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A8-Wednesday.February 26,2020 Anaaortes American l Legal Notices <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 (FOAL NOTICES 0001 marl NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> rnents may be viewed at: comment on this mph.- IN THE SUPERIOR <br /> PERSONAL httos'//www,anacooeawe- lion by writing to the ad- Decision Date: Proponent: City of Ma- COURT OF THE <br /> REPRESENTATIVE. gov/161/Planning-Commu- dress below. February 21,2020 mites 904 6th Street,P.O. STATE OF <br /> Richard Psdack pity-Economic-Develop. Box 547, Anacortes, WA WASHINGTON FOR <br /> mwri. Existing Environmental Decision: 98221.0547 <br /> ATTORNEYS FOR PER- Documents: SEPA a vi- Approval with conditions Location of Proposal: City KING COUNTY <br /> SONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Published ronmental checklist, limits of the City of Ana- <br /> Holly Shannon, February 26,2020 Stonnwater/Drainage Plan, Threshold Determination: tortes&/or applicable ser- Estate of <br /> WSBA#44957 AA-1996666 Traffic Impact Study.wet- The lead agency has deter- vice areas DAVID BRIAN ASHCRAFT, <br /> Carson Law Group,PG. land study and buffer aver- mined that this proposal Deceased. <br /> 3113 Rockefeller Ave. aging ng plan.. does not have a probable Public Comment Period: <br /> Everett WA 98201 significant adverse ImPact The City Council will accept NO,20.4-00959-5 SEA <br /> (425)493-5000 Public Hearing:No public on the environment.An en- written public comment on PROBATE NOTICE <br /> hearing is required. vironmental impact state- this proposal starting on TO CREDITORS <br /> ADDRESS FOR MAILING . T Y tent(EIS)is not required February 28,2020 to a fu- (ROW 11A0.030) <br /> OR SERVICE: Shannon 'G1 O- How to become a party of under RCW 4321C.030(2) tune date to be determined. <br /> Holly record:You may become a (c). This decision as The Executor named below <br /> Law Group,F.S. - patty of record by submit- made after review of Public Hearing:A public has been appointed as Ex- <br /> ya3113 Rockefeller Ave. q tog wooer comments,in- completed environmental hearing is scheduled before ecator of this estate.Any <br /> Everett WA 98201 '-7� W, eluding a (LISPS) mailing checklist d other ink, the City Council on Mon- Person having a claim <br /> 'Ia a kW' address,to the City of Ana- !nation on file with the lead day.March 13,2020 at 8 against the Decedent must, <br /> DATED this 18th day of 'IQp4S cokes PCED at the address agency. This MDNS is is- pet and continued an before the time the claim <br /> February 2020. listed below. E-mailed sued under WAC 197-11- needed.To be held in the would be barred by any <br /> comments must include a 340(2). This information is Council Chambers at City otherwise applicable <br /> CARSON NOTICE OF return(LISPS)mailing ad- available to the public o Hall,904 6th Street. statute of limitations, <br /> LAW GROUP,P.S. dress in order for the request.A Determination of present the claim in the <br /> Holly Shannon, APPLICATION sender to be considered a Non-Significance IONS) Tentative Discussion manner as provided in <br /> lYSBA#44957 WITH OPTIONAL party of record.Questions wasissued using the op- Schedae: RCW 11.40.070 by serving <br /> Attorney for SEPA DNS: about this proposal, re- lio sal DNS process as mailing to the Execu- <br /> Personal Representative quests to receive future no- specified in WAC 197-It- March 16: General Provi- for or the Executor's allow <br /> Notice Is Hereby Given tires of hearings end/or the 355.Thera is no additional ns&Review Procedures stated <br /> at the address <br /> Published That An Application Wee decision, once made. comment period. (Exemptions, Outdoor below a copy el the claim <br /> February 26 and Made For The Following and/or appeal procedures Recreation,&Bikes); and filing the original W the <br /> March 4&11,2020 Proposal: should be directed to the Appeals: Per AMC Table March 30 Special Session: claim with the court.The <br /> AA-199G175 contact person listed be- 1 Admin-1 and 19.20.210, Wetlands and Fish,Wildlife, claim most be presented <br /> Request:The applicant has low. The application and the Administrator's decision Habitat Conservation Areas within the later of:(1)thirty <br /> applied for a SEPA environ• complete case file are avail- may be appealed to the &Herons);April <br /> days after the Executor <br /> mental review and site plan able for review at