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• Storm pipe appears to be on private property, not owned by the applicant. Under <br /> a different ownership name. Need easements granted. <br /> • Project is in the F3 Drainage Basin: Surcharging pipes are identified in the 2005 <br /> Storm Drainage Comprehensive Plan in 22nd Street. This project will be required <br /> to provide a downstream analysis under the 2012\14 Ecology Manual. This will <br /> help determine whether the project has downstream capacity or will have to <br /> detain on-site. <br /> • The proposed storm stub installed in 2016 will not be suitable for this proposed <br /> project. <br /> Traffic: <br /> • Pedestrian facilities are required. (See note below for meeting discussion). <br /> • Construction of a sidewalk ramp across 0 Avenue, aligning on the west side <br /> will need to be constructed. <br /> • Driveway access approach will need to be removed and replaced to meet <br /> current ADA requirements. <br /> • Project will be required to provide a Traffic Impact Analysis, Level 2. See <br /> Engineering Development Standards, Chapter 3—Streets, Section STR-30. <br /> • Provide a Traffic Control Plan (Current MUTCD Manual) prior to any construction <br /> taking place for approval by the City of Anacortes City Engineer. <br /> • Street Lighting — Under this proposal, no street lighting required. <br /> • Monumentation — Under this proposal, the installation of a monument is not <br /> required. <br /> Street: (22nd StreetlAlley Way) <br /> • For additional Street information and design criteria, see the 2018 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 3 —Street. <br /> • Per AMC 19.24.100 -All improvements required shall be extended as necessary <br /> to provide a smooth transition with existing improvements both laterally across <br /> the street and longitudinally up and down the street for drainage, vehicular and <br /> pedestrian traffic. <br /> • Review AMC 19.50 to 19.54 —Community Design <br /> ■ Pedestrian facilities are required. <br /> ■ See discussion under"Traffic" above. <br /> • Access will be from the Alleyway. Access requirements may require a 20-foot <br /> paved access for the project. This has not been determined prior to the meeting. <br /> ■ A site visit was not performed prior this write up. The project may need to pave <br /> the frontage of the alleyway, depending on the condition of the existing <br /> pavement. <br /> • Street Trees: Contact Jonn Lunsford @ 360.299.1953, Parks Department for a <br /> list of City approved Street Trees. See EDS Standards, Chapter 3— Streets, <br /> Section STR-18.2 regarding Street Trees and Root Barrier requirements. <br /> • Monumentation is required the current EDS Standards, Chapter 3 — Streets, <br /> Section per STR-25—Survey Monuments. <br /> fit <br /> � • Water • Wastewater • Streets • Storm Drainage • Engineering • Solid Waste <br /> e • Transportation •Equipment • Capital Projects • Development Services <br /> q�/p: <br />