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Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesday,February 5,2020-Al <br /> o <br /> L egal i ces <br /> _ _... <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NOTICES <br /> the above entitled court, original benaliciay, the trust 6he owner)and any- gage Company,a Califon- sale may be terminated any <br /> r Y and answer the complaint beneficial interest in which one having an interest jut- is Corporation Current time after the 2/24/2020(11 <br /> • 1 O,4ay of the Plaintiff,BANK OF wassubsequently assigned 'or to the deed of trust,in- Trustee of the Deed of days before the sale date) <br /> G; �";; AMERICA.N.A.and serve to U.S.Bank Trust,N.A., eluding occupants who are Trust: Quality Loan Ser- and before the sale,by the <br /> copy of your answer upon as Trustee for LSF8 Mes- not tenants.After the 20th vice Corporation of Wash- Borrower or Grantor or the <br /> '' - the undersigned attorneys ter Participation Tmsl,the day following the sale the itgton Current Loan Mort- holder of any recorded ju- <br /> lor Plaintiff, McCarthy & Beneftetary,under en es- purchaser has the right to gage Service,of the Deed nior lien or encumbrance by <br /> ��, '�'_ Holthus.LLP at the office ignment recorded under evict occupants who are f Trust:Guild Mortgage paying the principal and in- <br /> '9Cog,'t below stated;and in case Auditors File Number not tenants by a mart' of <br /> I. NOTICE IS serest plus costs,fees and <br /> of your failure so to do, 201411030087 II.No action proceedings under Chapter HEREBY GIVEN that Quali- advances,if any.made put- <br /> ludgmert will be rendered commenced by the Bench- 59.12 RCW.For tenant-oo- ly Lo Service Corp of want to the terms f the <br /> City of Anacortes against you according to ciary of the Deed of Trust c pied property,the bur- Washington, the under- <br /> der- obligation end/or Deed of <br /> the demand of the corn- as referenced in RCW chaser shall provide a ten- igned Trustee, will Trust,end curing all other <br /> INVITATION TO BID: <br /> plaint,which has been fled 61.21.030(4)Is w pond- ant with written notice in 3/6/2020,at MOO AM At defaults.VI.A written No- <br /> with the clerk of said court. erg to seek satisfaction of accordance with ROW the Main Entrance to the tics of Default was trans- <br /> Skagit River The basis for the complaint the obligation in any Court 61.24.060. THIS NOTICE Skagit County Court• mitted by the Beneficiary or <br /> Raw Water Pipeline r s a foreclosure of the prop- by reason of the Borrower's IS THE FINAL STEP BE- house 9rd&Kincaid St Trustee to the Borrower's) <br /> and arty only known s or Grantor's default on the FORE THE FORECLO- focused at 205 W,Kincaid and Grantor(s)by both first <br /> 697 Shelter Bay Dr, La obligation secured by the SURE SALE OF YOUR yy.. Mount Yemen, WA class and certified mail, <br /> Clearwell Project Conner,WA 96257,Skagit Deed of Trust/Mortgage,M. HOME.You have only 20 98273 sell at pubis auction proof of which is in the <br /> County.Washington as a The defaults)for which this DAYS front the recording la the highest and best bid- possession of the Trustee, <br /> result of a default under the foreclosure is made israre date of this notice to pur- der,payable in the form of and the Borrower and <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN terms of the note and deed as follows:Fable to pay sue mediation. DO NOT credit bid or cash bid in the Grantor wore personally <br /> that sealed bide will be re- of trust.DATED:January 2, when due the following DELAY. CONTACT A form of cashier's check or served.if applicable,with <br /> ceived at the office of the 2020 McCarthy&Holthus, amounts which are now in HOUSING COUNSELOR certified checks from fader- said written Notice of De- <br /> Clak-Treasurer, Municipal LLP s/Gran Chu Grace arrears:$38,11729.IV.The OR AN ATTORNEY LI- all or Stale chartered fault or the written Notice of <br />• Building,P.O.Box 547,904 Chu WSBA No,51256 108 sum owing on the oblige- CENSED