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A6. Wednesday,Janwry22,2020 <br />Aneeort. Amancari y lapel H&UM <br />Legal Notices <br />EMAIL: <br />CLASS] <br />1 1 <br />1 1 <br />.1 <br />—r�—swmm�-w <br />0001 uru wnc a <br />IN THE SUPERIOR <br />0001 ilI" Opm <br />&V:k 4AU canes <br />Anacorba City coma cam <br />0001 ` mwi.L Ii� <br />tantilw duer;g the yaw. <br />COURT OF THE <br />STEPNEN <br />Monday Februwy <br />Thu. 2020 6-Year Areael <br />•• ,, <br />STATE OF <br />WASHINGTON FOR <br />NAfUlrl MELLOTT, <br />"'ed <br />10. 2020. et a PM at the <br />MIa14abpd &idug Cowlcil <br />n n IwCAy6m StneetA-- <br />Ann pee and dwdh <br />iM aperWon. <br />d <br />,. <br />THE COUNTY <br />OF SKAGIT <br />Cew No. 19-6-231OS5 <br />.f din the <br />c-ee',�app"im Ito, a <br />h.L,*g hough <br />ma�a�plw, ARA advbem <br />Marty Pi ndt for Tehcom- <br />Ib r.aelwda, HUD arW <br />7, <br />RANK OF AMERICA. NA, <br />PROBATE NOTICE TO <br />CREDITORS <br />munkallona Ua of Right .1 <br />Way fd the iu1,A,aon d <br />nemben d N. p bio on <br />b ,bet.w In ,ddn,sinp <br />' <br />e <br />PlsimM, <br />(RCW 11.40.D301 <br />ACCESS A—ortw Rbw <br />InbmeL <br />the n ot —dent. In <br />dwel fep.d to houmrg. <br />va <br />DANIEL T. MELLOTT has <br />been appointed as AtlmAm <br />Capes o1 the eppl c bon <br />Public Review: <br />... <br />KATHERINE M EDMOND- uit efor d W. Emate, Any <br />SON, WILLLAM M E6 Perom hev.lp a dim <br />MONDSON JR' INDNIDU- <br />egw t tM Decedem na'm, <br />ALLY AND AS PERSONAL <br />bye tM dms the ddm <br />REPRESENTATIVE OF THE <br />—Id be bam.d by " <br />ESTATE OF PRISCILLA S <br />EDMONCSON AND AS <br />wee •PPI_bI. <br />eteMe d Amaettana <br />SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE OF <br />Pi.aant the d.e. In Ih. <br />THE WILUAM M AND <br />as povided in <br />PRISCILLA S EDMOND- <br />SON FAMILY TRUST lL'T/A <br />RCW 11.40.070 by aarw,q <br />meting Io Ina Ad - <br />DATED APRIL 9. 1992. THE <br />wtn" <br />beowae <br />ESTATE OF PRISCILIA S <br />EDmrNCSCN. JOHATI+AN <br />the addr"' stated <br />-PY of the claim end fling <br />EDMONDSON; SHELTER <br />de ommral d the than <br />BAY COMMUNITY, INC,: <br />'^N t"e can. Th. delm <br />O::CUPANTS OF THE <br />PROPERTY, <br />mwt be pe-ntad Wit"n <br />me toter of It) Thirty days <br />.h., tM Admlmatretp <br />Oefwdants. <br />caved w mnhd the -`- <br />to the —ditor a powded <br />Cum No.. 19-2A1083-29 <br />undw RCW 11.40.020(31, o, <br />i2) tour nvonth. afiw se <br />SUMMONS <br />date of firet pubiaaaon of <br />BY PUBLICATION <br />It'.rotke. h the claim I. <br />notPrawaed -thin lYtie <br />To JU�V.INAN EUMOND- <br />mm� bane, thedam -:«- <br />SON THE STATE OF <br />— belied, —Pt a dh- <br />WASHINGTON -0 THE <br />erwia Provided In RCW <br />SAID DEFENDANTS. <br />11-40.061 aid 11.40.060. <br />Thh bw to df— a to <br />You ere h—by eumm l.d <br />olio', .p.inet both the <br />to .pp..r vntn ai,ty d... <br />Rar the date of nra Prot <br />D—dent's a"ob" a grid <br />--PrCba0. <br />MIC alkn of IN. .