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ATE' OF OCCUPANCY <br /> —ios is o certify that the below listed building or structure <br /> has been inspected and occupancy is hereby authorized: <br /> Description: Remodel of existing home <br /> Location: 2401 15th Street <br /> Owner: David & Patricia Cox <br /> Constructed by: Pacific Design Build and Renovation <br /> Building Permit #: BLD-2019-0602 <br /> Date issued: September 27, 2019 <br /> Use Zone: R-2 <br /> Date Completed: May 14, 2020 <br /> Authorizing Official: -`- - <br /> Condition: Remodeled area and project under this permit is not approved to be <br /> used as an Accessory Dwelling Unit. An ADU permit is required to create that and the <br /> second floor living space will have to be permanently blocked off from the 1st floor. <br />