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A8-Wednesday,March 4,2020 Anecortes American/Legal Notices <br /> 0001 lean NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> served,if applicable earth end attorneys:Telephone: <br /> said written Notice of De- 1-800-606.4619 or Web <br /> fault or the written Notice of site. <br /> Default was posted in a <br /> conspicuous place on the clear Additional information <br /> real property described in provided by the Trustee:If <br /> Paragraph I above,and the you have previously been <br /> Trustee has possession of discharged through <br /> proof of such service bankruptcy,you may have <br /> posting.The list of recipi- been released of personal <br /> ants of the Notice of Default liability for thls loan in <br /> is listed within the Notice of which case this letter in in- <br /> Foreclosure provided to the tended to exercise the <br /> Borrower(s)and Gramor(sl. noteholders rights against <br /> These requirements were the real properly only.The <br /> completed of Trustee's Sale Number is <br /> 10/Trustee . ViI.a and WA-111/15.96675D-BB. Dated: <br /> Trustee whose nerve and 11/18/-886 Duality loan <br /> address are sat forth below Service Cusp of Washing- 41141161111.10, <br /> will provide inwr'ting to ',n,as Trustee By:Patrick <br /> anyone requesting it, a Lynch,Assistant Secretary VIE. <br /> statement of all costs and Trustees Address'Quality '►err `1TI E PIG TOt.0 �C <br /> foes due at any •1e prior Loan Service Corp. of \! 4 <br /> to the sale.ViIll The effect Nash.Suit 120 1 st Ave _,_ <br /> or the eels will be to de- South,Suite 202 Seattle, kG HEALTH IN U �� <br /> prva the Grantor and all WA 98104 For questions <br /> those who hold by,through call toll-tree:(8661925-0241 <br /> or rider the Grantor of all Trustee Sale Number: to: is ORF AFFORD <br /> WA- <br /> their interest in the above- 1e-866757-BB Sale Line: <br /> described Mitring <br /> anyy, IX. 800_280-.que t Login to: <br /> Anyone h his any objec- httpIDSPub 4015 403 3//202 <br /> lionscom <br /> to this sale on any IDSPeb a0158403 0/4/2020 <br /> II.- <br /> grounds whatsoever will be 325/2020 THAN YOU MIGHT TO <br /> % <br />• afforded w1 opportunity to <br /> be heard as to those obiec- Published <br /> none if they bring a lawsuit March 4&25,2020 <br /> to restrain the sale pursuant AA 1097556 <br /> to RCW 61.24.130.Failure <br /> to bring such a lawsuit may �! :Le <br /> suh a waiver one v � <br /> proper grounds for sal ,,- Y 0 t/: U1 <br />• in <br /> dating the Trustees sale.X. G//T•&1 I /"'` <br /> NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS 1 �1l // N. <br /> , <br /> OR TENANTS The put- "(I. <br /> laser at the Trustee's Sale <br /> I is entitled to possession of YI D /� ._ <br /> :hit property the,en 1 .S -. <br /> day following the sale, s s 0OSL t-ti <br /> against the Grantor under V ,v,. ' Y• <br /> the deed of trust(the,vim <br /> N ., <br /> �iea and <br /> union to thende an etl City of Anacortes / <br /> at frost,junior <br /> rig aacu- SHORELINE MASTER •�4 l' <br /> pains who are not tenants. sr O,i - <br /> PROGRAM UPDATE ,,,7 &' k t�'I <br /> After the 20th day following , r.ll• '( <br />• the sale the purchaser has OPEN HOUSE c� '/the right to evict occupants <br /> who not tenants by WEDNESDAY, t' t "-• •'� <br /> • <br /> decry eroceed,n9% - MARCH 18,2020 r F a ..