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AB· Wc.->dnesday, April 1, 2020 <br />0001 ~AL No~IC~ ·········-······-·-··--·······---·--· <br />Public HEiiating: No public <br />hearin g is required. <br />Pr.s-limintuy Detormination <br />of Consistency: At a rn ini · <br />mum, this projec1 volill be <br />su~/jE-1.-:t to the fellowing <br />~Ian::; and regulat ions: <br />Anacortes Municipal Code , <br />Tit lo 18 En vironrneintal Pro · <br />tection, litls 1 ':3 Unified De· <br />vek>pment Cod-a ~...!U l"licipa l <br />Ced~. the Anac:>1ies Short;o- <br />line Ma:>t€r Program. and <br />the 1\nG.C<.'rtes Engine.ering <br />Desi~n Standards. <br />Appe <:1ls: Th~ SEPA thr~sh· <br />cld determination, once <br />mDde. is appealablc to the <br />Hearing faaminer per .'\MC <br />T ~bla 19.20.030. Ple; <br />refer to ti.MC 19 .:.0.030 and <br />AMC ·19.:?.0.21 0 for ~ppeal <br />procedures. <br />For Project Information: <br />Libby Grag~. Pl&nning <br />Manager; Phone: (360) 299· <br />198G <br />Ein~il: <br />libh\·b$i!cit>Jofana:::o1es.arq: <br />Ciw of A11acurtes. P.O. Box <br />547, Anacmfos. VVA 98221 <br />Published <br />April 1, 20:!0 <br />AA-20051 00 <br />City of Anaco1tes <br />INVITATION i"O BID: <br />2020 Asphalt <br />Ove rlay-Utility and <br />Pe destrian <br />Imp roveme nts <br />Project <br />r<OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN <br />that s-aal121d bid$ wil l bi' re- <br />ct-iv ed at the office of the <br />Clerk-Tre2surar, Municipal <br />Build ing, P.O. Box 547. 904 <br />6th Str.eet , An a corta~:. WA <br />98221 , until 1 O:OOam lo ~al <br />time on Th ursdny, Apr il 16, <br />2020, at which time bids <br />v1i ll b'cl or:~nad and i:·ublicly <br />rMd for the 2020 A3phalt <br />Ov-arlay-Utility and Pedes- <br />trian Improvements Proje-ct <br />#20·001-TRN·OO 1. Th~ City <br />v1i ll not consids1 bids ri:-- <br />ceived aft.a r thnt time nnd <br />d.!!te. ll1e project provides <br />for irnproven19nh:; within the <br />right ·ol~Vvay of spe-:~ific city <br />streets includin>:1 but not <br />lim ited to asphalt planning. <br />pavement re p;, asph811 <br />paving, painted and plast ir; <br />tr€lfiic: rnarkings arid other <br />work. A hid depcsit equal <br />to 5 % nf U·ie bid amount is <br />r.;iqui r-:id . Bid specifications <br />are available frse of charge <br />ut bxwa.co111 <br />P~1b lis hed <br />April 1, 2020 <br />AA-2005274 <br />SEEKING COVERAGE <br />UNDE:R THE <br />WASHINGTON STATE <br />DE PARTMENT OF <br />ECOLOGY'S <br />CO~ISTRUCTION <br />STORMWATER <br />NPDES AND STATE <br />WASTE DISCHARGE <br />GENERAL PERMIT <br />Olympic Pipe Line Compa ~ <br />ny LLC. 000 SW ;39th Street <br />Suite 275, Rt:-nton. WA <br />98057 is seeking coverage <br />und~r the Washi ngton State <br />Departmont of Ecology's <br />Construction Storrn•Nater <br />NPDES a.nd State Waste <br />Discharge General Perrnit. <br />Th~ prcpc-sed pl'oject, th e <br />Olympic 1 6-inch Pipeline <br />Swinomish Channel Crnss· <br />ing Froject. will replac e <i <br />se,.,,-:tion of pipeline;. be;.neath <br />the Swinomish Channel, <br />about 500 feel south ot <br />SR20, east cf Anacortes, <br />Skagit County, Y..lashington. <br />This project inv olws 5.28 <br />~ere,; of soil &~turbance for <br />piµehne YBlocalion con ~ <br />stru ction .;i,ctivities east of <br />the Channel, for <br />which covera·;ie under t he <br />gensr~I perrnit is being re.· <br />Qll e ::.ted. <br />The 1-sceiving wate:r(s) are <br />the Swinornish Channel, <br />und agriculturol wetland <br />area and agrir.:ultural dit ch- <br />€!5 ezist t.lf th.;. ch0\r.11 el. <br />Any persons de~i ring to <br />pn:$.,nt thEiir vic•f!s 1o tne <br />aepartrnent of Ecology re- <br />ga1d i11g th is aprlication <br />rnay do so in writin9 within <br />thi1iy days of the la.:;t date <br />of publication of thi$ notice. <br />Comment:.: shall be su bmit- <br />ted to th€-departn1ent of <br />Ecc:logy . Art}' pe1son inter"- <br />0001 U:OAL NOTICES -·--·-·······--·-·-·--·- <br />ested in the depar1rnt:-nt's <br />action on this npplic<ition <br />rna.y notif}' the department <br />of their interest within thirty <br />days of t he lsst dRte of <br />public&t 1on of thi a notica. <br />Ecology reviews public <br />:.