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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesday,March 18,2020-A9 <br /> L: ; gaI N• otices <br /> _. <br /> • <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS-COM • PHONE: (360).424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 IEOAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> NOTICE OF statute.V.The above-de- sistance in determining TO CREDITORS - en That An Applica- <br /> se'bed real property will be your rights and opportuni- <br /> TRUSTEE'SSALE ,'fY O'< lion Was Made For <br /> sold s le satisfy the expense ties to keep your house. RCW 11.40.030 G'CAW.' The Following Pro- <br /> of OF TRUSTEE'S °f sale and the obligation you may contact the follow- 9 <br /> cured by the Deed of ing:The statewide foredo- The Personal Represents- posal: <br /> SALE Pursuant to the Re- Trust as provided try sure hotline for assistance rive named below has been i �i <br /> used Code of Washington statute,Said sale will be and areferral to housing appointed as Personal Rep- 'Y Request:The applicant re- <br /> 61,24,et seq,108 1st Ave made without warranty,ex- counselors recommended senlafive f this estate. .,'Z ' �', sanity submitted for a short <br /> South,Suite 202,Seattle, pressed or implied,regard- by the Housing Finance Any person having a claim '9QQgS:'" plat application to create <br /> WA 98104 Trustee Sale ing title,possession or en- Commission: Toll-free: 1- against the decedent must, - - two(2)single family lots <br /> No,.WA-19-889415-SW Ti- cumbrances on 4/17/202 877-894•HOME (1.877- prior to the time the claim from the subject property. <br /> ale Order No,:19110735R- Thee defaults referred tom in <br /> or Web site: would be barred by y NOTICE The lot is currently vacant, <br /> WA-• bar of Reference Num- Paragraph III must be cured http:ers/ho dfowa-gov/con- otherwise applicable SEPA MITIGATED Work will commence with <br />• ber of Deed of Trust:IOstru- by 4the s 0(11 days be- mers/homeownasiere!to statute of limitations, DETERMINATION OF building permitm <br /> wilt Na, 200702220004 re the sale date),orby saup eure.be_coune United <br /> Present be claim in the NONSIGNIFICANCE <br /> Parcel Number(*):P106916. other data aspermitted in olosura, The United manner provided in RCW Applicant: <br /> 46324300-02541004 the Note or Deed of Trust, Slates Department of 11.40.070 by serving on or (MONS) Chris&Cheryl Felt <br /> Grantor(*) far Recording to cause a discontinuance Housing and Urban Devel- mailing the claim to the <br /> Pm poses under ROW of the sale.The sale will be opment; Toll-free: 1.800- Personal Representative or Project Name: File Number. <br /> 65.04.015: TIMOTHY L. discontinued and terminal- 569-4287 or National Web the Personal Represen e Ultimate Garage SPL-2020-0001 <br /> MEDICI AND LISA M. ed if at any time before Site: rivets attorney at the ad-- File Number <br /> MEDICI,HUSBAND AND 4/6/2020(11 days before httpe project Location; The <br /> l,hud,gov/hud- dress stated below,and fit- <br /> WIFE Current Beneficiary of the sale),or by other date portaVhlUDVHUD or for Local ing the original of the claim pLN-7Sl0.0007 project site is located at <br /> the Deed of Trust and es permitted in the Note or counseling agencies in with the Court identified 4319&4401 Oakes Avenue <br /> Grantee(for Recording Pur- Deed f Trust,the default Washington: herein.The claim must be Applicant: within a portion of Section <br /> poses under RCW as set forth in Paragraph III M / w,hud,gov/of- presented within the later Ultimate Garage 22; Township 35 North; <br /> 86.04.015)i U.S-BANK NA- cured and the Trustee's fice5es/haghsg/seVhedfc/in- f:(I)thirty days after the of Anacortes