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City of Anacortes Development Standards: <br /> • The 2018 Development Standards can be found on-line at <br /> www.cityofanacortes.orq. If the Engineer of Record needs any COA Standard <br /> Details in AutoCAD format, they can email me at stevelcitvofanacortes.orq and <br /> request a CD. This CD will be mailed to a provided address. <br /> • Please see the attached Required Submittal Checklist. This Checklist can be <br /> revised to fit the scope of the project. It is requested that the applicant meet with <br /> the assigned designated City Representative to establish the submittal criteria for <br /> the project. <br /> Sewer: <br /> • For additional Sewer information and design criteria, see the 2011 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 5 —Sanitary Sewer. <br /> • See attached Vicinity Map for Public sewer location. <br /> • No drawing of records were provided for the 4 houses to the west that cross this <br /> and the adjacent property to the existing 10-inch sewer main. <br /> • Sewer appears to be on private property, not owned by the applicant. Under a <br /> different ownership name. Need easements granted. <br /> • Based on the sewer drawing of record for Parcel A, there are 4 homes tied to an <br /> existing 6-inch private side service. Only 3 homes are allowed to tie into one 6- <br /> inch main and have it be considered private. The City has no interested in <br /> owning this line. One home will have to disconnect and be placed on their own <br /> separate side service. <br /> • Proposed 12 units will need to utilize an 8-inch minimum pipe size for the side <br /> services and connect directly to a manhole. See current EDS Standards, <br /> Sanitary Sewer, Section S1-10, Item C. <br /> • Proposed stub placed in 2016 will not be suitable for this proposed project. <br /> Storm: <br /> • For additional Storm information and design criteria, see the 2018 EDS <br /> Standards, Chapter 2—Storm Drainage. <br /> • The project is encouraged to utilize Low Impact Development Techniques. <br /> • Storm Water, including Water Quantity and Quality will need to comply with the <br /> City of Anacortes Drainage Code, Section 19.76— Storm Water. <br /> • The Threshold requirements are not determined at this time. <br /> Contact Steven Lange, 360.661.3468, for an updated Storm Drainage Report <br /> format. <br /> • The 4 houses to the west identify being connected to a storm line. Where does it <br /> go? No drawing of record provided. <br /> • The application states the existing 4 homes are connected above the spring line <br /> of an existing 24-inch. When the pipe is running full, the backwater into the <br /> existing homes is a liability during high flow rain events. As part of this project, <br /> the applicant will need to make provisions for the 4 homes and remove them <br /> from the 24-inch storm line. <br /> • Water • Wastewater • Streets • Storm Drainage • Engineering • Solid Waste <br /> • Transportation •Equipment • Capital Projects • Development Services <br /> qP/p: <br />