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DocuSign Envelope ID:6BF6BBE3-F9B7-427D-B581-28BBDE02FE94 <br /> City of Anacortes,Washington <br /> POLICY ON ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES <br /> Purpose <br /> This policy on electronic signatures for the City of Anacortes is developed to promote efficiency <br /> to conserve public resources, develop guidelines for the use of electronic signatures for City <br /> transactions, to ensure the integrity of electronic signatures, and to identify DocuSign as the <br /> approved third-party entity providing electronic signatures for the City of Anacortes. An <br /> electronic signature is an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated <br /> with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the <br /> record. <br /> Policy <br /> 1. The City encourages electronic transactions and the use of electronic signatures, and <br /> recognizes electronic signatures as legally binding and equivalent in force and effect to a <br /> wet ink signature. <br /> 2. The City hereby authorizes the use of the DocuSign electronic signature platform to affix <br /> electronic signatures to City records. No other method of affixing electronic signatures is <br /> recognized by the City without further action of Council. <br /> 3. The Mayor, City Clerk, City Attorney, Department Directors, and their designees are <br /> authorized to use DocuSign electronic signature platform to affix electronic signatures to <br /> City records as provided in this policy. <br /> 4. The DocuSign electronic signature platform is authorized to affix electronic signatures to <br /> the following records: any and all contracts and agreements to which the City is a party, <br /> Claim Vouchers approved by the City Council, minutes of City Council meetings, and <br /> Resolutions and Ordinances adopted by the City Council. <br /> 5. Electronic signatures may be used on City records requiring execution by a third party. <br /> 6. Electronic signatures cannot be applied using another employee's name. Records signed <br /> on behalf of the Mayor, City Clerk, City Attorney, or Department Director by a designee <br /> shall use their own electronic signature. <br /> 7. An electronic signature is an acceptable substitute for a wet signature on records <br /> requiring the signature of any record whenever the use of a wet signature is authorized or <br /> required, except as provided herein. <br /> 8. If an electronic signature is used for interstate transactions or for documents required by <br /> the US Federal government, the electronic signature shall comply with the requirements <br /> of the Electronic Signatures in Global and Electronic Commerce Act. <br /> 9. This policy in no way affects the City's ability to conduct a transaction using a physical <br /> medium and shall not be construed to prohibit the use of wet signatures. <br />