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• <br /> Anacortes American/Legal Notices Wednesday,January 29.2020.A7 <br /> L egal • <br /> __ _ <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> r.-- NOTICE OF Note or Deed of Trust,to closure.htm The United Seattle,WA 98104 Attar- leas Communication Facili- <br /> TRUSTEE'S SALE use a discontinuance of States Department of nays for Plaintiff - TY ty by colocation of new an- <br /> the sale.The sale will be Housing and Urban Dead- Ct. Oep tennes an an existing <br /> NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S discontinued and tenninat- opmenT Toll-free: 1-800- IDSPub NO159585 • rooftop and construction of <br /> SALE Pursuant to the Re- ed if at any time before 5694287 or National Web 1l1 5/2 02 0 1/22/2020 r anew equipment shelter to <br /> vised Cade of Washington1/27/2020(11 days before Site: 1/29/20202/5/2020 wrJn;�r' accommodate expanded <br /> the sale),or other date http'J/ 2/12/2020 2/19/2020 `,,^t""'K#' - J rage for T•Mobile sub- <br /> 61.2a,et seq.108 let Ave by ,eV1 co <br /> South,Suite 202,Selnle, permitted in the Note or poononhnD or for Local `' scribers in Anacortes and <br /> WA 98104 Trustee Sale Deed of Trust,the default counseling agencies in Published ''Q_.-- mounding watanvaya. <br /> No.:WA-18-837466-SH Ti- as set forth in Paragraph III Washington: January 15,22&29 "'^-r-" The to Mixed Marine <br /> cured and the Trustee's fne// Use(MMU). <br /> tie Oder No.:8742892 Ref- 's and February 5, <br /> qe Number of Deed of fees and costs are paid, fines/hsg/sflu'hcoficen• 12&19,2020 NOTICE OF • <br /> ereTrust: Insto rn t No. Payment must be in cash or dex.cfmewebbstAction=se Applicant: • <br /> 20D603370075 N 'th c biers r certified fied a•h&searchstate=WA&lit- AA-71N32628 APPLICATION: T-Mobile c/o TAEC <br /> ber(s): 10075 Parcel Num- <br /> 000 checks from a State or fed- terSvc=dfc The statewide <br /> Grantor(s) for Recording wally chartered bank.The civil legal aid hotline for as- Notice Is Hereby Giv- File Number. <br /> Purposes rider R2W sale may be terminated an sistance and referrals toLN-2020-0002 <br /> time after the 1/27/2020(fit other housing counselors SUPERIOR COURT en That An Applica-li65.04.015:NICOLE HOLM• days before She sale date) and attorneys:Telephone: OF WASHINGTON too Was Made ProFor- <br /> and Pareal Number. 128331 • <br /> STROM • <br /> PERSON, <br /> AN UNMARRIED before the sale,by the yea: 6084819 or Web COUNTY OF KING The Following PERSON,AS HER SEPA- Borrower or Grantor or the site: pesah: Project Locution: The <br /> RATE ESTATE Current holder of any recorded ju- cttpt/M ditioce.wgrwhat- Estate of work is within Sections 28, <br /> Benefician of the Deed of for lien or encumbrance by clear Additional information File Number. Range 1E.and Township • <br /> Trust and Grantee (for Paying the principal and in- provided by the Trustee:If STEPHEN 5PL-2019-0003 35N Willamette Meridian; <br /> Recording Purposes under terest,plus costs,fees and you have previously been MARION MELLOTT, 6040 Sands Way, Ana- <br /> RCW 65.04.015):Warning- advances,if any.made par- discharged through Applicant: cartes,WA 98221. <br /> ton Savings Fund Society, s tit to the terns of the bankruptcy,you may have Deceased Kreider Construction Ina. <br /> FSB, d/b/a Christiana bligation and/or Deed of been released of personal Date of App9caton: <br /> Trust,not individually but Trust,and curing all other liability for this loan in Case No:19-4-23705-5 Date of rn Aeton: March 7,2018 <br /> as trustee for Protium defaults.VI.A wr No- which case this letter is