Range 01 East;Willamette <br /> TIONAL ASSOCIATION, fees and costs are paid, dex,cim7webtteaW epr <br /> on=se Personal Resentative Meridian, <br /> NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL Payment must be in cash or ar h&searchstateaA&fit- served or mailed the notice Site Address: <br /> CAPACITY BUT SOLELY mart cashiers or certified terSvcsdfc The statewide to the creditor as provided 9103&9111 Molly Lane parcel et P133694 <br /> AS TRUSTEE FOR MER- checks from a State or fed- civil legal aid hotline for as- under RCW 11.40.020:or <br /> RILL LYNCH FIRST arty chartered bank.The si Lance and referrals to (2)four months after the Parcel Number. P119968 Date of Application: <br /> FRANKLIN MORTGAGE sale may be terminated any other housing counselors date of first publication of February 20,2020 <br /> LOAN TRUST. MORT- time after the rn sale <br /> (11 and attorneys:Telephone: this Notice, If the claim is Project Description: The <br /> GAGE LOAN ASSET- days before the sele date) 1-000-606-4819 or Web not presented within this proposal includes construe- Date of Completeness: <br /> BACKED CERTIFICATES, and before the sale,by the site: time frame,the claim is for- tion of two self-service mul- March 13,2020 <br /> SERIES 2007-2 Current Borrower or Grantor or the http!/nwjustice,org/what- ever barred,except as ath- ti-unit heated storage she <br /> twill- <br /> Trustee of the Deed of holder of any recorded ju- clear Additional information erwise provided in RCW ties,with associated she in- public Comment Period: <br />• <br /> Intel, Duality Loan Ser- nior lien or encumbrance by provided by the Trustee:If 11.40.051 and 11.40.06 (restructure.utilities,park- Any person may comment <br /> vice Corporation of Wash- paying the principal and in- you have previously been This bar is effective as ye to ing and landscaping, on this application by writ- <br /> ington Current Loan Mort- rarest,plus costs,fees and discharged through claims against both the Building"A•'will be 1 story, ing to the address below. <br /> gage Servicer of the Deed advances,if any,made pur- enbankruptcy,you may have decedent's probate and with a footprint of ereapproxi-. Staff will issue a recom- <br /> of Trust:Natienatar Mort- uanl to the terms of the been released of personal non-probate assets. etely 18,030 square feet, inter ou on Ste project <br /> peg.LLC d/Wa Mr.Coap- obligation and/or Deed of lability for this loan in Building"B"is proposed to after the 14-day comment <br /> er L NOTICE IS HEREBY Trust and curing all other which case this letter is in- Date of First Publication: be up to 3 stories,and a to- period ends on April 1, <br /> GIVEN that Dually Loan defaults,VI.A written No- tended to exercise the March 16 2020 tel of approximately 37,200 2020,at 5:00 pm. Written <br /> Service e rp.of Washing- rice of Default was trans- noteholders rights against Personal Representative: square feet. The site is comments <br /> om a is on the proposal <br /> ton, the undersigned mated by the Beneficiary or the real property only.The (Caren Harvey proposed to be constructed should be submitted before <br /> Trustee,vAll on 4/17/2020, Trustee to the Borrower(*) tee'*Sale Number in phases. with Phase 1 the end of the comment pe- <br /> at 10:00 AM Al the Main and Grantor(s)by both first WA-WA-19-889415-SW,Dated: Attorneys for the Personal consisting of construction riod. <br /> Entrance to the Skagit class and certified mail. 12/9/2019 Quality Lean Representative: of all site infrastructure,util- <br /> coun1y Courthouse 3rd& proof of which is in the Service Corp,of Washing- Alan R.Souders, 'ties, *tormwpter, drive Required Project Permits/ <br /> Kincaid St located at 206 