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0721104-1 0002 07/30/2007 002 4 <br /> City of Anacortes Perms t Fees 006104 $55.00 <br /> City <br /> 6th Street Permit#: BLD-2007-0536 <br /> Issue date: 07/30/2007 <br /> P 547 Expire date: 07/29/2008 <br /> 9y.. Anacortnacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br /> Job Address: 1619 10TH ST Permit Type: Reroof Single Family Residence <br /> ANACORTES WA 98221-1927 Project: <br /> APN: P55944 <br /> Remarks: Tear off reroof with composition-and add skylights. <br /> Owner: SCHLABACH FAITH B Contractor: <br /> Address: 1619 10TH ST Address: <br /> ANACORTES WA 98221-1927 <br /> Phone: Phone: <br /> License#: <br /> General Information: Fees: <br /> Building Valuation 4500 Building Permit Fee 50.50 <br /> State Building Code Fee 4.50 <br /> Total Calculated: 55.00 <br /> Deposits/Receipts: 0.00 <br /> Total Due: 55.00 <br /> THIS PERMIT BECOMES NULL AND VOID IF WORK OR CONSTRUCTION AUTHORIZED IS NOT COMMENCED WITHIN 180 DAYS, OR IF <br /> CONSTRUCTION OR WORK IS SUSPENDED OR ABANDONED FOR A PERIOD OF 180 DAYS AT ANY TIME AFTER WORK IS COMMENCED. I <br /> HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND EXAMINED THIS APPLICATION AND KNOW THE SAME TO BE TRUE AND CORRECT. ALL <br /> PROVISIONS OF LAWS AND ORDINANCES GOVERNING THIS TYPE OF WORK WILL BE COMPLIED WITH WHETHER SPECIFIED HEREIN OR <br /> NOT, THE GRANTING OF A PERMIT DOES NOT PRESUME TO GIVE AUTHORITY TO VIOLATE OR CANCEL THE PROVISIONS OF ANY OTHER <br /> STATE OR LOCAL LAW REGULATING CONSTRUCTION OR THE PERFORMANCE OF CONSTRUCTION. <br /> SI NATURE OF OWNER OR AUTHORIZED AGENT ISSUED BY <br />