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A9-Wednesday,March 11,2020 Ae rites American!Legal Notices <br /> e a o � a <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> • SUPERIOR COURT to the shoreline;end <br /> OF WASHINGTON NO.20-4-00959-5 SEA <br /> FOR SNOHOMISH PROBATE NOTICE • Provide environmental <br /> COUNTY TO CREDITORS protection. <br /> (RCW 11.40.030) <br /> In the Matter of the The Executer named below Open House Format <br /> Estate of has been appointed as Ex- There unit be grief presay <br /> PPoi^ Cation including summary <br /> HELENA PEDACK, acutor of this estate.Any information about proposed <br /> person having a claim amendrnents to the SMP. <br /> Deceased. against the Decedent must, City staff and the consul- <br /> before the time the claim tent team will be available <br /> pro- <br /> No.20.4-00282-31 would be barred by a y to answer questions,pro- <br /> ethawiae pplicable eaty information,ation, and re- <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS statute of limitations, c e input on the SMP up- <br /> (RCW 11,40.030) Present the claim in the date. <br /> proddedmanner as in <br /> ROW 070 by serving To Loam More: <br /> The personal representative mailing <br /> g to the Execu- <br /> named below has been at. tor or the Executor's actor- Visit the Project Website: <br /> don Pointed as personal pre- nay at the eddrea9 elated httesi/e.ww enacedeswa. <br /> tetive of thie estate.Anv below a copy of the claim aov/1095/SMP-llMare <br /> person having a claim end filing the original of the <br /> against the decedent must, claim with the court.The Project Contaot: <br /> before the time the clam claim must be presented Libby Grego, <br /> would be barred by any within the later of:It)thirty Planning Manager <br /> otherwise applicable days after the Executor 360-299.1986 <br /> statute of ilmitalrens, served or mailed the notice <br /> present the claim in the to the creditor as provided <br /> manner es prodded in under ROW 11.40.030(1Nc): Published <br /> RCW 11.40.070 by serving or(2)four months after the <br /> ','he rr;: of t publ wren or March 4&??,2020 <br /> I maranzPlFli,n o•rho Pa- he notice,I,the ciaim is AA-1999290 . .. <br /> • tome tp n address tat- t presented'within this - <br /> Y a t me frame,the claim ie for <br /> so below copy-of the aver barred x opt as'oth- '' • - <br /> clam and king the original erw se provided in RCW <br /> of the claim with the mud 11.40.051 and 11.40,060. NOTICE OF <br /> • <br /> which the probate pro- This bar is effective as to CORRECTED • <br /> ceedings were co - claims against both the HEARING <br /> pneed.The claim must be decedent's probate and <br /> resentted within the loran nooprobate assets. SCHEDULE <br /> or(1)Thirty days after the <br /> personal representative DATE OF FIRST PUBUCA- <br /> served or mailed the notice TION; February 26,2020 ANACORTES <br /> to the creditor as provided CITY COUNCIL <br /> under RCW 1 1.40.020(1)tn1; EXECUTOR:Ann L.Kean- Y a <br /> or 12t lour months after the -y 19113 NE 173rd Street •_ , Ilp�� <br /> date of first publication of Woodinville WA 98072 tl (9v4r.` <br /> the notice If the lam is Telephone;206.496.0462 . 