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Puget Sound Gas Works if <br /> 425-343-5566 <br /> PugetSoundGasWorks <br /> 30326 36th Ave NW, Stanwood,Wa 98292 <br /> Gas Pipe Pressure Test Affidavit <br /> For Cascade Natural Gas Company <br /> vev <br /> Project Address: iv\ <br /> � 4 e °= i s L <br /> This gas line was tested at 15 pounds pressure for twenty minutes to check <br /> for gas leaks. <br /> Gauges were checked thouroughly so pressure will not be <br /> released_ <br /> This gas line was soap tested to check for gas leaks. <br /> By signatureof the gas pipe mechanic, the gas leak test was completed and held test. <br /> �y <br /> Gas Pipe 1Mechanic: :x,��'i I��\ !� , "q�'_ <br /> Date <br /> Pressure Test Date: <br />