possession of the Trustee: ton,as Trustee By:Kristen WSBA 426192 lanes, and preparation of Approvals: Thu following <br /> W. Kincaid Bt., Mounttarp T and the Borrower and ,Assistant Seers- the building pad for Build- may be required in addition <br /> Vernon,WA 98273 sell at Grantor were personally Lary Trustee's Address: Address for Mailing or Ser- ing B. Phase 2 will con- to the above:Preliminary& <br /> public auction to the hih- <br /> g served,if <br /> applicable,with Quality Loan Service Corp. vice:Souders Law Group. silt of construction 01 Final Short Plat Submittal& <br /> Est an best bidder, said written Notice of De- of Washington 1081 st Ave 913 Seventh Street,Ana- Building B and all required Approval&Civil Construe- <br /> payable in the form of cued- fault or the written Notice of South.Suite 202,Seattle, cones,WA,96221 utility stub extensions and lion Plan approval. <br /> it bid r cash hid in the Default was posted in WA 98104 For questions asphalt parking completion, <br /> orm of cashier's check or conspicuous place thea call toll-free:(866)925-0241 Court of Probate Proceed- preliminary Determination <br /> f <br /> certified <br /> of checks from fader- real property described in Trustee Sale Number:WA- ings and Cause number: Threshold Determination: of Consistency:At a mini- <br /> Ily or State chartoretl paragraph I above,and the 19-869415SW Sala Une: Skagit County Superior The lead agency has deter- mum,this project will be <br /> abanks,at the time a sale Trustee has possession of 855 238-5118 or Login to: Court Cause Number 20-4- mined that this proposal subject to the following <br /> proof the following described real f of such service or http://wa, l 00061-29 does not have a probable plans and regulations:the <br /> Mu- <br /> property, situated in the posting,The list el Default <br /> IDSPub 40158983 significant adverse impact Comprehensive Plan; M1au- <br /> County of SKAGIT,State pt ants of the Notice of Default 3/18/2020 4/8/2020 PGbliShnd onthe environment provid- 'ipal Code(Zoning,etc./. <br /> Washington,SKAGIT, <br /> to-w S LOT i^listed within the Notice of March 18&25 and d that the conditions cut- &Engineering Design Stan- <br /> closure provided to the lined in the determination dards. <br /> 25,EAGLE VALLEY P.U,D- 3orrewer(s)and Gramods), Published Apri11,2020 are satisfied. Am environ- <br /> ACCORDING TO THE These requirements wereMarch 18 and AA-2002142 mental impact statement SEPA Review:SEPA envi- <br /> PLAT THEREOF completed ae of 1t/212019. (EIS) t ronmental review is not re- <br /> mental IN VOLUME vn. The Trustee whose April 8,2020 IN THE SUPERIOR aCW is not <br /> d, <br /> 16 OF PLATS,PAGES 18t nama and address are set A41999630 COURT OF THE This decision was made af- <br /> ter quire <br /> THROUGH 183, forth below will de in STATE OF ter review of completed letetl <br /> RECORDS OF SKAGIT provide - e 'R Public Rearing: <br /> writing to anyone quest- WASHINGTON environmental checklist and No hearings are required, <br /> COUNTY, WASHINGTON. Y other information on file <br /> ing s a statement of all 12 Q FOR <br /> More commonly known RO costs and teas due e.any G +A SKAGIT COUNTY with the lead agency, This Ho,to became bparty of <br /> WO AERIE LN,WA SEDRO -r to the sale.l be DNS is issued under WAC <br /> WO Oct to <br /> WA 98eed time prior 147 it 340(2 record:You may become a <br /> The effect of the Sale, be • ((�4 y�1" In ra the Guardianship of; ) This the goo ri record by submit- <br /> ot Trust <br /> to that certain Deed all dthese the by, -.a i`foIiSAT 0: m lion n available to the ling written cpmmenls,ng <br /> ns 7ded dated27 under all these a holdthe `� air .' JOHNS.DELIN.JR. public on