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ryY_ <br /> G�, 0 <br /> RNRCORTES PLANNING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPT. <br /> PERMIT CENTER PH (360) 293-1901 <br /> iy- 'GO P.O. BOX 547, ANACORTES, WA 98221-0547 FAX(360)293-1938 <br /> ISCIIAN MUNCE, DIRECTOR • EDWIN FRANK, BUILDING OFFICIAL• <br /> loog`w <br /> February 1, 2005 <br /> RETURN RECEIPT <br /> Mr. & Mrs. Chad Comstock <br /> 231 <br /> 2319 15th Street �� <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 tCOpy <br /> Dear Mr. &Mrs. Comstock, <br /> County records indicate that you are the owner of the parcel known as 2219 I5`h Street. <br /> If you are not the owner of this property, please contact us immediately so we can contact <br /> the appropriate person(s). <br /> A neighbor has requested that obstructions to the alley be removed to allow them to <br /> access the back of their property by way of the alley. They indicated that the fabric- <br /> covered structure now situated in the alley adjacent to 2319 l5`h Street is most likely <br /> yours. Research of our files finds no record of a permit or an encroachment agreement <br /> for this structure. <br /> Based on the above we must require removal of the structure within 30 days of receipt of <br /> this letter. If you have any questions,please contact me at 293-1901. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> CITY OF A ACORTES <br /> zi <br /> Ed Fr <br /> Building Official <br /> EF:md <br /> II <br />