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Measamer, Don <br /> From: Measamer, Don <br /> Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2003 10:39 AM <br /> To: Munce, Ian <br /> Subject: T-Baily <br /> Hello Ian, <br /> I had a phone conversation today with Darrell Lehman regarding the noise complaints at 22nd and R, he states that the <br /> crew will be working 24 hr shifts and that only welding will be taking place after 10:00 pm, and that the crew has been <br /> instructed that hammering etc would not be allowed. <br /> We have"nt recieved any complaints in the past couple of days so the long weekend should let us know if Mr. Lehmans <br /> suggestion works. <br /> Also, Mr.Merlino called and was concerned about the city regulating noise at his industrial property, I explained that we are <br /> working with T-Bailey and that we would give him notice of any further complaints recieved... <br /> Please let me know if we should go adifferent direction with this...Thank You <br /> Don Measamer <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> Senior Plans Examiner <br /> 360.293.1901 <br /> <br /> ,nn�daa✓o� �G <br /> ac;dc.7 <br /> 5: 3 0 4 vn S ka <br /> 2 ; 3 o A ", 54 • 44-1 <br /> 0 Weir O .tJ <br /> 1 <br />