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NOTICE OF DECISION & SEPA MDNS: <br />Description: The applicant has applied for a building permit application, SEPA environmental review, <br />and site plan review (type 2) to construct a 5-story, 25-unit apartment building on the subject property. <br />The subject property is located in the Residential High Density (R4) Zoning District. <br />Project Name: Fidalgo Flats 25-Unit Multifamily Development <br />Applicant: Madrona Real Estate Investors VIII LLC; 1320 East Pike Street Seattle, WA 98122 <br />File Numbers: PLN-2019-0008 (Site plan & SEPA) <br />Project Location: The proposed development will be addressed as 1715 “O” Avenue (formerly addressed <br />as 1014 & 1020 18th Street). The subject property is located in a portion of Section 19; Township 35 <br />North; Range 02 East; Willamette Meridian. <br />Subject Parcels: P55160 & P55161 <br />Date of Application: August 5, 2019 Deemed Complete: September 18, 2019 <br />Comment Period: The 14-day comment period ended at 5:00 PM on October 2, 2019 <br />Decision: Site Plan Review (Type 2) Approval & Issuance of SEPA Mitigated Determination of NonSignificance (MDNS). <br />Date of Final Decision: January 15, 2020 <br />SEPA Review: A Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS) was issued January 15, 2020 <br />after using the optional DNS process in WAC 197-11-355. There is no further comment period on the <br />MDNS. <br />Existing Environmental Documents: SEPA environmental checklist; Site Plan; Stormwater / Drainage <br />Analysis; Parking Demand & Supply Study; Traffic Impact Analysis; Master Permit Application and <br />Project Narrative; Site Survey; Civil Plans; Building Permit Application; Building Plans; Geotechnical <br />Report; Applicant’s responses to SEPA / Building Permit comments; & Supplement to SEPA <br />Public Hearing: No public hearing was required. <br />Appeal Procedures: Appeals of this decision & SEPA threshold determination may be made to the <br />Hearing Examiner per AMC Table 19.20.030 and 19.20.180. Appeals from those having standing must be <br />delivered to the City Clerk by mail or personal delivery before 5:00 PM on the last day of the appeal <br />period. Appeals received by mail after 5:00 PM on the last day of the appeal period will not be accepted, <br />regardless of when such appeals were mailed or postmarked. Appeals must contain the contents listed in <br />AMC 19.20.180(F). Inquiries regarding the application, decision and appeal process may be made to the <br />contact person below. Any affected property owner(s) may request a change in valuation from the county <br />assessor for property tax purposes notwithstanding any program of revaluation. <br />Appeal Period Deadline: The 14-day appeal period ends at 5:00 PM January 29, 2020. <br />For Project Information: Libby Grage, Planning Manager; (360) 299-1986; Email: <br /> Project documents may be viewed at: <br /> <br />Date Issued: January 15, 2020 Date Published: January 15, 2020