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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesday.April 1.2020-A7 <br /> Legal o i ces <br /> ....._ <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS-COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> SUPERIOR COURT the time of sale Borrower or Grantor or the other housing counselors 22,2020.Any person may <br /> OF THE STATE OF the following described real holder of any recorded j and attorneys: Telephone: continent on the applica- CAUSE NUMBER: <br /> WASHINGTON property, situated in the ma by r lien or encumbrance by 1ieW-606-4819 or Web bon receive nouce of and 20-4-01773-3 SEA <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY County of SKAGIT,State of paying the principal and in- site: participate in any hearings, <br /> Washington,to-wit:THAT forest,plus costs,fees and what-clear Additional infthe and request a copy of the Published <br /> • In the Molter el the Estate PORTION OF THE advances,H any,made pur- motion provided by the decision,once made, 'April 1,8&15,2020 <br /> NORTHWEST 1/4 OF THE obligation <br /> want to the terms f the Trustee:If you have pree- AA-2004755 <br /> of NORTHEAST 1/4 OF SEC- bligation and/or Deed of cacti been discharged Public Hearing:A public <br /> TION 32, TOWNSHIP 34 Trust,and curing all other through bankruptcy, you hearing's required to be <br /> James Martin Harvey, NORTH,RANGE 4 EAST, defaults.VI.A written No- may have been released of held before the Planning Seri y <br /> W.M., DESCRIBED AS lice of Default w trans- personal liability for this Commission; the hearing G T :0 <br /> Recessed. FOLLOWS: BEGINNING netted by the Beneficiary or loan in which case this let- has not yet been sched- <br /> AT A POINT 657.39 FEET Trustee to the Borrower(s) ter is intended to exercise uled. <br /> EAST AND 398.39 FEET and Grantor(s)by both first the noteholders rights r'...... <br /> NO.20-4-00081-29 SOUTH OF THE NORTH- class and certified mail, against the real property Preliminary Determination q,A r _ <br /> WEST CORNER OF SAID proof of which is n the only. The Trustee's Sale of Consistency:At a mini- <br /> PROBATE NOTICE oneoeoen of the Trustee, Number is WA-t9-862385• um,this project will be - `t <br /> TO CREDITORS SUBDIVISION; THENCE P m lac L'O¢- <br /> WEST PARALLEL TO THE d the Borrower and BF. Dated: 12/19/2019 subject to the following --- <br /> RCYV 7i.40.030 NORTH LINE OF SAID Grantor were personally Quality Loan Service Corp, plans and regulations: <br /> SUBDIVISION, 140.00 served,if applicable,with f Washington,as Trustee Anacortes Municipal Code <br /> The Personal Represanta- FEET: THENCE NORTH said written Notice of De- By:Erome Lucas,Assistant Tele 16 Tree Preservation, NOTICE OF <br /> 65.00 FEET; THENCE fault or the written Notice of Secretary Trustee's Ad- Title 18 Environmental Pro- <br /> bye named below has bean Default was posted in the dress:Qualit Loan Service faction,Ch. 17.70 Critical APPLICATION <br /> appointed as Personal Rep- EAST 140.00 FEET; n y <br /> resentatva of this estate, THENCE SOUTH 85,W re conspicuous placeCorp,of Washington 108 1 Areas,Title 19 Unified Da- With Optional <br /> Any Parson having a claim FEET TO THE POINT OF el property described'n et Ave South,Suite 202, elopment Code Municipal SEPA DNS <br /> against the decedent must, BEGINNING, More coin- <br /> Notice <br /> I.above,end the Seisttle, WA l fel For Cede,and the Anacortes <br /> Trustee has possnssren of •lions ell toll-free: Ergineenn Deli <br /> poor to the tone the claim rethelyPARK known s: f of ugh service or yue.. g 9n Sinn- Notice Is HerebyGiven <br /> would be barred by PARK AVENUE,MOUNT Era (888) 925-0241 Trustee