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ANACOPPER LLC <br />February 21, 2020 <br />Don Measamer <br />Director of Planning and Community Development <br />City of Anacortes <br />PO Box 547 <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Subject: Preliminary Plat Application <br />"The Crossings" <br />This letter of submittal for The Crossings includes the following information and reports. <br />1. Master Application <br />2. Authorized Agent Form <br />3. Preliminary Land Division Checklist <br />4. Cottage Housing Application <br />5. Project Narrative <br />6. Subdivision Guarantee 2.14.2020 <br />7. Critical Areas Report 2.2020 <br />8. Geotechnical Evaluation 4.12.2018 <br />9. SEPA Checklist <br />10. Tree Assessment -Preservation P1anl.27.2020 <br />11. Landscape Plan <br />12. Drainage Plan <br />13. Stormwater Drainage Report 1.13.2020 <br />14. Archaeological Report Proposal -Report Pending 2.21.20 <br />15. Traffic Study — Report pending update 2.14.2020 <br />16. Cottage Plan Set <br />17. Cottage Design Elevations <br />18. CCRs Cottage Homes <br />19. CCRs 3 SFR Lots 19-21 <br />City of Anacortes <br />Received by PLED <br />Date: February 21, 2020 <br />The pending Archaeological Report and updated Traffic Study are expected to be complete by the 281h of February I <br />will forwarded upon receipt. If you have questions regarding the submittal please feel free to give me a call or email <br />Debbie(a,Strandbergconstruction. com <br />Thank you, <br />­ <br />Debbie Headrick <br />Executive Assistant <br />Strandberg Construction, Inc. <br />PO Box 319 Anacortes Washington 98221 T 360-293-7431 E <br />