims: MUNICIPAL Published <br /> LAW OFFICE OF non-probate assets. mailed the notice to the rider RCW 11.40.ten'or <br /> DEWEY W.WEDDLE.PLLC creditor as provided under PURPOSES AND (2) four months after the July 1,2020 <br /> Data of First Publication: RCW 11.40.020(3); or f2) USES FOR THE date M first publication of AA-2023130 <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> ..............—....-.... 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