~omments and ccnsidefs <br />whether discharges from <br />this project would cause ~:i. <br />m~astJ rable change in re - <br />ceivin g wate;r quality, and, if <br />$0, v ... hether the p roject is <br />necessary arid in th e vver- <br />tiding piJblic interest ac- <br />cording to Tier II antid e9 ra~ <br />dation re...iuiri:;rnents Lmdet <br />WAC 173-201A-320. <br />Comments can be submit - <br />ted to: <br />Department of Ecology <br />Attn: Water Ou<ilily <br />Program. <br />ConstrL1etion Stonnwater <br />PO Box 47696, <br />Olympia, 'WA 98504-i696 <br />Published <br />A pril 1 & 8, 2020 <br />AA-2005281 <br />Notice <>f Public H<>ar ing <br />on Ordinanco 3069, a nd <br />interi m ordinance exM <br />tending Ordinance 3054, <br />an interi m ordinance <br />declaring an emergency <br />arrd ad opting a morat o- <br />rium on the acceptance <br />of ,oertain land u s e a ppli- <br />cations in the R4 zone <br />Noti,::e is hersby givan that <br />the City Council will hold a <br />public he:.:i.ring for the pur· <br />pose ct taking writ1e:n pub· <br />lie comments on Ordinance <br />3069. <br />Public Hearing Date: Mon- <br />day. April 20. 2020 at 6:00 <br />1>M <br />l.oeation: Anac:o1tes City <br />Council Chambers 90.:i 5th <br />St. Anacortes. WA <br />8<1ckg round: On October <br />21, 20 19, the Anacortes <br />Gity Co~mc:i ! adopled Ordiw <br />1urnce 3054 , vJ hich pla.ce-d a <br />moratorium on the accepM <br />rn nce of any land use per- <br />mit er building permit a ppl1· <br />cation within the R4 zone <br />wes t of t h.:i Cornrne-rcial <br />zone that proposes to uti- <br />liZ>3 the bonus heiqht provi- <br />sions of AMC 1·9.42.050. <br />The bonus he ight provi- <br />sions of AMC 19.42.050.C, <br />allow an add ition al 10 feet <br />of height ever the standard <br />height limit of 4 0 feet. The <br />initial morn toriu m was for <br />six mcnths and Cour,cil <br />adopted a work plan after <br />holding a public heaiing. <br />The COVlD 19 Emergency <br />has delayed the City's abi li- <br />ty to cornpl et e all ~eps in <br />the adopted work plan. so <br />:;;ddition al time is now re - <br />quired to complete the <br />planned work. <br />Pursuant to Governor ln- <br />.$loe'$ Proclam atio n 20-28, <br />certain requirements of the <br />OPMA have baen tem- <br />porarily ~u sp e nded i.l nd all <br />in -per.:>on m€etings are dis- <br />c.ourag e-d during the <br />COVID -19 Emergency. Th• <br />City Council is ther~fo1e ra - <br />questing public p1::1rticipa- <br />tion in the. above·notk:ed <br />lrll!'t)ting by ·Nritten corn - <br />ment at this time. A 1ull <br />publi c hearing will be <br />s--:::lied uled once th!:!' GOVl D- <br />1 Q Em ergency hn.s been <br />declared over. <br />Re lated docurnents arc <br />avai lable for review at: <br />http.;://www 11Mcoriesw0.- <br />9Ql'I'.~ <br />nity·EconomicM Devel op~ <br />mmt.; click on "R4 Zona <br />8Lti lding Height <br />D1scussioni.. <br />To com ment: Anyone <br />·..-:ishinu to comment on th-e <br />Ordinance may do so in <br />writing and should be ad- <br />dressed to the c ontact be- <br />low. <br />Contact: <br />Don Measamt:ir, Director <br />Planning . Community, and <br />Economic D2velopmenl <br />De partment <br />P.O. B«)X 547, Anacorte::.. <br />WA 9822 1 <br />360 -209-1942 or <br />dcn@cityofanaccrtes.orq. <br />Da te of Notice: <br />Mnrch 27. 2020 <br />Publication Dato· <br />April 1, 20 20 <br />Published <br />April 1. 2020 <br />AA-2005286 <br />Anacortt!s American I Leg al Notit:t!s