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WC <br />PLANNING, COMMUNITY, & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />! <br />Mailing Address: P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />y <br />PF <br />Office Location: 904 6th Street, Anacortes WA 98821 <br />qw <br />Phone: (360) 299-1984 <br />Master Land Use Permit Application <br />TYPE OF APPLICATION (check all that apply): <br />❑ Administrative Interpretation <br />❑ Floodplain Development Permit <br />❑ Annexation Request <br />❑ Home Occupation Permit <br />❑ Binding Site Plan (Preliminary) <br />® Long Subdivision (Preliminary) <br />❑ Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) <br />❑ Lot Certification <br />❑ Comprehensive Plan/ Map <br />❑ Minor Permit Revision <br />Amendment Request <br />❑ Conditional Use Permit (CUP) per AMC <br />❑ Plat Amendment /Modification <br />19.36 <br />❑ SEPA Environmental Review <br />❑ Conditional/Special Use Permit (CUP) <br />❑ Shoreline Conditional Use Permit <br />per AMC 17.70 <br />❑ Shoreline Exemption <br />❑ Cottage Housing Development <br />❑ Shoreline Substantial Development <br />❑ Development Agreement <br />Permit <br />❑ Essential Public Facility <br />❑ Shoreline Variance <br />PROJECT & SITE INFORMATION: <br />SITE ADDRESS: <br />1905 Anacopper Rd Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />PARCEL NUMBER(S): <br />P31752 <br />LOT SQUARE FOOTAGE & ACREAGE: <br />5.2 Acres / 226,512 sq ft <br />LEGAL DESCRIPTION: <br />SW 1/4 SW 1/4 EXC W 586FT OF S 325FT THOF TGW PTN S 33FT <br />OF N 693FY DESC AFN#888647 <br />PRESENT USE OF PROPERTY: <br />1 Single Family Residence with 2 out buildings <br />PRE -APPLICATION CONFERENCE HELD?: <br />❑ Yes, the City file # is Pre-2019-0033 ❑ No <br />SEWAGE DISPOSAL: <br />12 City of Anacortes ❑ Septic <br />City of Anacortes <br />Received by PLED <br />Date: February 21, 2020 <br />❑ Short Subdivision (Preliminary) <br />❑ Site Plan Review —Type 1 <br />❑ Site Plan Review —Type 2 <br />❑ Stormwater Management Manual <br />Adjustments & Exceptions <br />❑ Variance (Level 1) <br />❑ Variance (Level 2) <br />❑ Wireless Conditional Use Permit <br />(WCUP) <br />❑ Wireless Service Facility (WSF) <br />Permit <br />❑ Zoning Code/ Map Amendment <br />Request (Rezone) <br />PROJECT NAME: <br />The Crossings <br />SECTION, TOWNSHIP, & RANGE <br />23 35 01 SW Qtr <br />PROJECT VALUATION: <br />$800,000.00 <br />PRESENT ZONING: <br />R2 Residential <br />CUT & FILL (CY) PROPOSED: <br />5000CY/5000CY <br />WATER SOURCE: <br />L3 City of Anacortes ❑ Private Well ❑ Community Well <br />ROAD ACCESS: <br />® City Road ❑ State Highway ® Private Road <br />Master Land Use Permit Application Page 1 of 4 <br />