\ i <br /> r Chapter 59.12 RCW. 6:00 m.8:00 P•m • <br /> - <br /> For tenant occupied prop P' j y ;,.�� t <br /> e'ly, the purchaser shall City Council LY \\ ',nyy,. •y• 1� <br /> provide a tenant with writ- Chambers,City Hall `. <br /> onton,WA !� <br /> tn ice inn accordance Macwlas, 9822Y r we 4, <br /> with <br /> ROW 61.24.060.FINAL, <br /> NOTICE IS THE FlNAL, <br /> STEP BEFORE THE This Op Pmts.y Is an op- <br /> FORECLOSURE SALE OF. portunty for City residents ` i. P 1. �Ay� <br /> YOUR HOME 1 h and <br /> to r iMerestedrn more about .,,i 't= • �1' �, ��k <br /> only,20 DAYS f the ,tie Shoreline Master Pro- 'Is <br /> recording dalet 11 - ,�.. f"� <br /> bce to Pursue mediation. 9ram (SMP) update pro- ,. . 1 E l { .T.; !�•j�@� <br /> DO NOT DELAY, CON- cess proposed emend- ^, a i f A1s <br /> TACT A HOUSING COON- merits to the SMP,end to 1' ,9 <br /> SELOR OR AN ATTOR provide feedback. 7 4 }t, �M \• <br /> e, <br />• NEY LICENSED IN WASH• The Shoreline Master Pro- N� <br /> INGTON NOW t s rem Is ,,allprep..., \, <br />• your situation d refer you- sal M policies an er ula <br /> t menial on i you ere gt_, liens regtr red by Slate law s I �'/ <br /> r Slaa end may.alp you• that govern developm •ent m l 3 t', •t 'L <br /> ,e you hems.See below shoregline are s. SMFs are ` 1C. <br /> far afe sources f halo. I to.a <br /> SEEKING ASSISTANCE 9 \t' I t./ fay <br /> Housing counselors and la- E u one appropriate X' <br /> • gal available sstance may be h line development y: }( jp,9 <br /> tittle or no cost V 1. N <br /> to you.If you would like as- Y` tl <br /> s'staroe m determining ' Promote pWlic access <br /> your n his and to the shoreline;and / <br /> best 9 keep your house. `` e'• I ' <br /> you may contec4 the blow- - Provide environmental 1 - A , <br /> rig:The statewide foreclo protection . . S S y <br /> sure hotline for assistance Open Hausa Format: 1. <br /> and referral cu housing j <br /> counselors recommended ended There w„be a brief Presen- <br /> by the Housing Finance *Ion ndud tie summ ry - 2 <br /> Commission: Tolhfree. 1- information about proposed <br /> 8Ts://w HOME (t-877- amendments to the SMP. TAKE ARE 1 <br /> sumars83) r Web site: City stall and the consul- <br /> htts://www.dfi.wa.govicon-http:/I 83) or <br /> con- rant team will be available <br /> mers/homeownselorspo an er questions pre-e-- <br /> aejeeerasecouneela ee Ile informations l an <br /> redosura hbn The United calve input on the SMP up- <br /> States Desertment of vats. <br /> Housing merit:and Urban Dess- `` ' ^+�• <br /> cement: Toll-tree: t-a00. To Leant More: \v ti r " yµ' • <br /> - <br /> 560.428T of National Web r B'1 s ,. - <br /> Sta Lhsit the Project Webste (A1. <br /> htb://porf I it httos://www.anacorteswa.- ,b <br /> portal/HUD or for Local 90cl1095/SNAP-Undate <br /> counseling agencies <br /> Washington: n Project Contact: <br /> t http://w• Ubby Grego, <br /> fices/hsg/sih/rootifc/in- Planning Manager <br /> ana.cfm?webLislAchon=ee 360-299-1988 <br /> erch&searchstete=WA&fit- <br /> lerSvc=dla The statewide <br /> civil legal aid hotline for as- Published <br />• sister-we and referrals to March 4&11,2020 <br />• ether housing counselors AA-1999290 <br /> You take care of us pets.Now it's our turn to take care of you. <br />. 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