IN WASHING- banks,at the time of sale Default was punted in <br /> 8th Street Anacortes,WA 1st Avenue South,Ste.300 hoc secured by the Deed of TON NOW to assess your the following described real conspicuous <br /> o spicuous place on the <br /> un <br /> til ntrl 2:0 1pnt local Seattle.WA 98104 Attar- Trust is:The principal sum situation and refer you to property, situated in the al property described in <br /> time on Tuesday,March 10, nays for Plaintiff of $109,34298, together mediation if you are eligible County of SKAGIT,State of Paragraph I above,and the <br /> 2020,at which rime bids with interest as provided in and it may help you save Washington, to-wit: LOT Trustee hue possession of <br /> will be opened and publicly IDSPub S0159585 the Note from 1/17/2018 your home.See below for 287, REVISED MAP OF Proof of such service or <br /> ad for the Skagit River 1/15/20201/22/2020 on,and such other costs safe sou of help. SHELTER BAY D 2, posting.The list of recipl- <br /> Raw Water Pipeline and 1/29/2020 2/5/2020 and <br /> fees as are provided by SEEKING sources IV ASSISTANCE TRIBAL AND ALLOTTED eats of the Notice of Default <br /> Clearwell Project 520.048• 2/12/2020 2/19/2020 statute.V.The above-de- Housing counselors and le- LANDS OF SWINOMISH is listed within the Notice of <br /> WTR-U01.The City will not scribed real property will be gal assistance may be INDIAN RESERVATION Foreclosure provided to the <br /> onsider bids received after Published sold to satisfy the expense available at Inge or no cost AS RECORDED MARCH Borrower(s)and Grantor's). <br /> that time and date.A bid January 15,22&29 of sale and the obligation to you.If you would eke es- 17,1970,IN VOLUME 43 There requirements were <br /> deposit equal to 5 a of the and February 5, secured by the Deed of sistance n determining OF OFFICIAL RECORDS, completed es of W30/2019. <br /> lord amount is required.This 12&19 2020 Trust s provided by your rights and opportuni- PAGES 833 THROUGH ill. The Trustee whose <br /> project consists of cc. statute,Said sale mil be ties to keep your house, Brea,RECORDS of SKAG- "theend address ere set <br /> (ruction of a new pipeline AA-198264. made without warranty,ex- you may contact the follow- forth below will provide in <br /> for conveying raw ter pressed or implied,regard- ing:The eratewide Ioredo- IT COUNTY, WASHING- writing to anyone requesr- <br /> from the Intake Pump Ste- ing title,possession or en- re hotline for assistance TON,SITUATEDUNTY, IN S ING- ing it,a statement of all <br /> Lion to the Water Treatment c mbrances on 3/6/2020. and ferral to housing IT COUNTY, WASHING- costs end tees due al any <br /> Plain and a new treated The defaults referred to in Sas... recommended know. More n as:287 SOLEDUCK time Prior to the sale,I bI. <br /> water storage tank(clear- Paragraph III must be cured by the Housing Finance The enact of the sale will be <br /> well)including Sre follow- NOTICE OF by 2/24/2020thusale <br /> (11 days be- Commission: Toll-free: 1- Pb. LA CONNER, WA to deprive the Grantor and <br /> f a 42- TRUSTEE'S SALE fore the sale date),or by 877.894-HOME (1-877- 98267 Subject to that car- all those Wm hold by, <br /> inch diameter pipeline un- other date as permitted in 894-4663) or Web site: lain Deed of Trust dated through or under the <br /> der the Skagit River using NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S the Note or Deed of Trust, http!/wwwAfi,wa,gov/con- 19/14/2018, recorded Grantor of all their interest <br /> horizontal directional SALE Pursuant to the Re- to cause a discontinuance sumera/homeownseInns/co 1Q/27/2016, under Instru- in the above-described <br /> drilkng;construction of 42- wised Code of Washington f the sale.The sale will be atp sure.he counselors fe merit Na. 201610270080 property,IX,Anyone having <br /> inch diameter pipe seg- 61.24,et seq.108 1st Ave discontinued and before <br /> loaure,htm The United records of SKAGIT County, any objections to this sole <br /> ments and tie-ins to the ex- South,Suite 202,Seattle, d