-- <br />to wit wnhn eiw <br />Dab of filing copy or not — <br />day. afte. ma 15th dev f <br />to owdoro' <br />Januay, 202 J, and defend <br />January a, 2020 <br />m. ebol. w,tideo action u <br />lie al—erA*Wd court <br />Deb d fi. gblkatbn: <br />d -- th..—Plaed <br />J.—ry 16, 2020 <br />ot the PlninUn, BANK OF <br />AMERICA NA, aw -- <br />' S E1•erlor H Ooarrflenn. <br />. copy c- ywr e — upon <br />W'SBA YA5987 <br />the nde Jpred anameye <br />Attorney for AdmWatntor <br />tto,Fwmm. MOCanhv & <br />Hohhw. LLP .1 tla. of le. <br />PaNw.y Law, PC <br />beidv stated; and In caa. <br />149M inarwban Ave. S. <br />d your f.U. a0 to de. <br />A271 <br />1utlOmwrt wiA t rmdar d <br />Tukwila, WA 98166 <br />aga,nm ;Z rding Ic <br />the da,,,.nd , nt. <br />C'OW 499-3269 <br />�w� <br />w+N llie .6. of "d c . <br />ianum Y <br />The baeu f« the ""Plaint <br />& � 2020 <br />«d—d the Pro"- <br />arty co ,'only' I,= u <br />AAA9M2 <br />607 Sheltw Bey Or Lo <br />C-- WA 98257, Skaph <br />County. Nh,hington <br />yeah ot . d.%utt undw It. <br />forme of the not. and deed <br />Of tree. DATED: JanuINueary 2. <br />' <br />02J McC rthy a HD, <br />LLP VGwe Chu Grace <br />Gt�Y 0�:, <br />Chu WSBA No. 51256 106 <br />-•. <br />1 at Averse South. Ste. 300 <br />S.a1H., %VA oril A An — <br />toy, k, PI —tiff <br />In 5/2020 1i2212020 <br />t,2122�5'2020 <br />NOTICE OF <br />2y12M02. 02o vsa'2ozo <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />PubliGhad <br />F« Ap"rowl d. Meete, <br />January 15, 22 & 29 <br />Pwmit for <br />end 6, <br />pY <br />ielacommunicatbns <br />Uea d Plight of way for <br />129 19, 2020 <br />Gty d Arecona' <br />AA-19626Z <br />ACCESS Anenotes Rbw <br />_ <br />SUPERIOR COURT <br />kawnet Iro h <br />OF WASHINOTON <br />.4 <br />oOf�1Le wrth <br />AMC ChRptw 5.38.040 <br />COUNTY OF KING <br />Nob- a hereby pass that <br />Estate d <br />a pubic hearing lefwe the <br />for Meetw Parma t« <br />TeiewmmuNc.6ons U. of <br />Right of Wry and ppon- <br />i" documeran Y W <br />Heaved at tM aRu d ile <br />Guy Ci.rk durkg rormd <br />.Is. be. boos nd mty <br />also vl: on d. dtY % <br />htlpal/vwwruoorbswe.- <br />nity-E 1,'Pluvirg-Cl.p. <br />rvty-Ecplamro-Delebp- <br />em <br />Wm- Commwib man be <br />bmg sted to the oomaa <br />per— listed by <br />ru Febuy 10, 2020. <br />TM bell 2020 5-Yar An- <br />nul Flan h —%bl. for <br />pubik v4. lA g at d. AIIA. <br />menagemmt plfice be- <br />tween 9.OD _ l0 3.00 <br />pQm. klondry, Trned.y, <br />,•edrwdeY erd Th«adrf <br />Houelrg Authority of the <br />City Of Ancofta <br />719 O Avatwe <br />Anacortea. WA 98221 <br />AA In,~.d perewe a <br />nvtt.d to —Ad. cem- <br />menta r.htig to de 2020 <br />5-Y— A, -,.I Phn, enhw <br />ordy ar m -ft <br />CAI— eit—Ung the hay- <br />in9 hev. Ne nda to Po- <br />Mde vwm.n aM wen tom- <br />PUblk: IieerYg: <br />m.nb aM ask -cations <br />oono N. <br />�m <br />Public hearig .1 1. h.0 <br />disci comerbnas <br /> d <br />st AHA-t Offi— <br />MaOppafT <br />end quest —to: <br />on ,de <br />Don Mne,.mer, <br />2020 st 330 Pm <br />DlrK ' <br />P%.