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GRAPHIC SCALE <br />30 0 15 30 60 <br />( IN FEET ) <br />I inch = 30 ft. <br />Will <br />I RACT "K" 30' WIDE NATIVE GROWTH PROTECTILIN EASEMENT/BUFFER ZONE W/ STORM WATER EXIST. SWALE CONVEYANCE <br />EXIST, SWALE <br />EXIST. SWALE <br />ND & SWALE <br />TRACT B <br />13,252 SE <br />d <br />30 ACRES d LOT 18 LOT 17 <br />2231 SF d d LOT 16 _ 0 A �� ME00❑ VV <br />2,218 SF 2,195 SF <br />/ 2' SS PUMP LINE <br />TO SSMH 2" SS PUMP LINE 2" SS PUMP LINE C O M M E N AREA 0 1 M ❑ 1 <br />/ UD <br />110�FTO SSMH TO SSMH <br />TRACT D o <br />SS - 24036 SE AF #9812140068cc <br />0 <br />0,55 ACRES � <br />❑ 24' 15' 3 \ <br />d <br />COMMON AREA tj d <br />LOT 15 d d LOT 14 LOT 13 LOT 12 <br />TRACT D 2,025 SF �' '� 2,250 SF 2,901 SF CIO <br />2,725 SF LOT 11 d <br />�, �, ,t:j� d d ROAD TRACT C <br />24,036 SF � � 2,200 SF SHOWN SHADED <br />0,55 ACRES � ZEE I` <br />L SS _ 19,740 SE / <br />WETLAND BUFFER LOT 10 LOT 9 LOT 8 <br />AVERAGING BOUNDARY 2,025 SF 2,250 SF 2,906 SF 14 <br />d d H <br />d d <br />M M �, M <br />d <br />r11 M d <br />�OMMON AREA SD M <br />TRACT D <br />24,036 SE <br />0,55 ACRES � <br />d <br />M d d d LOT 3 <br />LOT 5 M LOT 4 2,513 SF <br />2,025 SF 2,246 SF <br />PLAT EF EAGLE RIDGE <br />AF #200701110039 <br />10 -LU--L01� <br />0,45 ACRES <br />tj <br />I <br />__— <br />LOT 6 <br />LOT 7 tj <br />2,196 SF d <br />2,729 SF o <br />d r7 <br />w/ w w <br />� d M ql - <br />/ I / - SS <br />SS SS I ME4 -DL] YS <br />LANE <br />L <br />tj <br />LOT 2 <br />LOT 1 <br />M L E 6 E D <br />2,436 SF 2,279 SF <br />FENCE x x x <br />f <br />/ SANITARY <br />., SEWER SS <br />Cl) STORM <br />SEWER SD <br />x GAS <br />X <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />X <br />L0T <br />SIDE <br />1 <br />I ".,��. <br />5. <br />7)609 <br />SF <br />I, <br />10' UTILITY --I <br />`, <br />AND SIDEWALK <br />ESMT <br />4" SD <br />I y <br />SIDE <br />I- <br />I` <br />I�. <br />LET <br />20 <br />7)501 <br />SFV, <br />U, <br />I.� <br />I <br />4a SD <br />SIDE <br />I {I <br />I <br />IOT <br />P1 <br />I=� <br />=� 7,64 <br />7 <br />x <br />Y Y <br />x A <br />- <br />UNDERGROUND <br />uGP <br />POWER <br />WATER <br />MAIN w <br />Catch Basin ❑❑ <br />Power Vault <br />Sanitary Sewer Clean Out <br />END OF EXIST. ASPHALT Sanitary Sewer Man Hole <br />& CURB & GUTTER Cable Ped ❑T <br />Fire Hydrant � <br />x Water Gate Valve M <br />Water Meter IE <br />X, <br />X <br />X <br />0 <br />W E— <br />•SE- <br />I � � <br />EX, FIRE Q <br />HYDRANT <br />N 8'- 3'3 7" W 105, 76 , <br />04 <br />PW#19-1XX-DEV <br />PROJECT <br />DAT U M <br />This plan sheet is accepted for construction in accordance with the <br />TOP O F <br />MONUMENT N <br />City of Anacortes ordinances and policies. Actual conformance of the <br />design with applicable laws is the sole responsibility of the <br />CASE AT <br />NEW ROAD <br />professional engineer, whose name and stamp appear on this sheet. <br />Acquiring, complying with, and providing mitigation for all Federal, <br />ENTRY AS SHOWN ON <br />State, County, and Local Laws, permits, and mandates, including but <br />not limited to the Endangered Species Act, Federal Wetland Permit, <br />State Department of Fisheries Hydraulics Permit, Federal Flood Plain <br />PLANS. <br />N AV D 8 8 <br />Permits, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits is <br />the responsibility of the Developer, Landowner, and their Engineer. <br />The issuance of this permit shall not be construed as proof of <br />HER <br />WASy T�l� <br />compliance with applicable laws and permit requirements. <br />—X — <br />OF <br />ti <br />�P c° <br />CITY ENGINEER DATE <br />The acceptance will expire one year from the date <br />noted above. <br />0 27807 <br />R�O l� <br />�O RFGISTEEX, <br />FSS�ONAL <br />FIRE <br />HYDRANT <br />Date January 31, 2020 <br />1-31-2020 <br />� <br />�;;l <br />w <br />c\2 <br />® <br />00 <br />00 <br />0 <br />liv 1 <br />SHEET <br />NO. <br />C12 <br />REV.: - <br />JOB NO: <br />2017-150 <br />DATE: <br />Jan, 2020 <br />SCALE: <br />Noted <br />DRAWN: <br />D. HERRIGSTAD <br />CHECK: <br />D. HERRIGSTAD <br />SHEET 13 OF <br />- <br />