it at any time before States Department of Washington, from JEF- any grounds whatsoever <br /> rating raw water pipeline WA 98104 Trustee Sale 2/24/2le),or <br /> days before Housing and Urban Demi- FREY R. DOWREY, A on1 be afforded an opportu- <br /> and associated valves and No,:WA-17-802374•BB Ti- the sale),or by other date aliment: Toll-free: 1-800- MARRIED MAN,AS HIS oily to be heard as to those <br /> appurtenances: construe- le Order No.:170497318- as permitted in the Note or Sits: 87 or National Web SOLE AND SEPARATE objections'd they bring a <br /> San of a flex'21 million WA-MSI Reference Num- Deed of Trust,the default Situ: PROPERTY,as grantorist lawsuit to restrain the sale <br /> galll,nco welded steel clear- men of Deed of Trust:Instru- set forth in Paragraph III hlopa/portaLhNI 101/hud- to FIDELITY NATIONAL pursuant to RCW <br /> ofyard mart No. 200104130181 cured and the Trustee's pertasHUD or for Local TITLE COMPANY OF 61.24.130.Failure to bring <br /> piping,valves,insrrumams Parcel Number's):340323- fens and costs are paid, u Cling a9oncies et WASHINGTON,A WASH- such a lawsuit may result in <br /> appurtenances,and a con-- 2913-0001 Grantor's) for Payment must be in cash or Washington: INGTON CORPORATION, a waiver of any proper <br /> crate vault associated with Rewrding Purposes under with cashiers or eor to d http://www,hud,gov/of- s original trustee,to se- grounds for fie,0.sting the <br /> the new cleerwell;Integra- RCW 65.04 015: TERRY checks from a Slate or fed- ftces/hsg/seVhitAoln• a birgatidn in favor Trustee's sale,X.NOTICE <br /> lion of inst....can and THORP AND BARBARA orally chartered bank.The anehet its-Wonese of cure MORTGAGE ELEC. TO OCCUPANTS OR TEN- <br /> THORP.and SCADA pro- THORP, HUSBAND AND sale may be terminated any ar h8searchstate=wA&fit- TRONIC REGISTRATION ANTS The purchaser at the <br /> grammfng;selective demo- WIFE Current Beneficiary d time after the sale date) <br /> WSvegni The statewide SYSTEMS,INC„AS NOM- Trustee's Sale is entitled to <br /> titian of existing piping and the Deed of Trust and days before the sale dale) civil legal aid hotline for as- INEE FOR GUILD MORT- possession of the property <br /> structures;testing and as. Grantee(for Recording per. and before the sale,by the sistance and referrals to GAGE COMPANY,A CAL- on the 20th day following <br /> sistance during commis- poses under RCW Borrower or Grantor or the other housing counselors IFORNIA CORPORATION, the sale, as against the <br /> akin'', <br /> of net facaaoes, 65.04,013): U.S. Bank holder of any recorded ju- and attorneys: Telephone: ITS SUCCESSORS AND Grantor under the deed of <br /> The Engineer's Estimate is Trust,NA.,as Trustee for nior lien or encumbrance by site: 606-4819 or Web ASSIGNS,as original bane- trust(the owner)and any- <br /> 573,5 million.Bidetrespecific. tint,Master Participation paying the principal and in- site: ficiary,the beneficial inter- one having an interest jt- <br /> eons are available free of Trust Current Trustee of lereaL plus casts,fees and http)/nwjuionalorg/what- est in which was subse- r to the deed of trust,re <br /> charge at bxwa-cam.• the Deed of Trust:Quality advances,if any,made pun- clear Additional information quently assigned to Quad eluding occupants who are <br /> Loan Service Corporation s nt to the terms f the provided by the Trustee:If Mortgage Company, not tenants.After the 20th <br /> Published of Woo,jnglon Current obligation and/or Deed of you have previously been CalHomia Corporation, day Following the sale the <br /> February 5,2020 Loan MOH a e Service,of T st,and curing all other discharged through the Beneficiary, der es PNmenaser has the right to <br /> the Deed of Trust:Letterer defaults.VI A written No- been r Iny,you may have assignment recorded undo s ct occupants who a <br /> re <br /> AA-1980206 rice of Default cues trans- bean released of personal Auditors File Number not tenants by summary <br /> Tome Loans,Inc.I.NO- fitted by the Beneficiary or liability for this loan in 201909060044 II-No