-I, C mushy & <br />Or.l c nts shoum be <br />Economic DeveioDmwn <br />preamad ail the pbAo <br />d Macomb, <br />heeln9. All wel and written <br />P.Ocit. Sox SIT <br />P.O <br />ArwQmtyo WA <br />teaiirnomy pe.ated &the <br />Wt� h.edw cap be con- <br />tee. <br />don®cdyotarecata.orp <br />e h A - <br />nu.l� aho <br />ou,not anwW the tr,reg <br />Stevan D. Hoglund, <br />+not p.iw not to provid. <br />Cky 176k <br />carmen m nb may <br />(3aVl 29J-T831 YW <br />Pubfah Januay 22. 2020 n <br />r ihetr commem, a . <br />the Ana tee Arnwicen. <br />i meaa9e. <br />Pt"%'Nd <br />Written cormtema may b. <br />Jerlupry 22, 2029ng <br />the Roble «N , <br />AA-1986386 <br /> io the Howt- <br />A'Ah.y d 6e Cny or Ae- <br />wne,. Altwaion. PHA Phn. <br />719 O A— Aneconee, <br />WA l OW21. Wntu own <br />NOTICE OF <br />. may al b. ft ed to <br />293aase,T <br />to <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />ei� it <br />bkcWkeerwc«taYqua- <br />Pu unit to 24 CFR Put <br />I� <br />903.t7, tM Au-_ <br />� et yy P�bAD <br />UKnty d Ana <br />hewvg ehould be ncwred <br />l6 <br />et ARA ooe in A,—rtw <br />'du nWce Net 1 hot <br />by 3.30 p,m, Thundey, <br />a pbiw h—V on the <br />Memh 20, 2020. <br />PubA20 Houaip <br />n, <br />IPH19 20Anruel Plan. <br />Ar1Y pweon repent- name. <br />force to PuaclD.te nth <br />Background: <br />Iva. wd' taP.d rtunare- <br />.1e, interpret— for nip. <br />AMA I. oererdy dev lopkg <br />lerguege w Wnhed En*IEh <br />Inn 20200 PHA 5-Yar Annual <br />P�.re'Y' who" alndd <br />W <br />Flan rw)u.ed by thelast <br />O-Io Hoump ens Work <br />tw worldnpldwA prior <br />ReeoARA <br />R�°n.,Ihi*- <br />ip de putilD h••rh9 F « <br />dw b tow ffine tP mak; <br />W�R/a of 1D98. TM GHWRA <br />weclN to evitia <br />PaqIaae1 <br />and rmpruve fedwal PtbAc <br />byy wlftlrg to <br />ARA the tldr <br />houelnp .rot teront-0eaed <br />enc. wognma .not <br />et above <br />or by uAing (30q 293- <br />kea alpnMwm charges <br />7831. <br />to 1 and S.otbn 8 <br />Bdan �* <br />tsrent-0aed Plo9rarrti <br />Th. AMA Ai ap- <br />Eve Predp <br />pwetl the U.S. Dpan <br />m (A Houdrg .not Uibw <br />H dy d mw <br />b- Coby <br />D.veiopr.ent tHUD),n 2011 <br />abta the AHA'n rne,bn, <br />Published <br />g� , " *.eaves for <br />January 22, 2020 <br />I.- <br />- aw why to - or roe a <br />AA-1985726 <br />I= <br />er <br />TO TURN ff LrGM1'S 1 Y )� <br />:U , <br />LEAIFIE 41140 = YQt Q' Uh <br />1 <br />:i. <br />aw, <br />(DEW ROY LGseMoulfxclua.gor <br />...,�:;. <br />