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( BOARD OF ADJUSTMEf <br /> MINUTES - APRIL 1, 19x,ei <br /> REGULAR MEETING <br /> Meeting called to order by Chairman Brad Snyder at 7:05PM. <br /> Members present: Brad Snyder, John Curtis, Ken Wilson, George Mehler <br /> Staff present: Ed Frank <br /> Minutes of the March 4, 1999 meeting were approved. <br /> Knichrehm Variance (1109 35th Street) - Continuation <br /> The March 4 hearing on the Knichrehm variance request was continued to this meeting to allow a site <br /> visit by Board members. Mr. Knickrehm's request is for a side-yard setback variance from 10 feet to <br /> 5 feet to build a second garage, added to an existing detached garage which already has a 5-foot <br /> side-yard setback. <br /> Mr. Knickrehm outlined, with the aid of a model, his proposed building plans, citing that an existing <br /> cistern in the back yard interferes with access to the proposed garage expansion and can be relieved <br /> by setting the garage nearer the property line. <br /> Mr. Newton, an adjacent rear property owner, opposed the building setback relief since it will further <br /> limit view from his home and he questioned total lot coverage. Mr. Frank has estimated lot coverage <br /> just under 50%. <br /> A motion to deny the setback variance was made (Mehler/Snyder)) and passed with all ayes. The <br /> Board determined that enforcement of the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance does not cause an <br /> unnecessary hardship on the applicant since he purchased the home just last October, presumably <br /> fully aware of setback requirements.. <br /> Alliance Living Community Variance (1105 26th Street) <br /> Mr. Sadlich, complex manager, reviewed this request for a variance in requirements for a free- <br /> standing sign to 1) increase allowed sign area in a residential area from 16 sq.ft. to 32 sq.ft and <br /> 2) reduce the 10-foot side-yard setback requirement along 26th Street. <br /> Mr. Sadlich explained that the larger sign, as well as sign placement, are important for visibility at its <br /> location one block west of Commercial Avenue. Alliance will provide a full-range of assisted care <br /> living and guest visiting will be common. <br /> City Staff comments cited potential sight interference for vehicles leaving the complex parking lot. <br /> A motion to grant 1) the variance in sign area and 2) the variance in side-yard setback to 2 feet for <br /> the sign location was made (Snyder/Mehler) and passed with all ayes The Board noted that the <br /> location of the Alliance complex is in the R4A Zone (residential high density district)just outside the <br /> Commercial Zone and that 26th Street essentially dead-ends beyond the complex at the Island <br /> Hospital campus. In this area, the impact of a larger sign will be negligible; and, with the 2-foot <br /> setback as well as no through traffic along 26th Street, traffic visibility will not be impaired. <br /> Temporary Use Permit - Lakeside Industries Rock Quarry (ACFL adjacent to Havekost Road) <br /> Mr. Snyder opened the public hearing on as Temporary Use Permit application by the Anacortes <br /> Parks Department to authorize removal of quarry rock from the Public Use Zone - ACFL adjacent to <br /> Lakeside Industries operation on Havekost Road. <br />