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• <br /> • <br />' AB-Wednesday,February 12,2020 Anacortes American/Legal Notices <br /> Legal <br />• EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br />•• <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOncs 0001 mud.NOncEs 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br />• <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR tion requirements for the <br /> COURT OF THE -`I Y 0 r <br /> . - City's Community Develop- The time and location of Natalia) Numbers In- <br /> STATE OF G...4,.. :�+ Gi.1 <br /> Qom.. ment Block Grant(CDBG), the first pubse hearing in: volved: P33177&P33178 <br /> WASHINGTON FOR <- - program administered by Monday,April 6,2020 at 6 <br /> the U.S, Department of p.m, in the Municipal voiles <br /> Applicant City of Ana- <br /> THE COUNTY 0E� Housing and Urban Devel- Budding Council Chant- voiles Parks and Recta- <br />• OF SKAGIT sq CO '"Ia 00:TIE7,t4 opment(HUD.The Consul- bars. Tew for discus• at on,P.O.Box 547,Ane- <br /> '� ,r k :dated Plan includes a one- n: Review draft Action cartes WA 98 2 21-054 7 <br /> BANK OF AMERICA NA., ,• CO T 10 't year Action Plan that de- Plan, housing and non- <br />. .� ' scribes how COBG funds housing community de- Location of Proposal:The <br /> Plaintiff, will be used to help the City velopment oneeds,obtain site is addressed as 411 <br /> The fallowing is a rnmary meet the community Bevel- ewe.,views. Hillcrest Drive.Anacortes, <br /> yy of an Ordinance passed by R4 Zone Building opment needs.particularly WA and is located within a <br /> the Anacortes City Council Height Discussion of low-Income residents. The time and location of portion of Section 30, <br /> KATHERINE M EDMOND- on February 3,2020. Public Meeting The draft Action Plan for the aec nd hearing ie: Township 35 Plorth;Range <br /> SON: WILLIAM M ED- the2020 program year will Monday,April 20,202U at 02 East:W;Ilametia Merafi• <br />' ALLY AOPLJr7.JSDM,DU-..._. .ORDINANCE----_-A public-mntng is being-b available for review -8 p.m, in the Manmrpal- _- __ --- -------------_ ---_ -_.. <br /> ALLY AND AD PERSONAL NO.3063 held to engage the comma- later than Mach 1,2020. Building Council Chem- <br />• REPRESENTATIVE OF THE nity in a conversation about bars. Topics for discus- Throeheld Determination: <br /> ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S AN ORDINANCE AMEND- the maximum allowed Tha 2020 CDBG funding cene;dora0on of The lead agency has deter- <br />' EDMONDSON AND AS ING ANACORTES PARKS building height in the R4 allocation;s estimated to we' eta nd approval mined that this proposal <br /> SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE OF AND RECREATION DE- ne(west of Commercial ba appreotmetely of the draft Action Plan. does not have a probable <br /> THE WILLIAM M AND PARTMENT PLAN 2020 Avenue). $100,000, based on last significant adverse' pact <br />• PRISCILLA S EDMOND- year's funding.The actual Steven D.Hoglund, on the environment.An en- <br /> SON FAMILY TRUST U/T/A A copy of the complete text The City Council recentlyante amount funded may dif- City Clerk vironmental impact state- <br />' DATED APRIL 9,1992;THE of each ordinance is posted enacted a moratorium o far,The purpose of dolt meet(EIS)is net required <br />•• ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S et the Anacortes City Hall, the acceptance of develop tine is to announce a February 6,2020 inter RCW 43.21 C.030(2) <br />• EDMONDSON;JONATHAN Anacortes Municipal Build- neat applications in the R4 30-day comment uperiod Dade (0).This decision was made <br /> EDMONDSON, SHELTER ing,6th Street and O Av- zone(west of Commercial which begins March 1, after review of a