1 Y 0 - <br /> not presented within the G fL1. <br /> IX i •-EC'time frame,the claim is fo- ATTORNEY FOR ECU• , ;. <br /> aver barred,except as oth- ,TOR Chdstopher Small } v <br /> 4ae Provided r RCW CMS La 1 Finn LLC. all t7_.s W <br />' 11.40. and 18to Kirkland Avenue,Suite 201 '-a. . N'' . rµr <br /> This baren s effectiveve en es to Kirkland.WA 96033 Tele- ' .. " <br /> clams age nst both the phone:206.659.1512 - QUg- '". •... <br /> decedent's probate and - ,4t�! <br /> nonprobate assets. • -Published 2020 Critical Area sin <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBUCA- February 26 and Regulations Update •.' <br /> TION: February 26,2020 March 4&11,2020 <br /> AA-1996745 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- ,yam' W <br /> • DATE OF BIRTH OF DECE- EN that the public hearing ryLy��l�s <br /> DENT: February 25,1925 ,S Y on the Critical Area Update, .,r•, y1'A ."e .`. T <br /> 1,�—O previously advertised as l A <br /> PERSONAL �'� scheduled for March 13, • <br /> REPRESENTATIVE' 2020 is in error,the correct ` ynfa.-✓`t. 4yp' <br /> Richard Pedack Hearing date is Morris <br /> GI' - March tie.2020,at 8:00 ,•,�- 4 . --Vi <br /> ATTORNEYS FOR PER- el, 4I PM, n the Anacenes City <br /> SONAL REPRESENTATIVE' "Q0*6... Council Chambers(904 6th • ,• AO <br /> Holly Shannon, -. St.). <br /> I -' <br /> W'SBA N44957 • <br /> Carson Law Group P.S. The lentatve public hearing rest <br /> 3113 Rockefeller Ave. City of AnaCOrtes schedule is as follow <br /> Everett WA 96201 _. <br /> • (425)493.5000 SHORELINE MASTER March IN General Prod. <br /> ADDRESS FOR MAILING PROGRAM UPDATE its&Review Procedures <br /> (Exemptions, Outdoor '-id <br /> OR SERVICE: OPEN HOUSE Recreation,8 Bikes); <br /> Holly Shannon April e Wetlands and <br /> Carson Law Group,P . WEDNESDAY, FWHCA's(Regionally Sig- - <br /> 3113 Rockefeller Ave.e MARCH 18,2020 decent, Buffers, ACFL 8 - <br /> Everett WA 98201 6:00 p,m,8:00 p.m. Herons): - <br /> DATED this 18th de of City Council April 20:Geologically Hex- - <br /> Chambers,City Hall rdous, Cr heal Aqurfer. <br />' February 2020. 904 eth St. Frequently Flooded Areas, <br /> CARBON Aortas,WA 95221 d Definitions: - - "' . <br /> nac <br /> May 4: Continuance of <br /> LAW GROUP,P.S. This Open House is on op <br /> - Public Hearing&Dehbera- <br /> Holly Shannon. <br /> WSBA N44957 Portunity for City residents lions; <br /> and other interested nib- May 26:Defiberations Con- Amazing stories start in shelters and <br /> Attorney for zees to learn ore about timed,possible decision. <br /> Personal Representative the Shoreline Master Pro- <br /> gram (SMP) update pro- This notice is given in ao- rescues. to start yours. <br /> Published case, proposed am d- comanne with ode of <br /> February 26 and dents to the SMP,and to 42.30., Revised Coda of <br /> March 4&11,2020 provide feedback. Washington, <br />• AA-1996175 The Shoreline Master Pro- The City of Anacortes en- <br /> gram is a locally prepared eve rages people with den <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR et of policies and regale- ebinres to participate <br /> COURT OF THE lions required by Slate law t u es meetings.For eeds. <br /> that govern development in lanes with special Fe de, • <br /> STATE OF ehorerne areas. SMps are please contact the City <br /> WASHINGTON FOR des9ned to: Clerk at the 9-1960 in <br /> KING COUNTY advance of the meeting. <br /> • Ennui age appropriate Published <br /> Estate of shoreline development; <br /> DAVID BRIAN.ASHCRAFT, March 11,2020 -' ' <br /> ._..._..__Deceased._._.._..._.:_Pnemote_pubfe access .._AA20➢.1.1. • <br /> • <br /> y <br /> ' Start A Story. <br /> Ill .. <br /> >Pi},ram/T <br /> is ,, � V <br /> wU R-U M aide nna <br />