request.A-Deter- eluding a NSPS) mailing <br /> carded 2/22/2007,under through or under the ..Q +5.,, inse I of Non-i900s- address,to the City of Ana- <br /> Instrument No, 'Grantor of all their interest C'' NO,19-4-00208-29 ce (DNS) wasissued codes PCED at the address <br /> 200702220004 records of in the above-described using the optional DNS pro- listed below. E-mailed <br /> SKAGIT County,Washing- property.IX.Anyone having NOTICE OF SALE Cass as sPeoifieff in WAC comments must include <br /> ton, from TIMOTHY L. any objections to this sale The followin OF REAL PROPERTY 197-11-355. There no return(USPS)mailing ad- <br /> MEDICI ABS LISA M. ong is a summary BY NEGOTIATION dress in order for the <br /> any grounds whatsoever fan Ordinance passed by further comment period. <br /> MEDICI,HUSBAND AND will be afforded an opportu- sender to be considered a <br /> WIFE as the Anacortes Chy Council <br /> grant-Its), •o obj ct on heard as to those on March 9,2020. that EIS HEREBY GIVEN environmental <br /> Appeals: Appeals of this pa about <br /> of record.Questions <br /> CHICAGO TITLE-ISLAND lawsuit <br /> to if they hang a that tan oft D. Jensen, S ronmental determine-pe guest this proposal. r <br /> DIVISION, as original lawsuit to restrain the sale Guardian of the Person and Son y be made per the quests to receive future no., <br /> trustee,to secure an obfi- ORDINANCE Estate of John S.Delin,Jr„ bees of hearings and/or the <br /> pursuant to RCW procedures outlined in AMC <br /> dation in favor of MORT- loch a 30.Failure to bring NO.3067 will sell by negotiation,the Ch.18.04 and Ch,t9.20. decision, once ode, <br /> GAGE ELECTRONIC REG- such a lawsuit may result in following root property, Appeals must be submitted and/or appeal procedures <br /> ISTRATION SYSTEMS, a waiver of any proper AN ORDINANCE GRANT- legally described as: by 5:00 PM April 1,2020 as should be directed to the <br /> INC.,AS NOMINEE FOR grounds for invalidating the ING A NON-EXCLUSIVE provided in AMC 19.20.180, coofoof person weer n- <br /> FIRST FRANKLIN FINAN- Trustee's sale.X.NOTICE FRANCHISE TO COM- (01723 ac)LOT 6,CITY OF Additional Information re- low, The application and <br /> d <br /> CIAL CORP„AN OP,SUB, TO OCCUPANTS OR TEN- CAST CABLE COMMNT- ANACORTES SHORT PLAT Banning the appeal process c nplele case file are avai- <br /> OF MLB&T CO,FSB,ITS ANTS The purchaser at the CATIONS MANAGEMENT, NO. SPL-2015.0008, AP- may be obtained from the able for review at the City <br /> SUCCESSORS AND AS- Trustee's Sale is entitled to LLC FOR THE CON- PROVED JUNE 27, 2017 contact person listed be- of Anacortes PCED located <br /> SIGNS,as onginai c- possession of the property STRUCTIN, OPERA- AND RECORDED JULY 6, low, at 904 6th Street, Ana- <br /> ciary the beneficial interest AND 20th day following TION, AND MAINTE- 2017,UNDER AUDITOR'S codes,WA 98221, A deci- <br /> n which was subsequently the sale, as against the NANCE OF A CABLE SUS- FILE NO. 201707060062, SEPA Responsible OBI- io on this application will <br /> assigned to U.S. BANK Grantor under the deed of TEM WITHIN THE CITY RECORDS OF SKAGIT tar. Don Meesamer,Dire.- berimade within 120 days ' <br /> NATIONAL ASSOCIA- trust(the owned and any- LIMITS,PROVIDING FOR COUNTY, WASHINGTON. tor,omit g,Community& from the data of complete- <br /> TION,NOT IN ITS INN- ne having interest iu- TABUSEVERABILITY,AND ES- BEING A PORTION OF THE Economic Development nese, <br /> VIDUAL CAPACITY BUT or to the deed of trust,in- TABLISHING AN EFFEC- NORTHWEST QUARTER Department <br /> SOLELY AS TRUSTEE eluding occupants who are THE DATE OF THE SOUTHEAST Appeal Procedure: The <br /> FOR MERRILL LYNCH not tenants.After the 20th QUARTER OF SECTION Contact Person: