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1 Hr Fire rated exterior wall required on West end of building under 2015 IBC. Fire rated partitions required <br /> between units. Plans will be required to show fire rated assemblies proposed and UL or GA numbers, and all <br /> penetrations in rated walls will be required to to be part of a listed fire rated assembly. Each type or size of <br /> penetrant proposed will be required to have a detail indicating the proposed listed assembly on <br /> the plans prior to approval. <br /> Planning Comment Letter <br /> Comment Letter <br /> PCED Letter, PRE-2020-0007-revised.pdf 600.49KB <br /> 04-06-20 PW DRG Memo- 1101 22nd Street.pdf 5.59MB <br /> 04-06-20 Vicinity Map.pdf 740.22KB <br /> Upload the completed Comment Letter here; it will be filed in the Laserfiche repository and a link will be emailed to the <br /> applicant. <br />