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tsy 4� Re-Roof Building Permit Application <br /> City of Anacortes Building Department <br /> "foo 's l P.O.Box 547 Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Phone No.:360-293-1901 FAX: 360.293.1938 <br /> Type of Permit: (check one) r Residential ❑Commercial <br /> Project Address: (Z 1 0 I I V Parcel ID# P 5-5-9 <br /> Owner: t (4 t'{ Phone Number: '3 5 6( 2 Y I S— <br /> v <br /> Address: I 2-10 ) 4- City: Allot (o`---k 5 Stater,` Zip Code: q 221 <br /> Contractor: 14 e i t-()/ - o. Phone Number: O °) 645 _3 q.3 <br /> Address: vo6 Aioef 1 0,-C71-ivk C�pzre City:OaV- l' 4vr" State: tv Zip Code:' a 2-7-7-- <br /> Contractor's License Number: f4 16 N L R4' ( 1 /1' Expiration: Zit/ <br /> Type of Roofing: (O(A/pc i--+-CDr,i Number of Layers: L- Number of Squares: 2'6) <br /> Class of Roofing: CAA ❑B ❑C Installing or replacing sheeting: No <br /> Work Scheduled to Begin: t/( Z/ I Work Scheduled to End: "2-//.2., ()� <br /> 1 <br /> The following is required for NON-Residential Buildings: <br /> ❑ All Non-Residential projects will require a site visit prior to the issuance of the permit for <br /> obvious signs of fatigue, condition of existing roofing and number of existing layers. <br /> ❑ Two copies of the installation specifications and U.L. listed roof assembly. <br /> ❑ Building square footage: <br /> ❑ Occupancy Group Office Retail <br /> Church Restaurant <br /> School <br /> Project Valuation:$ t 0 ill <br /> hereby certify the above information is correct and that the construction on, and the occupancy and the use of <br /> the above described property will be accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the State of <br /> Washington. The applicant will be responsible for providing a method of safely accessing roof for inspection. A <br /> final inspection and approval shall be obtained when the re-roofing is complete. <br /> I/ 2-p r- <br /> Applic t Signature /Dat <br /> Revised September 11,2008 <br />