in- November 5,2019 • <br /> ee t <br /> Mortgage Acquisition tine of Default trans- tended to exercise the PROBATE NOTICE TO Date of Completeness: <br /> Tryst Current Trustee of the milted by the Beneficiary or noteholders rights against CREDITORS Date of Complete Appli- January 24,2020 <br /> Deed of Trust: Qualne Trustee to the r(s) the real property only.The (RCW 11.40.030) cation: January 22,2020 <br /> Loan Service Corporation and Grantor(s)by y bath both first Trustee's Sale Number is <br /> Public Comment Period: <br /> of Wear gage Current prase of which <br /> codified mail, W30/2019 Quelit Dated: b L appointed <br /> T.MELLOTTeasAhas Date of eJanuary <br /> Notice 20li,sa- Any person c may comment <br /> Loan Mortgage Snfr ofSelena <br /> proof eI wol is in the Service1 C Duality Loan been r o this as Admin- than:Jamhery 29,2020 on the application by low. <br /> the Deed of I.Trust:N ICE S possession of the Trustee; ton,as Corp.rustof Washing- person <br /> of thin Estate.Any 'o to the address a re- <br /> Finance LP I. that <br /> Qu IS and the were <br /> and ton,as Trustee By:Chris- agains having a claim Project Location: cowed ty must r <br />• HEREBY GIVENService <br /> that Corp. li-al Grantserved. were le,personallywi tine a ary Trustrson,e's Ad- <br /> against the Decadent must. (Par 32nd#P Street eibru by &01 PM o <br /> W Loan Servi th p, s- acted,if Noticele, e-th dress'ry ty Loan <br /> Ace u the time the claim (Parcel MP3221 t) February t220t8 n <br /> Washington. the der- said Written Notice of De- dress Quality Loan Service would be barred by any <br /> signed Trustee, will on `ult or the written Notice of Corp.o/Washington 108 1 otherwise aPPlicable Application Type / De- Required Project Permits/ <br /> 2/7/2020,at 10:00 AM At Default was posted in a et Ave South,Suite 202, statute of limitation., seription:Preliminary shod Approvals: The following <br /> trance to the Sk- conspicuous place on the Seattle. WA 98104 For present the claim in the subdivision application to may be required in addition <br /> ego County Courthouse real property described in questions call toll-free: manner as provided in divide 1 lot into 2 lots.One to the above:Building Per- <br /> on 3rd&Kincaid SS local- Paragraph I above.and the (868) 925-0241 Trustee RCW 11.40.070 by serving existing home will be re- mat. <br /> d at 205 W.Kincaid Si, Trustee has possession of Sale Number: WA-18- on or malting to the Admin- faired on one of the lots, <br /> Mount Vernon,WA 98273 proof of such service or 837466-SH Sete Line:918- 'strata'or his attorney et and the other lot will be Preliminary Determination <br /> sell at public auction to the posting.The list of reolpi- 939-0772 or Login to: the address stated below a arge enough for a potential of Consistency: At this <br /> highest and best bidder, ants of the Notice of Default http'/wa.quelirylaee.eom copy of the claim end filing furore duplex, time, no determination of <br /> payable in the form of cred- is listed within the Notice of IDSPub 80157228 1/82020 the original of the claim consistency with City of <br /> it bid or cash bid in the Foreclosure provided to the 1/29/2020 with the court,The claim Other Required Project Anacortes plans, regula- <br /> tor.of cashier's check or Bomower(s)and Grentor(s). must be presented within Permits/Approvals: The lions, or standards has <br /> certified checks from eder- These requirements were Published the later of(1)Thirty days following may be required been made.Ate minimum, <br /> ally or State chartered completed as of 8/28/2019. January 8&29,2020 after the