For decision of this short plat is <br /> the <br /> FIRST FRANKLIN MORT- day following the sale the A copy of the complete text 25,TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, Protect i iorinaton contact: appealable to the Hearing <br /> GAGE LOAN TRUST, purchaser has the right to of each ordinance is posted RANGE 1 EAST,W.M. Ubby Grose, Planning Examiner per AMC Table <br /> MORTGAGE LOAN AS. evict occupants who are at the Anacortes City Hell, Manager; Planning, Com- 1920,030,Please refer to <br /> SET-BACKED CERTIFI• not tenants by summary Anacortes Municipal Build- Parcel Number:P133761 menn o,&Eco,mi.Dever- AMC 19,20.210 for appeal <br /> CATES, SERIES 2007-2, proceedings under Chapter ing,6th Street and Q Apment Department: P.O, procedures. <br /> the Beneficiary, der an 59.12 RCW.For tenant-oc- ue.Upon request to the <br /> e <br /> and commonly descrbed Box 547, Anacortes. WA <br /> assignment recorded under c rued property. the pur- City Clerk's Office (360- as 3813 Deakin Court,Ana- 98221: 360-299-1986; lib- For Project Information: <br /> Auditors File Number chaser shall provide a ten- 2934900) copies will be codes,Washington,98221, bybOchyofanacertes,org, Tess Cooper, Associate <br /> 201605230115 II.No action ant with wntlee notice n mailed. fora selling price in the Planner;Phone:(360)588- <br /> encetl by me Beneli- with ROW su of 5568,000(five-hum- Detect Issuance: 8234; Email, less.rdcity- <br /> erym0f the Deed of Troy/ 61.24.060, THIS NOTICE Steven D.Hoglund dred andsixty-eight thou- March 18,2020 ofanacertes,org: City of <br /> as referenced in ROW IS THE FINAL STEP BE- Otty Clerk sand dollect) to Erika Publish: March 18,2020 Anacortes,P.O,Box 547. <br /> 61.21.030(4)is rw Pend- FORE THE FORECLO- Broderson and Bradford Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> mg to seek satl:Nactioo of SURE SALE OF YOUR Published Broderson,a married COAL- Published <br /> the obligation in any Court HOME.You have only 20 March 18,2020 ple,bid sale to be Coe- March 18,2020 Data Issued: <br /> by+Cason cf rho Borrower's DAYS horn the recording AA-2002126 firmed after March 29. AA-2002697 March 10.2020 <br /> or Granter's default on the dale of this italics 10 pur- 2020,which is the closing <br /> obligation secured by the sue mediation. DO NOT SUPERIOR COURT date of the notice period. published: <br /> Dead.f Trust/Mortgage.III. DELAY. CONTACT A OF THE STATE OF - - March 10,2020 <br /> The default(s)for which this HOUSING COUNSELOR WASHINGTON, DATED THIS 111h DAY OF '%'C Y O <br /> foreclosure is made is/ere OR AN ATTORNEY LI- SKAGIT COUNTY MARCH,2020. <br /> as billows:Failure to pay CENSED IN WASHING- -._... G Published <br /> �' arsh <br /> when due the following TON NOW to assess your In the Matter of the Estate M 18,2020 <br /> amounts which are new n situation and rater you to DEWEY W. WEDDLE, y of AA-2002718 <br /> arrears,S73,903tile IV,The mediation d you are eligible of WSBA 1129157 '1 sv1 - <br /> sum wng on the oblige and t may help you save Attorney for `9 ,t ,,..� <br /> lion secured by the Deed of tour borne.See below for James Martin Harvey, Claudia D.Jensen COO.' -ice, <br /> Tnst is:The principal sum safe sources of help. Guardian of the Parson and <br /> "-'- <br /> of $185,683.60, together SEEKING u ASSISTANCE Deceased. Estate of John S.Dalin,Jr. NOTICE OF ,F <br /> with interest as provided in Housing counselors and le- <br /> the Note from 2/112016 on. gal assistance may be NO,2C-4-00061.29 Published APPLICATION: <br /> and such other costs and available at little or no cost March 18,2020 <br /> fees as are prodded by to you.If you would like as- PROBATE NOTICE AA-2002374 Notice IS Hereby Giv-,n/ceesnustre- <br />