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6. CONTACT PERSON <br /> Select one person the city will contact for anything related f Property Owner El Contractor <br /> to this project: <br /> ❑ Other(list below) <br /> Name: Phone: <br /> 0 r-ri-ox b ' 3C0-16 ""'2 t3 <br /> Address(Street,City,State,.Zip): l Email Address: <br /> I 7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS &SIGNATURE <br /> Read and initial each of the following statements prior to signing this application: <br /> � 3 <br /> 1 understand that the city's issuance of a fence permit does not constitute confirmation of the <br /> accuracy of property lines as described in the application. Confirmation of the accurate location <br /> of all property lines is the responsibility of the property owner or contractor. <br /> By affixing my signature hereto, I certify that 1 am the owner, or am acting as the Owner's authorized <br /> agent, and that the application and documents contained with this submittal are complete and <br /> accurate to the best of my knowledge and abilities. <br /> Signature Date <br /> City Of Anacortes Fence Permit Application Page 2 of 4 <br />