action proeeedtnWW under Chapter <br /> TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Trustee to the Borrower's) which case this letter a in- commenced b-the Benefi- 59,72 RCW-For tenant•ec- <br /> that Quality Loan Service <br /> and Grantor's)by both first tended to exercise the ' f the Deed of Trust "Pied property,the pur- <br /> Corp. of Washington,iha Wary° chaser shall provide a ten- <br /> undersigned <br /> Trustee. well class and nified mail, noteholders rights against referenced in RCW <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR on 3/6/2020,at k00 AM At proof of which is in the the real property only.The 81.2to seek <br /> is now pond• ant with written ogee m <br /> COURT OF THE the Main Entrance to the possession of the Trustee; Trustee's Sale Number' g to seek satisfaction of accordance with RCW <br /> and the Borrower end WA-17-802314-BB. Dated: the obligation in any Cot Bt.24.060. THIS NOTICE <br /> STATE OF Skagit Ccumy urt u <br /> - Grantor were personally 10/24/2019 Quality L.n by reason of the Borrower's IS THE FINAL STEP BE- <br /> WASHINGTON FOR house,located at 205 W. served,if applicable, with Service Corp,of Washing- or Grantor's default on the FORE THE FORECLO- <br /> THE COUNTY Kineaid St.(3rd&Kincaid said written Notice of De- ton,as Trustee By:Patrick obligation secured by the SURE SALE OF YOUR <br /> OF SKAGIT Sc), Mount Vernon, WA fault or the written Notice of Lynch,Assistant Secretary Deed of Trust/Mortgage.e.III. HOME.You have only 20 <br /> 98she sell at public auction Default was pasted in Trustee's Address:Quaky The defaults)for which this DAYS from the recording <br /> td the highest and best bid- on of date of this noce to pur- <br /> BANK OFAMERICA,N.A. der,payable in the form of reals conspicuous <br /> rroperty described in Washingan ton 108 ce to et'li Ave as follows:closure rs Failureo isarre <br /> to pay sue mediation. DO NOT <br /> Plaintiff, credit bid <br /> cashier's checd k oar Paragraph I above,and the South,Suite 202,Seattle. when due the following DELAY. CONTACT A <br /> certified checks from fader- Trustee has possession of WA 96104 For questions amounts which are now In HOUSING COUNSELOR <br /> vs. er or Stale chartered proof of such service or call toll-free:(866)925-0241 rrears:311,679.10.IV,The OR AN ATTORNEY LI- <br /> banka,at the time of sale Posting.The list of redpr- Trustee Sale Number,WA- sum owing on the oblige- CENSED IN WASHING- <br /> KATHERINE M EOMONC• the following described real Lints of the Notice of Default 17-802314-BB Sale Line: Lion secured by the Deed of TON NOW to assess your <br /> SON; WILLIAM M ED- listed within the Notice of 800-280-2832 or Login to: Trust is:The principal sum situation and refer you to <br /> Iv10NDSON JR,INDIVIDU- Countyycf SKAQIT,Slate of Foreclosure provided to the htt)/wa,qualityloan,nom of 5165,347,34, together mediation if you are eligible <br /> ALLY AND AS PERSONAL Washim ton, to-wit' THE Borrower(s)and Grentor(sl. IDS-Pub 40157821 2/5./2020with interest as provided in and it may help you save <br /> REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SOUTHg103 FEET OF THE These requirements were2/26/2020 the Note from 4/1/2019 on, your home.See below for <br /> ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S NORTH 200 FEET OF THE mpleted es of 1/29/2018, and such other costs and sources f help. <br /> EDMONDSON AND AS NORTHEAST 1/4 OF THE VII, The Trustee whose Published fees as are provided by SEEKING ASSISTANCE <br /> SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE OF SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF THE flame and address are set February 5&26,2020 statute.V.The above-de- Housing counselors and le- <br /> THE WILLIAM M AND forth below will provide in scribed real property will be gal rassistance may be <br /> PRISCILLA S EDMOND- NORTHWEST 1M OF writing to anyone request- AA-1989G53 sold to satisfy the expense available at little or no cost <br /> SON FAMILY TRUST U!T/A SECTION 23.TOWNSHIP ing It, statement of