the City Hearing Examiner.Appeals April 13:Geologically Haz- or mailed the notice <br /> rev'w(type 21 to construct of Allacones PCED located must be delivered to the rdous, Critical Aquifer, t to the creditor as provided <br /> a 30-unit cohousirg facility at 904 61h Street, Ma- City Clerk by mail or per- Frequently Flooded Areas, under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); <br /> T Y onsite with surface perking cartes,WA 98221. A dad- comet delivery before 5:00 and Dentitions. or(e four menthe after the <br /> G•1 0� for 42 vehicles.The subject Sion onthis application will P on the appeal pollens date of first publication of <br /> property is located in both be made within 120 days dayof the period, To View Documents: the notice.a the claim is <br /> the Residential Low Density froim the date of complete- March 11,2020.Appeals Documents associated with not presented within this <br /> yy (R2A)and the Residential flex.. awed by mad after 5;00 this proposal gam be time frame,the claim is for- <br /> Hi h Denai 4 ZoningPM on the last day of the viewed on the City of Ana- ever barred,except as oth- <br /> `� avi W;' 9 4 For Project Information: appeal period II not when <br /> ones website, at: erwise provided in RCW <br /> Districts. Cooper, Associate accepted,regardless <br /> '',C���.. Peas dlss wiled hov/25www.vel Areas- '- 1 his her and 1ve s8to <br /> - - LLC; nl: D Hill Group Planner,Pty 0f (360)293- such tmarappeke were mailed g gulaAons-UydAreas- This bar g effective as he <br /> LLC:6335 State Route 9, 1937; City of Anacortes, or postmarked.ForteMs of Regulationsewedsat or claims against both the <br /> NOTICE Sedro Woolley,WA 98264 P.O.Box 547,Anacortes, y appeal shall contain the may be reviewed at the Ciry decedent's probate and <br /> OF DECISION: WA 98221.Or Email:rasa- information A and tams a of An scones Planning De- nonprobata assets, <br /> File Numbers: listed in AMC 19.20.210(F). partment. <br /> PLN-2020-0006 DATE OF FIRST PUBUCA- <br /> NOtice Is Hereby Date Issued: Inquiries regarding the ap- Contact parson Please TION: Febniary 26.2020 <br /> Given That A Decision February 25.2020 plication,decision and a <br /> pP578 Numbers Involved: al well as re- to:Tess <br /> written comments EXECUTOR:Ann L.Hear- <br /> Was Madero The P578i3,P322196 P57811 Publish:February 26.2020 Quests to view documents to:Tess Cooper,Associate 19113 NE 173rd Street <br /> Following Proposal: Y Fleflner,Planning,commu- y <br /> Project Location: The pertinent to the proposal oily,&Economic Develop• Woodinville; WA 88072 <br /> File Number. project site is currently ad- Published may be made at the Plan- pa Telephone;20G,498.(1452 <br /> fling, Community & Ego- <br />. <br /> meet Department;P.O.Box <br /> SPL-2019-0003 dressed as 3511 "D"Ay- February 26,2020 y 547,Anacortes,WA 98221; <br /> enuDevelopment De- ATTORNEY FOR EXECU- <br /> a,Anacortes,Washing- AA-1996729 p'''''' l at 904 61h Street, 360-588-8234; tesececity- TOR: Christopher Small <br /> Applicant: ton,which is located ins ofanacortas.wg. <br /> Kreider Canstniction Inc, portion of Section 25: Ana cotes,WA 98221 drn, CMS d Law Firm Salt 211 <br /> Township 31 North;Range g normal business hours, Date of Issuance; Klrtdend Avenue,Suite 201 <br /> Monday through Friday, Kirkland,WA 98033 Tele- <br /> Project Name: 01 tel Willamette Meridi- BOO AM to 5:00 PM february 26.2020 phone.206.659.1512 <br /> 2102 32nd Street Short Plat an. <br /> Project Location: Date of Application: For Project Information: Published <br /> 1 pp 1 February 26,2020 Published <br />• Or 02 32nd Street January 31 2020 Tess Cooper, Associate ry February 26 and <br /> (Parcel#P32211) .'%1 x p Planner; (380) 588-8234: AA-1996744 March 4&11,2020 <br /> Deemed Complete: Email' tesac•cityofas- <br /> Applicatian Type/ February 21,2020 AA-7996745 <br />• Description: Preliminary Date Issued: �7 <br /> short subdivision apptra- Required Project Permits/ -- February Sr.2020 <br /> lion to divide 1 lot into 2 Approvals: The following ''i" s"' '?' Date Published: <br /> Isla. One existing home may be required in addition .9 C0g'� February 26,2020 • <br /> will be retained on of to the above: Boundary ., �; <br /> the lots.and the other lot Line Adjustment,Civil Con- Published <br /> will be large enough for a sttuction Plan approval, NOTICE <br /> potential future duplex, and building permit ap- February 26,2020 <br /> proud. OF DECISION AA-1996738 WHY ADVERTISE IN THE <br /> Decision: Preliminary An. and <br /> proval with Conditions preliminary Determination DETERMINATION OF SKAGII VALLEY HERALD? <br /> of Consistency: At this NON-SIGNIFICANCE <br />• Date of Decision: time, no determination of <br /> February 24,2020 consistency with City of (DNS) <br /> Anacortes plans, regula- <br /> Dale Notice Issued: en., a standards has Request: The applicant y' IN A TIGHT MARKET, <br />• <br /> February 26,2020 been made.At a minimum, submitted fora new Wire- .