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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesdey,June 17,2020-A9 <br /> 0001 LEOAL NOTICES 0001 LECAL NOTICES 0001 LEOAL NOTICES <br /> quests preliminary short of Consistency:At a mini, <br /> RCW 11.40.030 subdivision approval, a mum,thin project will be <br /> conditional use permit,and subject to the following <br /> The oerscnol Repreoents. SEPA review to subdivide pleas and regulations:Ana- <br /> kve named below has been approximately 3.12 acres in comas Municipal Code Ttle <br /> appointed as Personal Rep- the RI zone into 6 residen- 16 Tree Preservation,Title <br /> resentative of this estate, tial lots and 1 detention 18 Environmental Protec- <br /> Any person having a claim pond tract.A portion of the lion,Ch.17.70 Critical Ar- <br /> against the decedent must, e:te is bisected by the Ace s,Title 19 Untied Devel- <br /> es <br /> peon to the time theclaim of Hearts Creek, d sing• opment Code M opal <br /> ::.J.. au :,n- ....r nets,rir.liCA.lic caeca. Lore and thu A,a rws ever- • <br /> - <br /> statute a appations to the area near the creek Engineering Design Stan- T N E S S 1 N G <br /> Stan- <br /> statute of limitations a proposed.The trek dada. <br /> present the claim the noludes a new public road <br /> n <br /> manner provided , RCW and frontage improvements Appeals: Please refer to <br /> :,�11.47C by savingg an or vl0rche o Avenue. Ass:,1920.530 and AMC ..._-_ -_. ____-_.-__ _._._.:__._.. . .. <br /> mailing <br /> the dam to the n.210 for appeal prose- 1 CJ L E N C E <br /> rs Peonal Representative or Other Required Project dotes. <br /> the Personal Reprassnb- Permits/Approvals: The <br /> tiles attorney at the ad- following may be required Project Contact: Libby _ . <br /> crest stated below,end fit- in adOticn to the shove: Grate, Planning Manager; " __.....___ ____.___._ <br /> e.gI the anginal of the tiff:d Cgeneral <br /> pen romtwaA- Phone:citco en000rrso CAN CHANGE <br /> Rh the Court identified D c permit from WA- lCity o dare000en.P.O.orq;Abe �I� <br /> herein.The within <br /> est be DOE,ropconstruction plan aft. City of Acores,WA.O.21 <br /> presented wdhin the later prove!,dgdivisi way pnaoal, 547,Anacortes.WA 98221 <br /> P`so thirty days after the building <br /> dingd division approval. A K I D'S MIND <br /> ered Representative building permits. a Published <br /> served or mailed the notice June 17,20200268 <br /> to the unditor as provided SEPA Review:The City Aq_2020268 <br /> (2)under RCW afteree o Anacortes has determinedal <br /> da four lmonthspublication <br /> ctsthe that this proposal is not <br /> so of cyst If hcebom of oser to result in any menu l ;� . <br /> notthis Notice. the claim is can impact. <br /> and that issuance <br /> lit r <br /> not presented within this mpacL and that rs ace L�, '�'. <br /> time frame,the claim is tor- of a Determination of Non- - - <br /> ever bard,except as tithe significance(DNS)is likely C .r, <br /> owne aovded n RCW following the comment Pe- <br /> 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. nod for this notice.The op- p'' �' / 1 <br /> This bar s effective seta tronal DNS process of WAC <br /> lams against both a the 197-11.355 s being used / <br /> decedemis probate and for this proposal and in- <br /> non-probate aware. eludes the following �,. I '� <br /> Dare of First Publicat on: I. This may be your Only NOTICE OF <br /> June 17,2020 opportunity to comment <br /> on the environmental PUBLIC AUCTION <br /> Personal Representatve pacts of the propos- ' " <br /> Representative' <br /> Rubio al. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN <br /> THAT the Port of Anacortes <br /> .