ionic. <br /> etherwisa ep li^awe VERNON,WA 98274 Sub- Posting.The list of reelle Sale Number: WA-19- That An Application Was <br /> F eats of the Notice of Default 862385-BF Sale line:800- Appeals:The SEPA thresh- Made For The Following <br />• stetete el Imitations, tact to that certain Deed of is listed within the Notice of 280-2832 or Login te: old determination, once Proposal: <br /> present the claim in the Trua dated 1/3/2007,er Foreclosure provided to the effpiekee.geerilythee.eom made,is appealable to the <br /> manner provied in RCW recorded 1/9/2007, ruder Borrower(s)and Grentwere IDSPub 00159251 4/1/2020 Hearing Examiner per AMC File Number. <br /> 1 mailing <br /> by serving on or Instrument No. These requirements were 4/22/202p Table 19.20.030. The SLX-2020-0003 <br /> mailing the claim to the 200701090119, and re- completed as of 6/27/2019. project permits are being <br /> to correct <br /> Personal Representative or formed to correct the Man- VII, The Trustee whose d coinsale Applicant:Jeff Gietzen(Fi- <br /> the Personal Represents- factored Home Affidavit of name Published datedsr a c pp <br /> 1 ue d address are set dated review under a Type dalgo Marina Owners Acne- <br /> April <br /> Cs attorney at the ad- Affixation Rider,Real Prop- forth below will provide in April 1&22,2020 4 review pcl appeal <br /> which station) <br /> dress stated below,and ff. arty end Manufactured venting to anyone request- AA-2004214 has no local ppeal avail- <br /> ing the original of the claim Home Limited Power of At- ing it,e tetement of all _ able, Please a refer to AMC Date of Application: <br /> nth the (exert identified torney Rider and the Menu- costs and fees due at any " 19.20.030 and AMC Janus 31,2020 <br /> herein,The claim must be teetered Home Rider To time prior to the sale.VIII. SI Y„Q 19.20.210 for appeal price• January <br /> presented wdey the later Security Instrument, at- The effect of the sale will be G '� . dares. Date of Complete Applt- <br /> ,:(1)thirty days after the cached to said Deed of to deprive the Grantor and o cation: Marsh 13,2020 <br /> Personal Representative Trust,pursuant to Order of all those who hold by, - For Project Information: <br /> served d or mailed the notice Default Judgment filed c through or under the •Y' LO, Libby Grege. Planning <br /> to ',Tiethe c,editor as provided 11/19/2019 and recorded Grantor of all their interest men <br /> Date Nonce of Applica- <br /> der RCW 11.40.020;or on 11/27/2019 s tested- the above-described . Manager;Phone:(380)299• lion:March 27,2020 <br /> 8 <br /> (2)four months after the rn t No.201911270017 of property,IX.Anyone having -C0 - Em198el: Project Location:3105 V <br /> date of first publication of O eicoel Records inthe of- eny obleetions to this sale _. libbvbf citvotanacones orq; Place(Fidalgo Marina in Fi- <br /> this Notice. If the claim is f the Recorder of Sk• any grounds whatever NOTICE OF City of Anacortes,P.O.Box dal 0e <br /> not presented within this egit County, Washington on <br /> Pg eebe afforded an opportu- 547,Anacortes.WA 98221 8P98t14:Pt 19601/(parcel <br /> time frame,the claim is for- records of SKAGIT Courtly, nity to be heard as is those APPLICATION <br /> ever barred.except as eel- Washington, from ELIZA- objectrons if they bring a Published Application Type / De- <br /> emos provided 'n ROW BETH E.JONES,A SIN- lawsuit to restrain the sale Notice Is Hereby Given April 1,2020 end tine' SEPA anviron- <br /> 11,40.051 and 11.40.060, GLE WOMAN&JUSTIN L pursuant to RCW That An Application AA_2004496 mental review and request <br /> This bar is effective as to NORRIS,A SINGLE MAN, 61.24.130.Failure to bring Was Made For The for a letter of exemption <br /> claims against both the ee grentorls), to FIRST such a lawsuit may result in Following Proposal: from the requirement to ch- <br /> decedent's probate and AMERICAN TITLE COM- a waiver of y proper IN THE SUPERIOR fain a shoreline substantial <br /> non-probate assets. PANY,es original trustee. grounds for invalidating the File Number: COURT FOR THE development. Inc project <br /> to secure n obligation in Trustee's sale.K.NOTICE LPS-2020-0001 STATE OF includes the replacement or <br /> Dere of First Publication: favor ofa MORTGAGE TO OCCUPANTS OR TEN- 1op <br /> March 18,2020 ELECTRONIC REGISTRA- ANTS The purchaser et the KING COUNTY <br /> en ooete tim r pp to to <br /> Personal Ropr0sentltive'. TION SYSTEMS, INC. Trustee's Sale a entitled to Applicant:Anacopper LLC KING COUNTY out timber portionnos <br /> Karen Hervey (MERS) AS NOMINEE possession of the property pate of Application: dalthe southern of Fe- <br /> Attorneys for the Personal FOR MANN MORTGAGE on the 20th day following February21,2020 meg Marina.Eleven exist- <br />. <br /> LLC D/B/A SKAGIT VAL- the sale, as against the Estate of g pilingsg supporting be the <br /> AttorneysFloating decks c h <br /> Alen R.Souders, LEY MORTGAGE ITS Grantor own the deed of Date' Complete 20.20le- MARY VIENHAGE moved and replaced with <br /> e26192 SUCCESSORS AND AS- es(the owner)end any- cation: March 2020 12-inch diameter steel pd- <br /> $IGN$,a original berreetone having Of torteterest ju- deceased, logs from a barge using e- <br /> Aedress for Mailing or San Clary,the beneficial interest n'o to the deed of trust,in- Date of Notice of Applies- oratory extraction and in- <br /> s:Souders Law Group, in which was subsequently eluding occupants who are tone March 24,2020 Case deflation methods. Four <br /> assigned to Wells FargoOct tenants.After the 20th <br /> 913 Seventh Street,Ana- Bank,NA.,the Beneficiary, day following the sale the No.2 0-4-01 7 73.3 SEA pilings and cross members <br /> Pollee.WA,98221 under en assignment purchaser has the right to Protect Location: located on the existing be en- <br /> recorded under Auditors evict occupants who are1905 Anacepcel Mine 52)Rd. NOTICE(ROWO CREDITORS c ipa to using <br /> willRep- <br /> Coun of Probate Proceed- <br /> File Number 20190/220096 not tenants by summary (Parcel aP31752) 11 A0.030) capsulated using DNR ae- <br />' e gs and Cause number: II. Ne action commenced proceedings under Chapter proved encapsulation a- <br /> Skagit County Superior by the Beneficmry of Se 59,12 RCW,Far tenant-eo- Application Type / De- THE PERSONAL REPRE- lariats, and the gangway <br /> Coon Cause Number 20 4- •Deed of Trust as referenced copied property,tire pun- scripla n:Cottage housing heo been <br /> NE named below grating will be reputed. <br /> 00051-29 in ROW61.21.030 4)is new chaser shall provide,ten- site plan and unit lot subdi- has been appointed as Per- <br /> ( vision/preliminary long sub- anal Representative of this Other Required Project <br /> pending to seek satisfac- ant with written notice division application to di- estate.Any parsons having Permits/Approvals:aybe The <br /> Published bon of the obligation in any accordance with ROW side 5.2 acres into 21 lots, claim against the dace- following ay be required <br /> • March 18&25 and Court by reason of the Bor- 61.24.060. THIS NOTICE with 18 cottage units and 3 dent muse before the time in addition to the above: <br /> April 1,2020 or Grantor's default IS THE FINAL STEP BE- standard single family the claim would be barred HPA. 401 Water unity <br /> AA-2002142 on the obligation s.ured FORE THE FORECLO- homes in the R2 zone.The by any otherwise applicable Certification,USAGE eulho- <br /> --- by the Dead of Tent/Mort- SURE SALE OF YOUR project endedes installation steam of limitations, nation,DNR authorization, <br /> NOTICE OF gage.III.The refaull(re for HOME.You have only 20 of private access road and present the claim in the and building pent. <br /> TRUSTEES SALE which this foreclosure is DAYS from the recording dnvewaI. pedastnan manner s provided in <br /> de is/are follows: date of this notice to pur• paths,parking,open space, RCW 1 antra 70 by serving Existing Environmental <br /> NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S Failure to pay when due the mediation. DO NOT landscaping,dorm d ter in- or mailing to the person- Documents:The following <br /> SALE Pursuant to the Re- are now <br /> which DELAY. CONTACT A frestructuee, extension of al representative or the per- environmental documents <br /> •iced Coda of Washington a no in aeons: HOUSING COUNSELOR utilities,and construction of some representative's at- evaluate the proposed <br /> 71.24,et ee tog let Ave owing 1.08. IV. The sum OR AN ATTORNEY Ll- a portion of new public tomey at the address stet- project:Biological Evalua- <br /> R owing on the obligation se- CENSER IN WASHING- street between Oregon Av- ed below a copy of the lion, SEPA checkjist, <br /> South,Suite 202,Seattle, cured by the Deed of Trust TON NOW to assess your enu and Meadows Lane. claim,and filing the aiigine JARPA, <br /> WA 98104 Trustee Sale ee <br /> : The principal sum of situation and refer you to Wetlands and buffers are of the claim with the Court <br /> No.:WA-19-882385-BF Ti- 5 3.23,together with mediation if you are eligible present on the site:banter in which the probate pro- Application documents may <br /> tle Cedar No.:8755931 Ref- interest <br /> as provided in the and it may help you save width averaging is pro- ceedings were come be reviewed at <br /> mance Number of Deed of Note from 18 on your home.See below for posed. One existing home monad.The deem must be hltps://www.enacorteswa: <br /> • Test: Instrument No. and such othlrerer costs and fe sources f help. will be removed from the presented within the later gov/161/Plano-peueommu- <br /> 2 0 0 7 010 9 0119 parcel Num- roes as r prodded by SEEKING ASSISTANCE site. of:(1)Thirty days after the nity-Economic-Develop- <br /> • <br /> ber(s): P29396/340432-0- statute.real <br /> The above-de- Housing counselors and le- personal eepresentative mint by clicking"Notices <br /> Recordinggal%Tee.under sold to satisfy the expense available at little or no oast Permits/Approvals:s/Approvals: The to the creditor as provided opening the appropriate <br /> tololl <br /> RCW €5.04,015: ELIZA- of sale and the obligation you.If you would like as- following may be required under ROW 11.40, (c); project file number folder, <br /> BETH E.JONES,A SIN- - 1 ured by the Deed of arstance determining ' after <br /> addition to the above: er(2)four months after the <br /> GLE WOMAN&JUSTIN L Trust as provided by year rights andopportune- Construction sormwater dote of first publication of SEPA Review: Based on <br /> NORRIS,A SINGLE MAN statute.Said sale will be ties to keep your house, general permit from WA- the notice.If the claim is the submitted application <br /> Current Beneficiary of the made without warranty,ex- you may contact the follow- DOE.emistioMwn plan ape not presented within this andilable i ion, <br /> Deed of Trust and Grantee pressed or implied,regard- ing:The statewide foreclo. prove',right-of-way permit, time frame,the claim will be the City anticipatesron tee issuing <br /> (tor Reccrd:ng Purposes ing title.possession or an- sere beterr for desistance final lend division approval. forever barred,except s an MONS for