completed <br /> BAY COMMUNITY. INC.: "ue.Upon request to Me Ayes Wet propose to utilize 2020 and ands March 30, Posted to Website: environmental checklist and <br /> OCCUPANTS OF THE City Clerk's Office (360- height bonus provisions in 2020,announce the Amos February 7,2020 other intonation on riie <br /> PROPERTY, 293-1900) copies will be the Anacortes Municipal and location of the pub- with the lead agency. This <br /> mailed. Code. The provisions I- lie hearings for the plan- PUBLISH: DNS is issued under WAC <br /> Defendants. lowed en increase in the ning/approval process, February 12,2020 197-11-340(2). This infor- <br /> Steven D.Hoglund maximum <br /> x imum permitted build- and provide locations for April t,2020 motion is available to the <br /> Coon No.:13-2-01083-29 Coy Clerk in height from 40'to 50', public review of the draft public on request.A Deter- <br /> in exchange for prodding a Action Plan. Published minafM° S) Nosn•Sigue/A' SUMMONS canoe �- <br /> BY PUBLICATION Published percentage of small or in- February 12 and w issued <br /> come-restricted nits. The public and any interest- using the optional al DNS <br /> February 12,2020 Now the City;s studying ed persons are invited to April 1,2020 Coss as specified In WAC <br /> To:JONATHAN EDMOND- AA-1991252 this issue and wants to hear review and comment ;n AA-1992543 There is 355.The is no ad- <br /> SON THE STATE OF from the community. writing on the draft Action dhional comment period. <br /> SAID GTON TO THE Plan.Written comments on <br /> SAID DEFENDANTS: Please join us to: the draft Action Plan must _ ', Appeals: Appeals of this <br /> Vou are hereby summoned • Learn about how we got be received no later than 5 1.1 Y 0..1.. environmental determine- <br /> You appear within sixty days • <br /> here o p.m..March 30,2020.and .-G '. lionone may be made per the <br /> Learn about concepts may besot submitted to the procedures outlined in AMC <br /> after the date of the fret me- <br /> terpotential regulation City of Anacortes Planning ��..�AEF1 Ch.18.04 and Ch.19.20. <br /> publication of this sum- changes being consid• Department,P.O.Box 547, :' ;ygr 00' Additional intimation e <br /> man,to writ,within sixty ' S." 0' wed Anacortes,WA 98221 or „et ,sir /y' girding the appeal process <br /> days alter the 15th day of (a . Provide your feedback by email to jeans®city- 9 M1'._ may be obtained from the <br />• January,2020.and defend olanacenes,org, The City • COR.%' City of Anacortes PCED <br /> the above entitled action in and ideas considers the views of all Department,360-299.1984. <br />• the above entitled cud. 17,fettegaLoa public Meeting citizens, public genies, <br /> and answer the complaint ua end other interested groups Notice of Closed-Record Decision <br /> f the Plaintiff,BANK OF `.� W' Information: in preparing the final Action Public Hearing Hearing: A closed-record <br /> - Date/Time: <br /> AMERICA,N.A.,and serve .CQ$ Plan. A summary M the and Determination of decision hearing to make a <br /> Tuesday.February 25,2020 <br /> coPY'of your answer upon 5:30 PM co ants/sugggestions r Non-Significance decision on the application <br /> the undersigned attorneys Calved and will will be held by the City <br /> for Plaintiff, McCarthy & Tim following;s a summary Where: spouses (DNS) Council on Monday,March <br /> Holthus.LLP at the office of an OM;netme passed by City Council Chambers. be listed as an appendix in 23.2020 6:00 PM in City <br /> below stated;and in the Anacortes City Council 904 6th Street,Anacortes the final Action Plan. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- Council chambers located <br />• e of your failure so to do, on February 3.2020. A copy of the draft Action EN that the Anacortes Plan- at 904 6th Street. eurn- <br /> judgme10 will be rendered To Leant More: Plan may be obtained from: ring Commission will hold tortes,WA. <br /> against you accord' to ORDINANCE Visit the Project Website: y Pre-Decision Open- <br /> te demnd of the�c - Na 3062 htlp:JJwwwanacarteswa: en1�904 6rles 1h Street, n the Record Public Hewing of Contact Person: For <br /> plaint,which has been fled gov/161/Planning-Commu- <br /> plant et Wdn•sdev. Maroh 111 project information contact: <br /> with the clerk of said court. nilynEconomic-Develop- 2020,at 000 PM to make a Test Cooper, Associate <br /> The basis for the Complaint AN ORDINANCE AMEND- a t, then click on "R4 gov/171/CDBG-Infonnation <br /> r commendation on the ap- 9 ING ORDINANCE NO. Zone Building N OONt Dis- gev/171/CDBG-Information p8cation to G Council. Planner,Planning,Commie <br /> lreclostim of rho prop- 3032 ADOPTED ON OE- eussm Anacortes Public Ubrary The Planning Commission nity.&Economic Develop- <br /> Thearty ro commonly known s CEMBER 13,2018,ENTI- ^ reference desk,1220 loth ment Department;P.O.Box <br /> 897 Shelter Bey Dr, La TLED .AN ORDINANCE Street,and the Housing Au- will conduct a 3:00 PM site 547,Anacortes,WA 98221: <br /> Conner,WA 98257,Skagit ADOPTING THE BUDGET Project Contact: thodly of Anaconas,719 O visit onsite prior to this 360-588.8234; <br /> County,Weohin0ton as a FOR ALL MUNICIPAL Don Measamer, Avenue. bearing. The heaving willm- <br /> Chem- <br /> result of a default under the PURPOSES AND USES PCED Director be held to Council Chem• <br /> terms M the note and deed FOR THE 2010/2020 BIEN- eggnon-19a2 Tha Anocooes City Council bars located at 90661h St. SEPA Responsible OHi- <br />' of trust.DATED:January 2, will hold two public hear- ciel:Don Measamer,Dirac- <br /> 2020 Project Descri The <br /> LLP McCarthyGraceh H Grace gn onIhe draft Action �osi tor,Economic <br /> Community& <br /> LLP 'Grace Chu Grace A copy of the complete text Published plan. The purpose of the applicant is proposing an Economic Development <br /> Chu WSBA No.51258 108 01 each ordinance is posted February 12,2020 hearings b to obtain c;dzan osting end penRtad adaiMmMaPanakm o Depanment <br /> 1st Avenue South.Ste.300 t tea Anacortes City Hall, AA-1991940 views and to respond to C a <br /> Seattle,WA 98104 Attor- alaeprtes Municipal Build- proposes and questions on Cemetery (Grandview Date of Issuance: <br /> for Plaintiff . .. Cemetery).Tha a anion <br /> ^rys ing,61h street and 0 Av- lr the development of the plan ndudes adding a 48 Acres February 12,2020 <br /> entre.Upon request to the -l _Q before the final adoption 203068 foot) ddi- <br /> IUSPub i10159585 CAy Clerk's Office (360- G,"�\fi and submittal to HUD. ( square 0 a Publish: <br /> 1J1 S'2620 1/22/2020 - Ton to the west side of the February12,2020 <br /> mailed Funding allocations are as xistin ....ter,'fac;kt <br /> 1J29J2020 2/5/2020 ) copies will be - i g y,to <br /> 2/12/20202/19/2020 .j. b0 include additional grove <br /> - follows: affect, access ads _ Published <br /> Stevan D.Hoglund �r' eximam Provemefits,and restroom February 12,2020 <br /> Published oh,Clerk . .,;., 16 o m on Nitrite The„open,is;posted in <br /> January 15,22&29 • __Qt?' services the Public Zone. <br />. and February 5, Published '_ Remainder distributed to � ��M <br /> 12&19,2020 February 12,2020 The Consolidated Plan is Ce using <br /> & Project F; IP <br /> le: <br /> La- •i:„.ci. •e the tannins and a.•l•ica- Housing Projects CUP-2019-0002 <br />• <br /> TRASHING ONE EGG WASTES <br /> c)' 55 GALLONS OF WATER <br /> d <br /> t 9l a y` U • <br /> COOK IT,STORE IT,SNARE IT, <br /> i JUST DON'T WASTE IT. <br /> • <br /> ~, .. <br /> €., fI <br /> rf <br />