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FrAreED I i i„„L,) <br /> lA ivnot t r, <br /> l Mechanical Fixtures er FEB 1 5 2013 <br /> fnrr <br /> Fuel Type s� a ; . `� �6�.: ..w. <br /> 1E1 Natural Gas ❑ Electric ❑ Wood ❑ Propane Gas El Other <br /> Type of Equipment Number of Type of Equipment Number of <br /> Fixtures Fixtures <br /> Furnace<=100K BTU Gas Fireplace <br /> Boilers/AC/Heat Pump Other Units <br /> Gas Outlets <br /> Ventilation Fans <br /> Gas Water Heater <br /> Range Hood <br /> Commercial Plumbing Fixtures <br /> Type of Fixture Number of Type of Fixture Number of <br /> Fixtures Fixtures <br /> Toilet Utility Sink <br /> Dishwasher Hose Bibb <br /> Hand Sink j Water Piping <br /> Kitchen Sink w/Disposal Additional Fixtures <br /> Clothes Washer <br /> Electric Water Heater <br /> I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE IF HAVE READ THIS PERMIT APPLICANT AND STATE THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT,AND AGREE TO COMPLY <br /> WITH ALL CITY ORDINANCES AND STATE LAWS REGULATING ACITIVIES COVERED BY THIS PERMIT APPLICATION. WITH THIS PERMIT ALL <br /> CONTRACTORS AND SUBCONT RS SHALL HAVE A CURRENT WASHINGTON STATE CONTRACTORS LICENSE AND A CITY BUSINESS <br /> LICENSE. STOP WO HERS WILL E ISSUED ON JOB SITES WHERE CONTRACTORS/SUBCONTRACTORS ARE WORKING WITHOUT <br /> PROPS <br /> a � <br /> r j df�f4i/ <br /> ANT'S IGNATF RE DATE <br /> Last Updated 11-29-05 <br />