thee proposal <br /> der RCW' ante,015): defaults <br /> on6/1/2020. and referral to housing building permits. othervse prodded in ROW and the optional DNS pro- <br /> Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. The defaults referred to in counselors recommended 11.40.051 and 1ce as <br /> ess in WAC 197-11-355 is <br /> Current Trustee of the Deed Paragraph Ill must be cured by the air:%mem Finance Existing Environmental This bar is effective as to being used.Consequently, <br /> of Trust:Quality Loan Ser- by M20/2020(11 days be- Commissithe Toll-tree: 1- Documents:The following claims against both the this may be the only oppor- <br /> vice Corporation of Wre- lore the sale date),orby 877.804-HOME (1-877• rental documents decedent's probate and lonely to comment on the <br /> le ae <br /> lemon Current Loan Mort- other date as permitted in 8944663) or Web site: evaluate the proposed non-probate assets. environmental impacts of <br /> gaga Servicer of the Deed the Note or Deed of Trust, http!/www, project: this proposal. A copy of <br /> of T/rat:WELLS FARGO to cause a deecentinuance aumerslhome emersr/po Critical areas report,Traffic DATE OF FIRST PUBLICS- the subsequent SEPA <br /> BANK NA.I.NOTICE IS of the sale.The sale will be st_purchase_courealers_fo port, Stormwater Site TION: April 1,2020 threshold detemrination fin <br /> HEREBY GIVEN that Quail- discontinued and terminal- clesureAtm The United Plan,Geotechnical Report, this proposal may be ob- <br /> ty Loan Service Corp.of ed if et any time before States Department of SEPA checklist. PERSONAL rained upon request. <br /> Washington. the under- 4/20/2020(11 days before Housing and Urban Devil- REPRESENTATIVE: <br /> signed Trustee, will the sole),or by other date opined: Toll-free: 1-600- Application documents may /s/Sara M.Bass Public Comment Period: <br /> the 20,at 9:00 AM At as permitted en the Note or Sits: 7 or National Web be wed at The pubic comment period <br /> the Main Entrance to the Deed of Trust.the default Site: httos//wnvw,anncorteswa: ADDRESS FOR MAILING ends at 5:00 PM on April <br /> Skagit County Court- a set forth in Paragraph 111 http!/portaLhor Inn/hLoc aov/18100mio nor-Comma- OR SERVICE 15,2020.Any person may <br /> house,located at 206 W. iecured and the Trustee's portal/HUD or for Local nity-Economic-Develog id Heather Vrieze, comment on the applica- <br /> Kincaid St.(3N&Kincaid fees and costs are paid. counseling agencies in mint by clicking"Notices WSBA#28553 (Ion,receive notice of and <br /> Ste, Mount Vernon, WA Payment must be in cash or Washington: of Application" and then de Vrieze j Cemey,Gamey,pile participate in any hearings. <br /> 98273 sell at public auction with hiers or certified http://www, opening the ppropnate 3909 California Avenue and request copy of the <br /> to the highest and beet bid- checks <br /> from a State or fed- fices/hag/s01/hec/rent- project file number folder. SW k101 decision,once <br /> made.Writ- <br /> . der,payable in the form of erally chartered bank.The etclr&meW httet Adeon=se S.tee.WA 98118-3705 ten comments and requests <br /> credit bid or cash bid in the sale may be terminated any ar h&searchstaee=WA&fit• Public Comment Period: must be submitted to the <br /> form of cashier's check or time after the 4/20/2020(11 terSvogele The statewide Written comments must be COURT OF PROBATE contact listed below before <br /> certified chocks from letter- days before the sale date) civil legal aid hotline for as- submitted to the contact PROCEEDINGS: the end of the comment pe- <br /> ony or State chartered and before the sale,by the sistance and referrals to below by 5:00 PM on April King County Superior Court rind. <br />