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t• <br /> NON-REFUNDABLE PERMIT FEE: (To Be Completed by City) <br /> 0 Curb Cut $50.00 <br /> Street Cut $50.00 <br /> Inside Travel Way $50.00 <br /> D Outside Travel Way $20.00 <br /> ❑ Sewer Inspection Fee $50.00 <br /> 0 Sewer Re-Inspection Fee $25.00 <br /> TOTAL FEE ASSESSMENT $-g:),CO <br /> A Site Plan (to scale)must be attached that include all of the following: <br /> This checklist will aid the applicant in preparing a site plan.Permits that require installation of substantial improve- <br /> ments may require plans drawn and designed by a licensed engineer. Please check with City staff prior to submit- <br /> ting your application. <br /> • Draw the plan to a standard Engineering Scale[1"=10', 1"=20"etc.]on a minimum size sheet of 8'/4 x 11 <br /> and a maximum size of 11x17. <br /> • Include the owners name,the parcel ID number,site address, north arrow,drawing scale and date. <br /> • Include the contractor's name,address and phone number. <br /> • Existing Right-of-Way lines, property lines, edge of pavement,curb/gutter, sidewalks,driveways and plant- <br /> ing strips with dimensions between each. <br /> • Adjoining street name(s)to the reference property. <br /> • All existing public and private utilities in the area of the proposed project(Water, Sewer, Storm, Phone,TV, <br /> Gas and Power), dimensioned to the edge of pavement,curb/gutter,sidewalk,driveways,planting strips. <br /> • It applicable show easements, critical areas such as streams,wetlands and steep slopes. <br /> • Proposed new construction.The proposed improvements shall be shown in heavier line type than the ex- <br /> isting information <br /> • Dimension the proposed new construction to the edge of pavement,curb/gutter,sidewalks,driveways, <br /> planting strips, or another identifiable site feature that will help identify the proposed improvements in the <br /> field. <br /> • Erosion Control Plan. <br /> • Traffic Control Plan per current MUTCD(See standard drawings at htto://mutcd/ If the work <br /> requires any lane or street closures,the City of Anacortes Public Works Inspector must be notified a mini- <br /> mum of 48-hours prior to scheduled work for proper public notification by the City of Anacortes. <br /> Work within the City Right-of-Way is permitted by approval of the City Engineer. All work in the right-of-way must be <br /> bonded. The applicant and owner must use warning signs,traffic control, and barricades as necessary to ensure <br /> public safety in the work area. The applicant and owner must restore the right-of-way to previous condition. Perma- <br /> nent restoration may include overlays of portions of the right-of-way and restoration of landscaping which have been <br /> disrupted by excavation work. The applicant and owner are liable for damage to public and private property. <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br /> • <br />