Administrator in addition to the above:Fi- this protect will be subject <br /> banks,et the time of sale Vil, The Trustee whose S1/14-1977303 served or mailed the notice nal Land Division Approval, to the following plans and <br /> the following described real d address are set to the creditor as providedregulations: Anacortes <br /> property, situated in the bah below will provide in under RCW 11.40.020(3):or decsne viro ntal Comprehensive Plan;Mu- <br /> County of SKAGIT,State of writing to anyone request- (2)four months after the documents:sn nmNona nicipal Code(Zoning,Bd <br /> Washington, to-wit: Lot ing it,a statement of all ate of first publication of Engineering Design an and <br /> 28, PLAT OF SPRING costs and tees due at any IN THE SUPERIOR he notice.If the claim is Public Comment Period: Building Standards. <br /> MEADOWS-DIV.II,ac- time prior to the sale.VIII. COURT OF THE at presented within this Written comments must be <br /> cording to the plat there. The effect of the sale will be ma frame,the claim is for- submitted to the addn.s SEPA Review: Based on <br /> of,recorded in Volume 17 to deprive the Grantor and STATE OF ver barred,except as oth- below by 5:00 PM on the submitted application <br /> of Plete,6,a9as 75 end 76, all those who hold by, WASHINGTON FOR rwise provided in RCW February 12, 2020. Any andilable information. <br /> records of Skagit County, through or under the THE COUNTY 1.40.051 and 11.40.060. person may comment on the City anticipates issuing <br /> Washington. Situated in Grantor of all their interest OF SKAGIT This bar is effective as to the application.receive no. an MONS for this proposal <br /> Skagit County,Washing- the bove-described leans against both the and the optional DNS <br /> ton. Mere a nt property.IX.Anyone having ecedent's probate and nee of aid andir que in c as p� <br /> known as: 446c SPRING any objections to the sale BANK OF AMERICA,N.A., on-probate assets. any hearings,eci request a 1.specified in WAC§ <br /> LANE,SEDRO WOOLLEV, on grounds whatsoever copy of the decision,once 197.11.355 is being utilized. <br /> Plaintiff, made. Consequently,this may be <br /> WA 90284 Subject to that will be afforded an opportu- ate of filing copy of notice the only opportunity to <br /> miry tit be heard as to those o creditors: <br /> c rtain Deed of Trust dated vs Publie Hearing: comment on the environ- <br /> 3/29/2005, retarded objections'rf they bring a January 0,2020 Nat required mental impacts of this pro- <br /> 3/31/2005, under Instru- lawsuit to restrain the sale KATHERINE M EDMOND- posal. This proposal may <br />' mart No. 200503310g75 Pursuant to RCW SON; WILLIAM M ED- Date of first publication: preliminary Detennineeion include mitigation mea- <br /> 81.24.130.Failure to bony January 15,2020 under applicable <br /> records of SKAGIT County, such a lawsuit may result in ALLYMONDSON JR,INDIVIDU- of Consistency.At a mini- <br /> Weshington,from NICOLE pl ALLY AND AS PERSONAL mum,Chia prolxt ill be codas,and the project re- <br /> MARR MARRIED <br /> AN UN- a w e y proper REPRESENTATIVE OF THE /S Eleanor H,D°ermann, subiect to the following view prxess may incarpo- <br /> MARRIED PERSON, AS grounds for invalidating the ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S WSBA 1W5987 plans and regulations: rate or require mitigation <br /> Trustee's le.X.NOTICE Attorney for Administrator <br /> HER SEPARATE ESTATE, EDMONDSON AND AS y Anacortes Municipal Code urea res gardless f <br /> TO OCCUPANTS OR TEN- whether en EIS is prepared. <br /> as grentor(s),to CHICAGO ANTS The purchaser at the SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE OF pathway Law PC Tkle la,Unified pevelop• A co <br /> TITLE CO, as original Trustee's Sale is entitled to THE WILLIAM M AND t Code Municipal Coda py of the subsequent <br /> trustee,....Lin'an obhi- PRISCILLA 5 EDMOND- 149001nleNhban Ave.S. gsF-°g9inyering Design Stan- SEPA threshold detennina- <br /> Y 'n favor of WELLS Possession of the property SON FAMILY TRUST U/T/A k271 lords. than for the proposal may <br /> FARGO FINANCIAL en the 201h day following DATED APRIL 9.1992;THE Tukwila,WA 98168 be obtained upon request. <br /> the sale, against the 20 499-3289 <br /> WASHINGTON 7,INC.,as Grantor under the deed of ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S ( 61 SEPA Review:The protect <br /> original beneficiary, the trust(the owner)and any- EDMONDSON;JONATHAN is tegorieally exempt Exietine Environmental <br /> beneficial interest in which to having an hewed ju- EDMONDSON: SHELTER Published from SEPA review. a Documents: SEPA Envi- <br /> bsequently assigned for to the deed of tryst,in- <br /> OCCUPANTS COMMUNITY, INC.: January 15,22 ronmental Checklist. <br /> to Wilmington Savings chiding occupants who ore <br /> OCCUPANTS OF THE &29,2020 Appeals: The decision, <br /> Fund Society,FEB,d!b/a of tenants.After the 20th PROPERTY, AA-1983912 uric made,i appealable Public Hearing:WA <br /> Christiana Trust,not indi• day following the sets the to the Hearing Examiner per <br /> viduahhy but as trustee for purchaseras h the right to Defendanla. AMC Table 19.20.030. Now to become a party of <br /> Protium Mortgage Aequl- evict occupants who are Please refer to AMC record:You may become a <br />• sitien Trust,the Baneficia- not tenants by summery Case No.:19-2-01083-29 19.20.210 for appeal prone- party of record by submit- <br /> r/, der en assignment proceedings under Chapter SUMMONS "SSY Q dares. Sing Whitten comments,in- <br />• corded under sAudtors 69.12 ROW.For tenant•x- _+1J � chiding a CUSPS) mailing <br />• <br />• Fria Number 2019070200W copied property, the par- •BY PUBLICATION For Project Information: address,to the City of Ana- <br /> II. No than commenced chaser shall provide a tan- �;��ii Libby Grace, Planning codes PCED at the address <br /> by the action <br /> of the ant with written notice in To:JONATHAN EDMOND- .7 uv'laaa7 Meager;Phone:(980)299- listed below. E-mailed <br /> Deed of Trust as referenced accordance with RCW SON THE STATE OF as lggg comments sit include a <br />• in RCW 81.21.030(4)is now G1.24,060. THIS NOTICE SAID DEFENDANTS: <br /> TO THE `.,ere ee Email: tibbvbreatvotane- return e(USPS)mailing d- <br /> pending to seek salisfec- IS THE FINAL STEP BE- <br /> cores,DEFENDANTS: �.QQ$.. cones orq; City of Ana- dress in order for the <br /> lion of the obligation in any FORE THE FORECLO- " cores,P.O.Box 547,Ana- sender to beconsidered ea <br /> e Court by reason of the Bon- SURE SALE OF YOUR you are hereby summoned - cortes,WA 98221 parry of record,Questions <br /> o GraoGrantor's default to appear within sixty days The 1dI0W1 iS a sum- about this proposal, re- <br /> rower's <br /> HOME.You have only 20 attar the data of ilia first <br /> sits to receive future no- <br /> on obligation red GAYS from the recording publication of this sum- mary of an Ordinance Published deoi of hearings and/or the <br /> gegeellll..eThe deleuit or date of this notice to par- ,np,u to wit, 'Thin sixty passed by the Ma- January 29,2020 decision, aonce made, <br /> which this foreclosure is suemediation. DO NOT days after the 15th day of cones City Council on AA_1987856 ancVor appeal procedures <br /> made is/em surefa.c: DELAY. CONTACT A January,2020,and defend January 21,2020. should be directed to the <br /> Faker to pa when due the HOUSING COUNSELOR the above entitled action incontact person listed end <br /> amounts OR AN ATTORNEY LH the above entitled court, ORDINANCE low. The application and <br /> following new nts ears CENSED IN WASHING- a d an er the complaint complete case file are eyed- <br /> . <br /> • r TON NOW to assess our NO.3052 <br /> ' $25,802.79. IV. The sum y of the Plaintiff,BANK OF able for review at the City <br /> situation and refer you to AMERICA,N.A.,and serve Y of Anacortes PCED located <br /> owing on the obligation se- mediation if you are eligible a copy of your answer upon AN ORDINANCE REPEAL- i-S.S 0 ., at 904 6th Street, Ana- <br /> • cur The p n thepaid of Trust <br /> I and it may help you save the undersigned attorneys ING AND REPLACING .-G cortes,WA 98221. A deci- <br /> is: <br /> Th12,67,together with your home.Sae below for for Plaintiff, McCarthy & CHAPTER 1250 OF THE ',v'•F.'ar i`' .; elan o ehis application will <br /> • Interest as provided in the safe arc of help. belowHolthus,LLP at the office ANACORTES MUNICIPAL ' be made vrithin 120 days <br /> Note from 3provide on,and SEEKING ASSISTANCE below stated;and in CODE REGARDING 7' OD` from the date of complete- <br /> Note other costs and face Housing counselors and le- f your were ea,toe de, STREET AND ALLEY VA- ',"T soh . ...- mess. <br /> provided by statute. gal assistance may be judgment will be rendered CATIONS '1013 6•. <br /> V.areThe above-described available at little or no cost gainst you according to r For Project Information: <br /> to you.t you would Ike as- the demand of the corn- A copy of the complete text less Cooper, Associate <br /> 8eel pmPeny will be"kilo sistance in determining plaint,which has been filed of each ordinance is posted <br /> NOTICE OF Planner,Phone:(360 588- <br /> sty the expense oI sale your rights and revenue- with the clerk of said court. at the Anacortes City Hall, 8234; Email: tesscEcity- <br /> rid the obligation secured ties to keep your house. The basis for the complaint Anacories Municipal Build- APPLICATION; Cityof <br /> by the Dead tu Trust as yq„ y contact the folbw- ie a f°mobst a of the n9,6th Street and 0 Av- WITH OPTIONAL Anacortes, <br /> P.O.Bo 547, <br /> provided by statute. Said ing:The statewide fauna- any my known as us.Upon request to the SEPA DNS: Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> sale will be made without sumhotline for assistance 697 Shelter Bay Dr, La City Clerk's Office (360- <br /> • rnty,expressed or im- and referral to housing Conner,WA 98257,Skagit 293-1900 cop:se will he Notice Is Hereby Gin- Date Issued: <br /> plied,regarding tithe,Poe- counselors recommended County.Washington as e mailed. en That An Applies- January <br /> es o encumbrances by the Housing Finance result of a default under the For ay 29,2020 <br /> on 217/2020.The defaults Commission: Toll-free: 1- terms of the note and deed Stevan D.Hoglund than Was Made For publish: January 29,2020 <br /> referred be in Cauagdmph Ey 877.894-HOME )1•t77- of trust,DATED:January 2. City Oerk The Following Pro- <br /> must be tl r days before 894-4/w6ww.dor wee ov/polo- 2020 McCarthy&Holthue, published posal: Published <br /> the sale dater.or by other LLP s/Grace Chu Grace January 29,2020 <br /> date le permitted in the ers/homeoxatership/po Chu WSBA No.51256 108 January 29,2020 Request: The applicant AA-1988047 <br /> st_purchese_counselors_fo 1st Avenue South,Ste.300 AA-1987248 submitted fore new Wire- <br />