•,_ 0 <br /> this project will be subject ess Communication Facili- 'G 9x' KEEP PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT YOU, <br /> SEPA Threshold Determi- to the following plans and ty by colocation of new an- <br /> naxen: Categorically regulation.: the naov:- loofas an existing *yam NOT THE <br /> Exempt from SEPA review ranee Flan; Anacortes tenftop and coon existing <br /> to s0�1 LD <br /> Municipal Code (Zoning, a new equipment shelter to 'a<: �.' <br /> Affected property owners etc.), Engineering Design accatege fore expanded �'_70,., , ,, <br />' may request a change in and Building Standards. coverage T-Mobile sub- •-•.._... <br /> assessor <br /> for thecounty scribers in Anacatter and OTHER GUY <br /> for property tax SEPA Review: Based on surrounding waterways. Notice of <br /> purposes not novalanding the submitted application The its Mixed MarineI. <br /> any program of revaluation, and available information, Use(moo. Public Hearing and <br />• the City anticipates issuing Open Public <br /> Appeals:This derision may an MDNS for this proposal File Number(s): Comment Period <br /> be appealed try parties with and the optional DNS pro- PLN-2020-0002 <br /> standing to the Hearing Ex- c ea as specified in WAC§ Description of Proposal: <br /> AMCaccordance with 197.11.355 is being utilised. Parcel Number: P128327 Notice of Hearing is issued <br /> r 19in.20.160, Appeals. Consequently,this may ba for the Update to the Criti- You should be advertising in these <br /> Appeals must be cm fora the only opportunity to Project Location: The cal Area Ordinance. The tough economic times. <br /> provided by the Planning, comment on the enviren- work is within Sections 28 proposed non-project leg- g <br /> Community & Economic mental imparts of this pro- of Range 1E,Township 35N islative action is to amend <br />• Department (PCED), con- posal. This proposal may Willamette Meridian;Wash- the Critical Area regulations <br /> tam the information t0.2 specie include mitigation m a- ington Park located at 8040 accordance with the To advertise in the most rtul local media available, <br /> fled in AMC 19.20 180.F,be re under applicable Sands Way, Anacortes, Growth rManagement Act powe <br /> accompanied by a filing fee codes,and the project re- WA. requirements. The oiitieal <br /> of 5200,and be delivered view process may incnrpo- areas ordinance regulates callus at 360.424.3251 <br /> to the City Clerk by mail or rate or require mitigation Applicant City of Ma- certain activities and devel- <br />• Personal delivery by 5:00 measures regardless of cones Parks Department, opment in and near es et- <br /> PM March 11,2020.Adds- whether an EIS is prepared. P.O.Box 547.Anacortes, lands, streams, fish & <br /> bona)information regarding A copy of the subsequent WA 98221 wildlife habitat conservation <br /> the appeal process may be SEPA threshold determine- areas, geologically haz- <br /> obtained from City of Ana- lion for the proposal may Date of Application: rdous areas, frequently <br />• cones PCED, (360) 299- be obtained upon request. March 7,2018 flooded areas,and critical <br />• 1984, aquifer recharge <br />• Comment Period: The Complete Application: The draft includes updates <br /> For Project Information: public comment paled for January 24,2020 in accordance with state C "_y'_-- <br />• <br /> Libby Grace, Planning SEPA environmental review law and best available sci- .ate 1_/7'IIY17' <br /> Manager, (360) 299-1986; &site plan review(type 2) Comment Period Ended: once, reorganization, and <br /> Email: Iibbyty8cityofana- ends at PM on March 5:00 PM on February 12, functional changes to cer- <br />• <br /> cones.o r. Pro'ect docu- 11,8424.Any person may 2020 lain requirements. <br /> � TRASHING ONE EGG WASTES <br />• <br /> ,4... 55 GALLONS OF WATER <br /> t <br /> u - Ct C COOK IT,STORE IT,SHARE T. <br />• u JUST DON'T WASTE IT. <br /> 9 cOV_T'n.`_tu8D.CUM <br /> r � <br />