`Attorneys for the Personal 2 The proposal may m. will hold an online pubic ... '#. <br /> Representative: Alan R. crude mitigation nee• auction beginning Monday, G f <br /> Souders,WSBA i128192 sures under applicable June 29 2020 and ending { <br /> cedes,and the project Monday,July 13,2020.Po- <br /> Address for Mailing or Ser- review process may n- tential bidders may access _ r. -w Y` <br /> vice: Souders Law Group, corpore auction or require the online an on by visit- y i <br /> 913 Seventh Street, mitigation measures re- ing the Pool's websde at it <br /> Anemones,WA www96221 gardless of whether an .00rtofanacortes,com, \ /)\EIS s prepared, clicking Doing Business Court ofProbate Proceed- and than Public Surplus,or <br /> Ines and Cause number: 3. A copy of the Tub.' by going dkect to �'♦ <br /> Skagit County Superior quest threshold dates- yrww Publcsuroles,00m. ... <br /> Court Cause Number 20-4- minabon for this pro- The purpose of the audio) ... -, �"'�'•"� — .. <br /> 00130-29 pose',once issued,may Is to dispose of the follow- <br /> Published be obtained upon re- ing vessel: <br /> June 17&24 quest. A 1966 25'Sea Ray, ID • <br /> flied July 1,2020 Existing Environmental Reg.aID8848AY,registered <br /> AA-2019778 Documents:The following to Gary Dean Reed,Jr.and YOU CAN HELP <br /> environmental documents Andrea Jo Read t Coeur <br /> evaluate the proposed d'Alene, Idaho. This <br /> L1Y OX 0• project; anneal areas s count has bean d nt <br /> '•—'.r nt S hnicalee Ste sae sto September 2019.Alls <br /> Plan.EPA hecklist.Al Report deattbt,wto mdboa this THEM HEAL. <br /> • <br /> ` SEPA checklist.Appl oaf on debt,which now stands al <br /> Yak..h`, J�f4. documents may be $3,445.27.have been un- <br /> ®® e <br /> viewed at hHosl/www.ana• successful. <br /> -9000 porteswaaov/161/Plan- <br /> Np0-Community-Econon- This vessel may be inspect- <br /> - jc-Development by ricking ed at A Dock at Cap• ri r-',:, r<-�•�r.j r;I- �� ,i:' ?'I.;If i „�„j'i <br /> "Notices of Application" Sante Marne,1019 0 Av- i <br /> NOTICE OF and than opening the ape ears,Anacortes,WA 98221 L Jfyt:3l'I'.. [?V E:nc.:: _.._ IL<. l.::TnPS':.j': <br /> APPLICATION proprate Freed in,sum- or by contacting the Ports vinit,n ho.t4 x err c v-rI f icj ht 1 — <br /> WithOPT10NALDNS b molder. Harbormaster,Bred John- n_.nn ;ern tart:,irt:-th - I, .,I_clAvr_t >,rr,.at-.r r ' <br /> h O ormast r,Brad <br /> �_ <br /> . prfeidumbe __— Public'-Comment-Period: _ - '� r :9 v _. ' -' <br /> SPL..020 0003 Written comments regard- Sale will be to the hghest ,l, :.[Ili ::3n r.c^II) r_/erl;<. I'15 (?`f('.0 t;J� <br /> the short subdivision bdderndtllon.There where <br /> Appdieani: conditional yen permit and co s no <br /> Landed Gentry Develop- SEPA must be submitted to reserve <br /> et. quiremmiadder ChangingMindsNOW-erg <br /> Went Inc./Corner 9 Prop- the contact below by 5:00 will receive a Notice bidder <br /> rties LLC.; pM on Jul,8.2020.Any Award by email from f <br /> Conrad: Anna Nelson- person may comment on AwardSur I Terms <br /> anna8landedgentrv.00'll the application,receive no- p <br /> line nj and request <br /> in of the sale.will be payable <br /> b and <br /> Da of Application: any hearings,and request a by credit c odor wire trans- <br /> May 7,2020 copy of the decision,once ter within five(5)business <br /> Date of Complete Applf• made. days after the date of the <br /> cation: June 10,2020 Notice of Award. <br /> Date of Notice of Applies- Public Haaring: A public The successful bidder must <br /> lion: June 17,2020 hearing is required to be C_'.hil,jho0d trill Urllc' <br /> held before the Planning make arrangements with Changing minds: <br /> • Project Location: Commission; the hearing the Port's Harbor to g g <br /> South of the intersection of has not yet been ached- remove the vessel eel w rnithin ._......._._._...___. <br /> Cherry Lane and Orchard vied,A separate notice will ten(10)days from the No- <br /> Ave. E�� FUTURCi <br /> Ave, (Assessor Parcel a be distributed ace the tics d Award. f.Itil.UH1()f U rn. µU:r.TIRO: <br /> P32077) public hearing has been <br /> scheduled. Published <br /> Application Type / De- June 17,2020 • -• <br /> soripden:The applicant re- Preliminary Determination AA-2020272 <br /> III I p 1 <br /> • <br /> �E ARNNG wow To . 50 DOES <br /> ■�11111 - fir. 111111111I M IY. <br /> KICKFLIPTAKES ``. GETTING INTO <br /> OLLEGE <br /> +r • 1 . <br /> .MAti..r� - y yp <br /> ;A..,Z..r".':.:,-.::„.•::.:::.',...:,,lj .--:' '' -; .-fz.;-.•;,••••,-AreO:f.,..... .....•:.-,7..; ..14:::„,,...,...ii,,,,,..;:: ,:.,„,.!0,..k.,,,- ,T,ro i-5::.!-:: <br /> ' Get started at <br /> e.Lumina U10}} A€-f <br /> 1CI <br /> You've got what it takes. <br />