all of sale and the obligation to you.If you would like as- <br /> DATED NORTH, RANGE 3 coals and fees due at any ured <br /> ESTAT OF 9,1992;THE L by the Deed of your <br /> in determining <br /> ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S EAST, W.M„ EXCEPT time pear to the sale.l be Trust provided by your rights keep <br /> and your <br /> house, <br /> JONATHAN COUNTY ROAD ALONG The effect of the sane will be mature.without <br /> sale ill be lies to keep your house, <br /> THE EAST LINE THERE- to de the Grantor and NOTICE OF the follew- <br /> BAMOCOMMU SHELTER <br /> Pm're made wdhdut warranty,ex- you may contact <br /> OF SITUATE IN THE all those who held by, TRUSTEE'S SALE pressed or im I d,regard. ing:The.statewide!oracle- <br /> BAY COMMUNITY, INC.: COUNTY OF SKAGIT, throe h or under the possession r en- hofine for assistance <br /> foredo- <br /> OCCUPANTS OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON Grantor of all their interest NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S mumtme, and referral to housing <br /> PROPERTY, lore awls on red/to d <br /> More commonly[mown , e bonyoneshaving deed Pursuant to thin Re- Thr draphlIII r ust be to in o t elors recgm eance <br /> Defendants. MOU BAVERNT ROAD, je IX.Anyone having d61.24 Code of Washington Ave Paragraph 2I must a cured Co me on:Housing Finance <br /> 1- <br /> MOUNT VERNON, WA any my objections to this sale S et seq.52,Sot Ave by 2/the Salle(11 days be- Commission: Toll-free: 7- <br /> Casa No.:7 9-2-01083-29 la n Subject tr that ter- an any grounds whatsoever South,Suite rue o Sole for the sale date), a by 89T8663) (1-8lo: <br /> tam Deed of Trust orded will to bs heat an oc those WA $A-10 Trustee Sala other date as Deed <br /> of T BB4i683) or Web site: <br /> SUMMONS 4/13/2001, recorded nbj ut be heard as to thoseNotIc r er .875 3.8W Ti- the ante a Deed ti Truce httpsumers/hom wnership/po <br /> BY PUBLICATION 4/13/meat Na,01, under 301ru• objections if they hens a lie Order No.:mb r of 58 doff to cause a he sale will be sumerchase_o ntolOts/po <br /> merit Ne. vvtded1301on lawsyureul to restrain the sale That: <br /> r d: Number Instrument Deed of di the sale.Thor dale will be recloochase coTheel Un io <br /> S JONHTI7AN EEON K 4/d as Ins pursuant to bCW 20181 0080rcNo- Lid if tituan and a before <br /> blobsSONSTATE <br /> atany DepartmentUUrban <br /> f <br /> WASHINGTON N TO THE Number 20GT County, <br /> auchaler oft may result inberR): ndieg 7 poses un- e4/2U20 or 1 days before HouOpmsng and Urban Devd- <br /> SAID DEFENDANTS: shin t SKAGITm TE a waver of any properghe for flRCW 65 Purposes JEF- the permitted <br /> ed ibyn the <br /> date 669-428 Toll-free: 1-Web <br /> WasRPgtA from TERRY grounds for le X.gO the der RCW 65, JEF- o the Note or Site-42g7 or National Web <br /> t you are hereby summoned THORP AND BARBARA Tstee's sale.N X.NOTICE R. DOWREY, A Deed of Trust,ther Paragraph <br /> III htte: <br /> to rappear within sixty days WIPE, HUSBAND AND TO OCCUPANTS OR TEN- MARRIED MAN,SEPARATE HIE as ter forth in herTruste's hortallHUD hor let thehLd- <br /> puer data of the uim- WIFE, I gre OMP), toY, ANTS The ale is a ti li the PROE AND Rene- s an and the Trustee's counseling <br /> a for local <br /> mons.publication of this sum- LAND TITLE COMPANY, Trustee'sosi Sale to entitled to PROPERTY Currentea Reno- fees and costs st b are cash <br /> u nlito agencies in <br /> mans,to wit,within sixty original of trustee, favor Possession of the ProPiPtY and <br /> of the Dead c Trust Payment must be in cash or Washington: <br /> Jens r.2 t20 1 and <br /> day of of n obligation in T- the 20[ah day following r Grantees afornd Recording with cashiers a r no fed- hHpV/www,hudc/100m- <br /> tho obu. emit end delendin BENEFICIALRPORMORT-, the sale, against the 65rpo01 under ROW orally fom r State a or fed- doO.ohn?wnbListA�n- <br /> the above entitled action in GAGE CORPORATION,as Grantor under the deed of 65.04.015): Guild Mort- orally chartered bank.The dex.ctrn.webUstAction=se <br />