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it <br /> RECORD OF FINDINGS AND DECISION OF BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT <br /> DATE MAku 7 l i4 <br /> APPLICAN( kf 2OAIAA ADDRESS 2,511 t'7 sr <br /> APPLICATION NUMBER <br /> Description of application heard (variance, appeal , etc.) <br /> 14M-IA'JLe— R-M,NAJ Svrw 2o' '-ro is' <br /> Date application filed 1 14zu a-y 2 S M4 j <br /> r <br /> Date of hearing Aet-t{ `L Ill 1 <br /> DECISION L <br /> After review and hearing on the application in accordance with applicable <br /> provisions of the Zoning Ordinance the Board finds that: (findings) <br /> 5 in- - v& 4/1. 4 y A,o S9ZI_Kce0 LOCATION PPvar_ Art fue.v r <br /> w DNElefti(, Rtot?ATY w to ► for Anvf rInPAtr oN NAT$tkt <br /> .Sem Nb ANP n1 0fho4;c0P <br /> In accordance with above findings the application 6—Qrantedlaenied (circle one) . <br /> In granting the application the Board prescribes the awing conditions <br /> which must be met: <br /> SECR ARY, 0 D OF ADJUSTMENT <br /> 1 <br />